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Wedding Catering Services Kerala

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Find Your Wedding Caterer in Kerala

Add the delightful flavours of South Indian cuisine to your wedding buffet by choosing some of the best catering services in Kerala for your ceremonies. Kerala is a beautiful state that perfectly displays the glorious culture of South India. While being one of the most progressive states in terms of the quality of life, Kerala is also known as God's Own Country because of its natural beauty. From stunning backwaters to vibrant festivals, colourful temples to a kaleidoscope of art, music, and culture, Kerala has a lot to offer that attracts tourists and locals alike. This historically, culturally and architecturally rich state is also home to some of the best cuisines that you should try. Also known as a paradise for food lovers, it can offer you a wide variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines from the top catering services in Kerala that you would love to add to your wedding menu.

A wedding day is the most beautiful celebration for the bride and groom and their families and loved ones who come together to celebrate and bless their new journey together. Every couple strives that their big day is the most special and the happiest day of their lives where everything is perfect and out of a fairytale. From choosing the best venues in Kerala to finding that experienced team of Kerala-based wedding photographers to capture their ceremonies for posterity to wedding planners in Kerala who will tie their whole celebration together, there are many decisions to be made. Another thing that they need to tick off their wedding checklist is finding an expert catering service in Kerala that can provide them with the best culinary experience. If you also wish to explore the world of catering services right from sitting at your home, WeddingWire India is the place for you. Visit the website today or download the WeddingWire India App from the App Store or the Play Store.

How to Find Recommended Wedding Catering Services in Kerala?

WeddingWire India has an extensive list of catering services in Kerala that you can explore and choose for your wedding ceremonies. As Kerala is a sprawling state with multiple cities and localities, selecting a good caterer in Kerala that will be perfect for you can be difficult. To ease your search, WeddingWire India provides you with a location filter that you can choose as per your preference, and it will create a shortlist of vendors that will be ideal for your wedding location. You can also find unique descriptions for each catering service in Kerala with the services they can provide you. WeddingWire India also provides you with a portfolio of photos and videos showcasing how they work and the catering setups they provide for various functions.

It is imperative to choose a catering service in Kerala that provides delicious food and good services and comes under your wedding budget. To ensure that you find the best caterer in Kerala under your budget, WeddingWire India provides you with a price filter that you can set as per your requirements. Selecting a price range will create a perfect shortlist of caterers in Kerala that fits your wedding budget. For a vegetarian catering service in Kerala, the price per plate falls between INR 500 to INR 3,000. Similarly, if you are looking for non-vegetarian catering options, the price per plate starts from around INR 500 and can go up to INR 3,000.

While Kerala offers you an exhaustive range of cuisine, catering services in Kerala are experts who specialise in world cuisine. Some of the mouth-watering delicacies that they can provide you include South Indian, North India, Mughlai, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Italian, Oriental, Seafood, live counters, and specialised cuisine without garlic and onion.

Mistakes to Avoid when Booking a Caterer in Kerala

Food is one thing that all of your wedding guests will remember for years to come, especially at an Indian wedding. Some mistakes that you can avoid before finalising your catering service in Kerala are:

Reviews and experience: Checking out reviews is the first thing we do when we buy or book anything. As catering will be a crucial part of your wedding ceremonies, you would want to book a catering service in Kerala that is experienced and reputable and caters to their client's requirements and provides good services.

Budget: It's essential to discuss your budget and services provided by the caterers in Kerala beforehand. Catering services offer cost estimation depending on the services they provide along with the menu, servers, catering setup etc. It's also wise to discuss with our choice of caterers how much they charge if people attending your wedding exceed your guest list.

Contingency: A good catering service in Kerala will always have contingency plans for any situation that might arise during your events. From running out of food to cooking gas to any raw ingredients to prepare delicious delicacies for you, they will manage everything perfectly so that you can enjoy your festivities hassle-free.

Menu: Creating a perfect menu for your wedding ceremonies can be a massive task as you have to consider everyone's choices, and any of your guests have dietary restrictions. It will be a good idea to include a few unique dishes that are vegan or gluten-free so that everyone can be happy.

Quality: The taste and quality of the food is the foremost thing that you should consider while booking a catering service in Kerala. It's best to have a food tasting before booking to know what you will be serving on your big day.

Frequently Asked Questions in Caterers in Kerala

How much should you pay for booking a catering service in Kerala?

Catering services in Kerala are booked according to the services that they are providing, along with the functions they cover. The price per plate for vegetarian catering can start from INR 500 and increase to INR 3,000. The same is for non-vegetarian catering that can be booked between INR 500 to INR 3,000.

Can you get only vegetarian catering service in Kerala?

Absolutely yes. Catering services in Kerala will provide their services as per their clients themselves. Discuss everything you want for your big day before booking, and you can get a perfectly customised menu for your wedding ceremonies.

By when should my booking of caterers in Kerala be made?

In Kerala, expert catering services are booked well in advance, especially during the peak wedding seasons. To work with your choice of caterers for your wedding functions, bookings should be made 5-6 months before your wedding date.

What services can you get by catering services in Kerala?

Services by caterers in Kerala is not restricted to just providing and preparing food for your wedding functions. Their expert team will consist of servers and waiters who can oversee the catering setup, ensure that all your guests are taken care of, provide tableware and cutlery, as well as clean up your event space after your ceremony is done.

Can caterers in Kerala create a special menu as per your dietary restrictions?

Catering services in Kerala are expert professionals who provide you with the best quality services and ensure that they cater to all their clients' requirements. They can create a customised menu as per your taste preference, choices and dietary requirements so that you can have the best culinary experience on your big day.

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