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Jodhpur Caterers

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Shanti Swayampakghar

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Horizon Catering And Event Organiser

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Khidmat Catering Services

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Shahjis Caterers & Banqueters

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WAFL, Pune

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The Bansi

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Krishna Veg Caterers

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Badamikar Caterers

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Amruta Caterers

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Padmaja Caterers

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Flavoured Paan by Sachin Killedar, Gawaliwada

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Krishnai Catering

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Simran Caterers

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Meher Catering, Pune

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Grandiose Hospitality Solutions, Pune

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Santushti Caterers, Wadgaonsheri

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Nilkantheshwar Caterers

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Harshad Caterers

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Delight Catering Services, Katraj, Pune

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Swamini Caterers

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Surinder Catering Services, Pune

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Foodroot Catering Services

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Sai Caterers

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The cultural capital of Marathas and the pride of Peshwas, Pune is a beautiful city and a popular tourist destination. With glorious architecture and stunning landscapes, it is also a location for scrumptious culinary delights and our favourite street food picks. With the burst of flavours from typical Maharashtrian cuisine to tangy and spicy dishes served by street vendors, there is a lot that Pune can offer you in terms of delectable food choices. Choose to include a part of their rich history through their traditional recipes at your wedding and be assured that it would be an experience to be remembered for life.

WeddingWire India offers you a list of more than 50 professional caterers in Pune that you can explore and choose from for your big day. Planning a wedding is a difficult task and turns even more impossible when you have no idea about the vendors that you want to work with, in a particular city. You can find the best caterers in the city, near your home and near your wedding with just one click. With WeddingWire India, you can find catering companies with unique descriptions about the services offered, photos of how they work, videos guiding through their setups as well as reviews by their past clients, so that you can make the right decision. For a hassle-free experience, visit the website or download the application from the App Store or Play Store right away and plan your wedding easily.

WeddingWire India has a set of filtering options through which you can not only choose only vegetarian or non-vegetarian catering companies but also shortlist vendors according to prices and cuisines that they offer. As Pune is a large metropolis, many localities and areas are listed on the website that you can choose to explore and find the best caterer as per your requirements. You can even choose to filter your choices through price per plate cost, which for vegetarian catering can range from around INR 500 and can go up to around INR 3,000. Similarly, if you are looking for a specialised non-vegetarian caterer in Pune in your budget, you can choose a price range that starts from around INR 500 to INR 3,000.

Some of the cuisines that you can find which catering services in Pune specialise in include International choices like Italian, European, Continental, Orientals like Thai and Chinese and last but not least our traditional Indian cuisine including North Indian, South Indian and Mughlai. You can even enquire your chosen caterer about including a few typical Maharashtrian dishes in your wedding menu to ensure that your big day is celebrated as per the traditional culture of the city. Looking for specialised caterers in the city, they can even provide you with seafood options and onion and garlic free food as per your taste preferences.

Things to consider while choosing a caterer in Pune

While there can be many things that you wish to discuss, a few points should always come first before finalising a caterer for your wedding.

  • Reviews - References and reviews from past clients are very important while choosing your wedding caterer. A caterer with a good reputation and reviews will most likely provide you with the best services.
  • Speciality - Each wedding caterer specialises in certain cuisines. Hire a caterer in Pune that provides and specialise in the cuisine that you want for your wedding.
  • Work Experience - It is essential to choose a wedding caterer that is professional and has good experience. The quality and taste of food depend on the experience and expertise of the caterers and this is one of the things that you should consider before hiring a caterer in Pune.
  • What to discuss with your wedding caterer

    Before booking a wedding caterer in Pune, ask questions to see if they match your requirements to get a satisfactory experience.

  • Be clear about the details of your events - number of guests, ceremonies, dates, duration of the event so that there is no confusion.
  • Enquire about their hygiene and sanitary practices as it has become very important in this time of the pandemic.
  • Discuss your cuisine preferences, menu choices, dietary restrictions, and all the special requests and customise your wedding menu accordingly.
  • Have a food tasting session before booking a caterer to ensure how everything will be on the day of your wedding.
  • Enquire about the price that they follow - whether there is a flat charge per guest or price per plate or all the dishes that they provide are priced individually.
  • Discuss if they have certain specialities that they can provide for your wedding.
  • Expert tips for booking a wedding caterer in Pune

    There can be a lot of questions that you need to ask your wedding caterer, but first, there are things that you should be clear about in your head as well.

  • Create a wedding budget and have a fair idea about how much you are willing to pay for catering services even after negotiation so that you don’t go overboard.
  • Prepare a guest list and ask for RSVP to understand how many people would be attending the wedding. It is always best to take an upper limit to the final count for any surprise guests and ensure that there is no shortage of food.
  • Be careful about the three most important things while hiring a caterer in Pune - the services that they offer, the quality of food and the presentation of cuisines.
  • Book your wedding caterers well in advance as you don’t want your selected ones to be already booked in case of delays.
  • Explore a few options by going through their profiles, reviews, services and shortlist a few vendors that you would like to work with.
  • When all that is done, check out expert wedding caterers listed on WeddingWire India for booking your wedding vendors in a hassle-free manner.
  • Frequently Asked Questions in Caterers in Pune

    What are the three types of catering in Pune?

    The three types of catering services in Pune include Hotel or restaurant caterers, Mobile or delivery caterers and professional full-service caterers. You can choose amongst any of them as per your requirements.

    Will caterers near me get extra food?

    All the caterers in Pune will bring sufficient food as per your guest list so that there is no shortage of food. You will get the services that you have paid for and can discuss the surplus with your caterer beforehand.

    What do full-service caterers in Pune do?

    A full-service caterer means that they come prepared with all the services and equipment. They would have a trained team of bartenders, service staff, kitchen staff, waiters to serve, deck up the area, manage portions, take away dirty dishes and even pack everything up after the event. You should discuss with the caterers before booking about what all will be included in their services.

    How can I get a discount on wedding catering packages in Pune through WeddingWire India?

    You can negotiate a deal with your chosen caterer at the time of booking to get a discount. There are also promotions and offers that caterers post on WeddingWire India which you can explore before finalising a vendor to get a better deal.

    Can I hire a vegetarian-only caterer?

    Yes, you can hire only a vegetarian catering service in Pune. Discuss beforehand with your caterer about your menu preferences so that they are able to serve in the best possible manner.

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