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Rasoi, Jaipur

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From ₹600

My Chef Food Caterers, Jaipur

From ₹400

GD Caterer

From ₹400

Nandas Catering Services, Agra Road

From ₹800

The Mixers, Jaipur

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A-One Tent House

From ₹500

Gyanjee Sweet and Caterers Pvt. Ltd.

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Ambika Caterers and International Fast Food Service

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S.Sethi Caterers

From ₹500

Jeet Caterers

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Khandelwal Caterers

From ₹50,000

Sunshine Caterers, Jaipur

From ₹500

Shree Bhatia Ji Caterers

From ₹1,000

Anandji Sweets

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From ₹800

DB Caters & Event Organizer

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From ₹650

Ramkaran Caterers, Jaipur

From ₹600

Elite Caterers

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From ₹500

Deshi Chay

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From ₹5,000

Raju Maharaj Kitchens

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Radhika Caterers, Chomu

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Nibbles Caterers & Events

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Satvik Caterers

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Impression Caterers

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Pappy's Caterers

From ₹600

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The Pink City of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is a beautiful tourist destination filled with peachy architecture, vibrant culture and well-maintained gardens. This capital city imbibes a royal aura that can not only be seen through their rich history but also their wonderful food spreads, locally or for any occasion. Rajasthani food is a scrumptious delight filled with spices, irresistible aromas and vivid colours. Apart from the magnificent buildings in the city that has helped Jaipur rank as a UNESCO world heritage site, the colourful bazaars and lip-smacking street food made it a popular tourist spot that you cannot miss out on for your wedding day.

Always associated with a regal abundance, planning your wedding in the capital city of Rajasthan can be a dream come true. While getting married at royal palaces can be a wonderful sight, but choosing which wedding vendors to work with can leave you more confused than ever. As it’s your wedding day, you would not want anything to go wrong, especially with the wedding food. Therefore, choose from the best caterers in Jaipur to make your wedding a magnificent celebration. Choose amongst the finest caterers in the city listed on WeddingWire India and plan your wedding from the comfort of your homes. Rather than visiting every catering company in the city and negotiating a good deal for your wedding, you can do all of that sitting at your home by visiting the WeddingWire India website or downloading the app through the App Store or Play Store.

WeddingWire India has 30+ caterers in Jaipur listed with them that you can explore and choose from, for your wedding celebrations. Each caterer has a unique description of services that they provide, photos of their previous work, along with reviews from past clients that will help you make the right decision. No matter where you wish to find your perfect wedding caterer in Jaipur, be it near your home or near your wedding venue, WeddingWire India provides multiple locations from which you can choose to find a good catering company. They even provide filter options for only vegetarian catering or non-vegetarian companies that you can choose from. If you wish to find a caterer in the city within your wedding budget so that you don’t end up spending too much, you can even find a price per plate filter on the website to help you shortlist the most suitable vendors for your wedding.

The price per plate for a vegetarian catering service in Jaipur ranges from around INR 500 and can go up to INR 3000. Similarly, the price per plate for non-vegetarian catering in the city ranges from around INR 500 and can go up to INR 3000. You can put in the filters for the price range and shortlist vendors under your budget. With the WeddingWire India website, you can even choose the cuisines that you want for your wedding and create a list of vendors that offer services in that particular area. Some of the delicious cuisines offered by caterers in Jaipur include the best North Indian, Mughlai, and South Indian dishes, as well as international favourites like Continental, European, Italian, as well as Oriental choices like Thai and Chinese.

They can even provide you with live cooking counters and street food stalls that you can choose for your wedding day. There are a few specialised vendors in the city that can offer you seafood and garlic and onion free food as well.

Things to consider when booking a caterer in Jaipur

  • Packages/ Services - A large sum of your wedding budget will go to the caterers, so it’s necessary to choose the best as per your requirements. Talk about all the packages that they offer and all the cuisines and dishes included in each one of them so that you can make a better choice. Always talk beforehand about all the services that they will provide you and if they will have additional charges for anything so that there is no miscommunication later.
  • License - Verify the credentials for the catering company that you are choosing to see if they meet the necessary standards of the local health department and cover liability insurance. If you are choosing to serve alcohol, it would be best to check if they have an alcohol license as well or not.
  • Speciality - Always book speciality caterers if you are serving a unique cuisine at your wedding. Don’t place an order with a catering company to serve international dishes when they specialise in only Indian cuisine.
  • Special requests - Talk before booking a catering service in Jaipur about dietary requirements and special requests like halal meat preference, special dishes for kids, garlic free food etc so that they can cater to your requirements.
  • Wait Staff - The wait staff and servers at your wedding should always be as per the number of waiters per guest ratio, so too many or too few can create havoc. Also, discuss prior with your catering service about the uniform that they will be wearing as you would want a professional service on your wedding day.
  • Bar - If you wish to include alcohol for your ceremonies and your chosen caterer doesn’t provide it, you might want to choose another catering service that can meet your requirements. Discuss and create a customized beverages menu with your caterer with all the drinks and services that they can provide.
  • Head In-charge - There will always be a head-in-charge of the catering company present at your wedding who will take care of everything. Discuss prior to the booking who that person will be so that all your queries regarding the food, service etc can be directed to him on the day of your wedding without any confusion.
  • Latest food trends in Jaipur

    You would want everything up to date for your wedding celebrations, so why not your food setup? Some of the latest wedding food trends in Jaipur are:

  • Celebrity chefs - Jaipur is the city for a destination wedding with some of the most talented chefs that can make your wedding a culinary delight. A popular trend is hiring a celebrity chef so that he can prepare delicacies right in front of your eyes to create a wholesome experience.
  • Concept bars - With new trends of concept bars and mixologists, it’s all about the right drink. You can choose to set up a mixologist counter at your wedding celebration that can provide you with a whole array of concept drinks including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Traditional cuisine - If you are planning to get married at this beautiful Pink City, then why not include a few dishes from the traditional Rajasthani cuisine. It is a popular trend to include a few local delicacies in your wedding menu to give your guests a flavour of the city.
  • Frequently Asked Questions in Caterers in Jaipur

    What information will a caterer in Jaipur require?

    The caterers in Jaipur require certain basic information before they can go ahead and finalise the booking. Some of the questions that they can ask you include the number of guests, the type of event that you are having, the theme and setup, the booking date as well as the location of the event.

    Will caterers in Jaipur carry extra food at my wedding ?

    All the caterers in Jaipur will bring sufficient food as per your guest list so that there is no shortage of food. You will get the services that you have paid for and can discuss the surplus with your caterer beforehand.

    What do full-service caterers in Jaipur do?

    A full-service caterer means that they come prepared with all the services and equipment. They would have a trained team of bartenders, service staff, kitchen staff, waiters to serve, deck up the area, manage portions, take away dirty dishes and even pack everything up after the event. You should discuss with the caterers before booking about what all will be included in their services.

    How can I get a discount on wedding catering packages in Jaipur through WeddingWire India?

    You can negotiate a deal with your chosen caterer at the time of booking to get a discount. There are also promotions and offers that caterers post on WeddingWire India which you can explore before finalising a vendor to get a better deal.

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