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Wedding Catering Services Chandigarh

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Best caterers in Chandigarh

When it comes to Punjabi weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is food. Their list never ends, from spicy butter chicken to aloo parathas to sweet lassi. They eat and enjoy each celebration with a whole heart. Punjabi weddings are all about Daru, dhol, and desi khana.

Be it any celebration, Punjabis want the best food and a lot of cocktails and drinks. When it comes to hosting a wedding, food plays a significant role in the whole process. From pre-wedding functions to the main event, everybody wants the best food served at each function. So to ensure that your wedding guests relish their taste buds, you need to hire the best catering services in Chandigarh who can serve the most delicious dishes to all your loved ones. Chandigarh is the twin capital of both Punjab and Haryana. People residing here are food gastronomes.

If you are getting married and are looking for the best caterers in Chandigarh, then the Weddingwire India app and website can help you find them. Also, if you are planning a residential or even a destination wedding in Chandigarh, the WeddingWire India app and website can be a perfect saviour for you. It saves your time and gets all the vendors in one place. To make your function hassle-free, you can choose all the vendors from here. There are a lot of couples who have taken services from the app and made their dream wedding a reality.

Some of the best caterers in Chandigarh offer the best kind of professional assistance and mouth-watering food for all types of events and celebrations. These are the best caterers in Chandigarh who provide delicious cuisines ranging from Sarso Da Saag to Chole Bhature to Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, etc. The entire team also takes care of the food set up and presents the food delightfully and wonderfully. The team will arrange all the crockery and cutlery, ensuring that your guests get a perfect culinary experience.

What are the things to consider before booking the best caterers in Chandigarh?

Zeroing down on the best caterers in Chandigarh is no small task. As it's your wedding day, you would do everything to be your best to ensure that your festivities are made special for the years to come. A few things to keep in mind while exploring the best caterers in Chandigarh are:


Speciality - The best caterers in Chandigarh have different USPs that you can try for your wedding menu. Always discuss the kind of dishes that they can provide you for your different functions to be made as per your taste preferences. 

Services - Before booking the best caterers in Chandigarh, you should always inquire about all the services they will be provided in your booking package. You can get the services customised as per your needs and requirements. 

Availability - It's advisable to book your choice of wedding caterer in Chandigarh well in advance to avoid any inconvenience or booking issues later. To work with some of the best caterers in Chandigarh, you should book them 3-4 months before your wedding. 

License - Before booking any wedding caterer in Chandigarh, always check if all their licenses are in place and if they are updated or not. This means that a particular caterer matches the standards of a local health department and carries liability insurance. 

Budget - Some of the best caterers in Chandigarh can offer you multiple booking packages and price ranges to choose from as per your requirements. You should always find a caterer under your wedding budget to avoid overspending. 

Waitstaff - Always discuss the servers and staff they will be providing for your ceremonies with your wedding caterer in Chandigarh. It would be best always to consider the waiter to guest ratio for smooth functioning while making sure that they look presentable for your wedding. 

Dietary requirements - Before finalising the best caterers in Chandigarh, inquire if they can prepare your food as per your dietary requirements and restrictions. Many caterers offer you a specialised menu and dishes as per your taste preferences. 

In-charge - All the best caterers in Chandigarh appoint an in-charge to look after your catering management. He is responsible for proper planning and catering setup at your functions and ensures that there is no shortage of wastage of food. 

How to find the best caterer in Chandigarh for your wedding?

The WeddingWire India app will ease all your concerns and queries, and you will find all the caterers listed at once. Once you open the app/website, select the catering option under the 'wedding vendors' category and choose Chandigarh in the region. To get the best caterers in Chandigarh as per your needs, there are several options to choose from. You can further filter out the cities in Chandigarh like Kharar, Zirakpur, etc., to get a perfect caterer at your wedding location. The charges per plate for all the menus range between INR 500 to INR 3000.

You can check the vendor and their food photos with all the services listed on the website before requesting a callback. After you choose your necessary filters, you can quickly check the costs and generic types of dishes offered by the caterers so that they match your needs and wedding food budget. Weddingwire India app also gives you an option to read reviews provided by verified users to pick the best caterers in Chandigarh easily. Choose the best caterer that fits your needs, and also, you can get food testing appointments before booking them.

What services are offered by the best caterers in Chandigarh?

Some of the best caterers in Chandigarh are enlisted on WeddingWire India, verified, and have a team of excellent chefs and professionals who serve at intimate and grand weddings. They offer a considerable range of services and dishes for a spectacular culinary experience. They only work as per the client's needs, and they also make sure that the food is made most hygienically. All the best caterers in Chandigarh work in their style and convenience, and they also make sure that the food served by them takes all your guests on a gastronomic voyage. They can do it all for you, from delicious dishes to splendid presentations. You can get a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, starters, main course, a variety of roti's, desserts, live counters of Thai, Japanese and Italian foods.


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Frequently Asked Questions in Caterers in Chandigarh

What do full-service caterers in Chandigarh do?

Full-service caterers have a well-equipped team who are trained bartenders, kitchen staff and they set up the tables, manage portions, deck up the service field, take away dirty plates and glasses, and also organise proper crockery and cutlery at the wedding function. It is recommended that you talk to the catering service to know what all will be covered by them.

Will caterers near me get extra food?

Caterers in Chandigarh are experts who will ensure that the quantity of food is sufficient enough for all your wedding guests. You will get what you have paid for and they will make sure to make extra food so that there is no shortage. You cannot keep the leftovers usually but if the contract mentions so, you can. So it's better to speak to your caterer beforehand.

What are the mistakes to avoid while booking a wedding caterer in Chandigarh?

Before booking a caterer, you need to give them a cost estimation(budget) and you must inform them about the number of guests that you plan to invite, the date of the function, and also the location if you are planning a destination wedding. You should be transparent so that there is no last-minute chaos.

Can I hire a vegetarian-only caterer?

Yes you can hire vegetarian caterers as well. There are many options listed on the WeddingWire India App where you will find just the vegetarian caterers. You can also book an appointment with your favourite caterer and ask if they are available to serve pure veg food at your wedding.

What are the latest wedding food trends in Chandigarh?

Though Punjabi food is all about Sarso Da Saaag and Makki Di Roti, keeping several cuisines and creating a world-class menu is the most modern trend opted by couples these days. You can keep Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai and the list goes on and on. Choose according to your taste and your family’s choices.

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