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Wedding Astrologers Jaipur

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Astrologers in Jaipur

Jaipur is a land that boasts of its royal cultural heritage. This royal city is embedded with majestic palaces and forts of yesteryears. The traditional food that has been handed down by the Rajput royals make for mouthwatering dishes even today. With the perfect balance of the past merged with the comfort and convenience of the present - Jaipur is an amazing destination to host your wedding ceremonies. In fact, not only will you find mesmerising wedding venues in Jaipur where you can host your pre and post wedding celebrations, but this city also has some of the most experienced astrologers who can help you find spiritual solutions at every step.


Astrology can be of great help when it comes to changing your life for the better or making it more satisfactory in every way. Right from the Kundli Milan where you find out if you and your partner are an apt match for each other to Palmistry, Vedic astrology and even Vastu Shastra - there is an array of services that the expert astrologers in Jaipur can provide you with. As we all know, a Hindu wedding of any culture is incomplete without an astrologer to guide you through the pious celebration. While finding the best wedding planner in Jaipur or the best catering in Jaipur is a priority when you are planning your wedding, finding the best astrologer should be on top of the list.


The WeddingWire India app and website enlists numerous astrologers in Jaipur who will not only provide you with helpful insights but also guide you spiritually through your relationship, career and other endeavours. Apart from Vedic astrology, palmistry, Vastu shastra and Kundli Milan, these marriage astrologers in Jaipur also provide valuable tips when it comes to Feng Shui, Tarot card, relationship advice, career advice, tantra, numerology and more. 


How to hire the best astrologers Jaipur has to offer through WeddingWire India?

  • Once you are on the WeddingWire India app or website, looking for top astrologers Jaipur has to offer, you can take help of the various filters to find the one that fulfils your requirements to the T. To begin with, the Location filter allows you to pick a particular area in Jaipur. Before picking the location, make sure to consider the distance that you will have to travel to avail their services, the convenience of meeting this astrologer in Jaipur in case you need to meet them often and so on. Astrologers in Pink City, astrologers in Vaishali Nagar are popular places that couples have looked up.
  • The second filter is the Services filter. The services filter helps you pick the type of services that you would want to avail from the particular astrologer in Jaipur. There are couples and their families who look for Kundli Milan before finalising anything, some look for Vedic Astrology and Numerology, some families even look for Vastu Shastra and so on. You can pick one or multiple services in this filter. Only the astrologers in Jaipur who offer these services will be displayed on your screen to make it easy for you to choose.
  • Then comes the Price per session filter. Each of these astrologers in Jaipur charge a certain fee after each session. These Prices per session start at around INR 2000 and can go up to INR 7999 or more depending on various factors like the experience of the astrologer, their location, the number of hours per session, types of services offered and so on. Pick an astrologer in Jaipur as per your wedding budget.
  • The final filter is the Language filter. The astrologers in Jaipur provide expert advice in various languages spoken in India like Sanskrit, Hindi and so on along with foreign languages like English too. You can pick a language that you are comfortable in communicating for a better understanding. There are several top astrologers in Jaipur who are bilingual too.

Frequently Asked Questions in Astrologers in Jaipur

What types of consultations can we expect from the astrologers in Jaipur?

The astrologers in Jaipur provide a variety of services and consultations that include Vedic astrology, palmistry, numerology, Tarot Card, Kundli Milan, Vastu Shastra, relationship and career advice and so on. If you have any other questions, you can ask the astrologer in particular for clarity.

Are there any free astrologers in Jaipur?

Most astrologers in Jaipur have a price per session charge that you need to pay once you avail their services. There might be some astrologers in Jaipur who provide a few free sessions or complementary ones, you can check with the astrologers for tailor made packages.

Do marriage astrologers in Jaipur offer Vastu Shastra services?

Yes, most astrologers in Jaipur offer Vastu Shastra advice as well. You can however check the experience of the particular astrologer in that particular field on their storefront or by getting in touch with them.

How much do astrologers in Jaipur cost?

The price per session for the astrologers in Jaipur can cost somewhere between INR 500 to INR 5100 or more. The costs may however depend on the number of services, number of questions you ask, number of hours you spend each session, their experience and precision and so on and may vary from the asking price.

How to find astrologers in Jaipur near me?

Use the location filter on the WeddingWire India app and pick an area that is near you to find an astrologer in Jaipur near you.

Do astrologers in Jaipur provide online or telephonic consultation?

The astrologers in Jaipur are often open to provide online or telephonic consultation too apart from consultations that happen face-to-face. You need to check with the astrologer you have in mind for clarity.

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