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Wedding Astrologers Delhi NCR

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Best Astrologers in Delhi NCR

Almost every culture in India follows astrology whole-heartedly. Astrology is the study of the position of the planets and the correlation of their actions to the happenings on Earth. To chart the position and movements of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth and then study their impact in shaping your personality and your way of life is indeed an impeccable gift of science to mankind. Now keeping in mind that the moment you say “Yes” to your partner, the whole family starts planning your wedding - we know you would want the best astrologers in your city to help you find the perfect time to get hitched. You will, in fact, find many renowned astrologers in Delhi NCR who will guide you with impeccable accuracy for your wedding within your planned budget to suit your needs.


WeddingWire India enlists more than 450 best astrologers in Delhi NCR who can cater to you and your families’ queries to make the wedding a flawless affair. Our list boasts of some of the most famous pandits in Delhi who can help you match your hast rekha and Kundalis too. Right from finding your compatibility with your partner to numerology and even fixing Shubh Muhurat of your wedding- you will find your one-stop destination at WeddingWire India. Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, Colour therapy, Tantra, Kundli Milan, Tarot Card, Relationship advice or Feng shui - you name the aspect you need help with, and WWI can connect you with famous Indian astrologers in and around Delhi NCR for all your queries. </p>


Visit our website at weddingwire india or download the App from your phone’s PlayStore (Android) or App Store (Apple) and scroll through the numerous options of best Astrologers in Delhi NCR to pick the one who will help you fulfil your wedding dreams with perfection. The ‘Filter’ options available on WeddingWire India will guide you to narrow down your best options as per your preferred cost, types of services you are looking for while keeping the location specifically to Delhi NCR. In fact, you can further narrow your location preferences to best astrologers in South Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi, North Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Dwarka, Greater Noida, Faridabad and more specific geographical demarcation. The ratings on each of these professionals’ vendor pages along with the reviews from real couples who have opted for their services will help you become crystal clear about picking the best astrologer in Delhi NCR.

How to find the Best Astrologers in Delhi NCR?


  • Right on top of the filtering options under the category Astrologers in Delhi NCR, is the Region filter that allows you to pick a preferred location. Once you filter it to a certain area, you can filter by the astrology service and you can avail services from online astrologers in Delhi.
  • The best astrologer for marriage in Delhi can be found on the WeddingWire India platform with absolute ease. There is an added advantage in looking for best astrologers in Delhi if you use the Language filter we offer. You can avail advice from the professionals not only in English and your mother tongue but in a variety of other indigenous languages of our country so that you have a comfortable and comprehensive conversation. So be it a Bengali Astrologer, Hindi astrologer, Tamil astrologer, Telugu astrologer, Marathi astrologer, Sanskrit and even English astrologer - you can make a choice. 
  • In fact, whenever you apply the location filter while searching for the best Astrologers online, WeddingWire India will automatically suggest the best Astrologers there. For instance, if you pick South Delhi as a filter then the website/app will immediately suggest the top astrologers of South Delhi and do the initial groundwork for you.
  • Before you pick your final choice, we suggest you read the best astrologer in Delhi reviews given by real couples on the website that will help you gain more clarity of their real-time services and guarantee service satisfaction.



How to find the Top Astrologers in Delhi NCR within budget?


  • If you are looking for the top astrologers in Delhi within a certain budget, you can take the help of Price per Session filter on the website/app. Download the app on your devices and pick the suitable or nearest to a suitable amount from the dropdown under Price per Session.
  • Once you have picked the Price per Session WeddingWire India automatically starts showing only the top astrologers in Delhi whose asking price is within your decided amount.
  • Prices might however vary according to the services that you wish to avail of as well as the Astrologer’s experience in the field. The services and prices per session are directly proportional always when it comes to finding the best astrologers in Delhi. If you know who is the best astrologer in Delhi you can even directly search by their name and then apply other filters to pick particular services and then get the asking price on request.


How to Find Top Astrologers Near You?


WeddingWire India has enlisted the best astrologers in Delhi with the price per session under ₹2000 to above ₹15,000. If you are out of town and you still want a certain Kundli Matching Astrologer in Delhi, you can check if they are available to travel outstation or ready to give advice online or through a phone call from our FAQ section. Couples and families have picked some of the best astrologers in Delhi like Acharya Anil Verma, B Raju, Dr Suvedi Niwas and so on along with the best lady astrologers in Delhi like Bharti Anand Palmist, Riccha Bakshi, Aarti Gupta Astrologer and so on. Some couples have often asked for the best lady astrologers in Delhi specifically and you can check their work and read the best astrologer in Delhi reviews to understand further on who is the best astrologer in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions in Astrologers in Delhi NCR

What are the services offered by Astrologers in Delhi NCR for weddings?

Among the variety of services that are offered by the astrologers in Delhi NCR some of the most common ones in demand are - Kundli Milan, Dosha advice, Palmistry for the couple, finding Saaya date and Muhurat for ceremonies, Vastu Shastra, Tantra and so on. Apart from these, many of the top astrologers in Delhi NCR also offer numerology, Tarot card reading, relationship advice as well as career advice too.

What is the starting price range of Astrologers in Delhi NCR?

The astrologers in Delhi NCR prefer a price per session system when it comes to deciding the tariffs for their services and to cater to couples and families from all walks WeddingWire India has enlisted a wide variety of astrologers who provide services starting at ₹500 and can go up to ₹1,00,000 too when it comes to celebrity astrologers like Astrologer Anil Kapoor. One of the best lady astrologers in Delhi NCR - Jai Madan also charges about ₹30,000 per session.

How to choose the best astrologers for a wedding?

There are a variety of filters that you can make use of to find the ideal astrologer in Delhi NCR who can help you sail through your wedding with absolute ease. However, every astrologer onboard has some unique services to offer that will make them stand out from the rest. We also suggest you check the number of operational years because it is true that with experience their services get more accurate and helpful for you. There are tailor made packages and services that these top astrologers in Delhi NCR offer like Lal Kitaab predictions, remedial horoscope and so on. One more magic wand that helps you choose the best astrologers for weddings is always reading the reviews. Take the inputs from other couples as a certificate of the services and watch the process become easier.

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