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Murena Caterers

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Jainco Caterers

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KTC Catering, Events & Weddings

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Delight Caterers

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Apna Caterers & Decorators, Subhash Nagar

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Creative Kitchen, Vikaspuri

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Hilife Caterers, Delhi

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Khera's Banquet, Caterers & Wedding Organizers

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S. K. Nandha F & B Food Centre

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Spice Route, Udyog Vihar

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Swadisht Caterers, Connaught Place

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The Grace Caterers

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The Panchshila Rendezvous

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Shubh Lagan Banquet & Outdoor Caterers

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Harrys Gourmet Catering

From ₹5,000

J K Caterers and Tent Decoraters

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Pandit Ram Niwas Bhagmal Caterers

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New Subhash Tent and Caterers, Delhi

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Ali Brother Catering Service

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Jawala Caterers and Sweets

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Ayaz Caterers

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Burmese Kitchen Plus

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KC Caterers & Decorations

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Wah Ji Wah

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Talking about the bustling city of Delhi, what makes this capital metropolis stand out is its vibrant history and mouth-watering delicacies. It’s a melting pot of cultures and cuisines that will not only win your heart but also your taste buds. From Mughlai to some of the best North-Indian picks, from South-Indian delicacies to Oriental delights, and our favourite chatpata street food, Delhi can offer you a culinary experience to remember for life. Every corner of the city has something delicious to offer, whether it’s an expensive restaurant at a 5-star hotel or a street vendor by the bus stand. From Chandni Chowk to Majnu Ka Tila, and right through the bylanes of Defence Colony and Lajpat Nagar, you can find some of the best caterers in Delhi who will ensure that your wedding is a wonderful gastronomical experience.

Delhiites have a hearty appetite and a wide variety of cuisines to satiate it. When irresistible aromas and gratifying flavours confuse you more than ever, find professional catering services in Delhi on WeddingWire India and plan your wedding easily. WWI hasmore than 820 caterers listed in Delhi. Visit the WeddingWire India website and download the app from the Play Store and App Store right away to explore the world of scrumptious delights and services offered by caterers in Delhi.

Delhi is a sprawling city that is divided into four zones - namely North, South, East and West. No matter where you decide to get married , you can find the best caterers in Delhi near your home or near your wedding venue with the help of WeddingWire India. Through their filtering option, you can select the area or locality that you want to explore and it will create a list of shortlisted vendors that would be the best fit for you. You can even put filters for just vegetarian caterers or non-vegetarian catering companies as per your food preferences and get the list of perfectly suitable caterers for your wedding. WeddingWire India has a filtering option for price per plate as well so that you can choose your wedding caterer within your budget. The per plate price for vegetarian caterers start from around INR 500 and can go up to around INR 3,000 and more. Similarly, the price per plate for non-vegetarian caterers start from around INR 500 and can go up to around INR 3,000 and more.

If you have any dietary requirements or restrictions and are looking for wedding caterers in Delhi that offer only a particular type of cuisine, you can select those cuisines from the list on WeddingWire India and it will shortlist vendors for you as per your requirements. Some of the types of wedding food that caterers in Delhi can provide for your wedding include North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, popular International choices like Italian, European, Continental, Oriental delights like Thai and Chinese as well as live food counters and street food stalls. Some of the specialised caterers in the city can also provide you with onion and garlic free food and seafood for your wedding celebration, which you need to ask them before the booking.

Latest food trends in Delhi

Everything new becomes a trend in Delhi, so why should experimentation with food and catering trends be left behind? Some of the popular trends that we have witnessed for wedding catering in Delhi include:

  • Farm Fresh - With people being more health-conscious, they are opting for organic and farm-fresh produce to include in their wedding menus and make their wedding unique. Caterers are also paying attention to seasonal trends and dishes that they can provide to their clients..
  • Brunch-It-Up - As the pandemic reduced the scale of grand outdoor Indian weddings to enclosed confined spaces of homes, an intimate wedding with brunch for a wedding is the trendiest option. Brunch for weddings will not even burn a hole in your pocket while giving you celebrations a casual elegance.
  • Mixologists - While ‘Sharaab-Di-Gaddi’ and Car-O-Bar has always been a part of Delhi weddings, caterers in the city are now providing an option of a mixologist counter. They are expert professionals who can provide you with a variety of beverages, whether it’s alcoholic or not depends on your preferences.
  • Trucks-All-The-Way - Food trucks are very popular and have a whole different fan base. They can be quite unique for your wedding and attract a large number of guests including children who will enjoy this delight more than others because of their finger foods.
  • Rustic Vibes - A rustic wedding will make everyone a part of your dinner feast with family sitting together with buffet tables instead of traditional round tables. It’s a popular setting that many caterers in Delhi are opting for.
  • Conversationalist - If you are including a new cuisine or even fusion food for your wedding, a chef coming in and explaining to the guests about the cuisine and dish that they are about to have is a popular trend. It will also assure the guests if they are willing to try something new or not.
  • Mistakes to avoid while choosing a wedding caterer in Delhi

    There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your wedding caterer, like:

  • Verification - Don’t just book any caterer in Delhi that is popular and just by the name. Always go through the reviews about how they work, the services that they can offer so that you have a hassle-free experience.
  • Discussing details - Before booking a vendor, discuss all the details so that there is no confusion or chance of misunderstanding. Tell the team of caterers how the wedding will be, the wedding theme so that they can set up their equipment accordingly, what you are looking for, the menu preferences, how you wish the cuisines to be served and if you have any dietary restrictions etc.
  • Experimentation - It’s a bold choice if you are up for experimentation with your wedding menu, but not go overboard with it. You would not want any food wastage.
  • Menus - Talk about the menu before booking a caterer in Delhi and set a limit to the dishes that you want for your big day. With more and more variety of cuisine available, you would not want to compromise the taste and quality of the food.
  • Service Staff - Always be careful about the waiters and staff that a catering company is providing and check it with the guest to waiter ratio. Too few or too many of them will create havoc at your wedding which you would want to avoid.
  • Management - Talk beforehand about the management of food as there should not be a shortage or too much surplus.
  • Event space - Even if the catering company does their task perfectly, be careful about the venue that you would be choosing. There should be ample space for the catering company and their staff to set up their equipment and provide their facilities.
  • Frequently Asked Questions in Caterers in Delhi NCR

    What do full-service caterers in Delhi do?

    A full-service caterer means that they come prepared with all the services and equipment. They would have a trained team of bartenders, service staff, kitchen staff, waiters to serve, deck up the area, manage portions, take away dirty dishes and even pack everything up after the event. You should discuss with the caterers before booking about what all will be included in their services.

    Will caterers near me get extra food?

    All the caterers in Delhi will bring sufficient food as per your guest list so that there is no shortage of food. You will get the services that you have paid for and can discuss the surplus with your caterer beforehand.

    Will professional caterers accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests?

    The professional caterers in Delhi will create a customised menu for you as per your food preferences and choices and will only serve what you want. Discuss with your caterer before booking them for any dietary restrictions and special requests and they will do their best to accommodate all your needs.

    Is food tasting offered by catering companies in Delhi?

    Some of the catering companies can offer you food tasting for certain dishes that you want to include in your wedding menu. This also gives the catering companies a chance to talk about any kind of adjustments that need to be done. Usually, a small fee is charged for food tasting and you should enquire about the same with your chosen caterer.

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