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Craziest Ideas to Have an Unforgettably Fun Bachelor Party

Before the serious wedding business kicks in, pause and take one last trip to the bachelor-land by having an unforgettable bachelor party! Hint: Hangover level ideas only.

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For those who have seen the movie ‘Hangover’ have surely dreamt about throwing or being a part of a bachelor party that is nothing less than being epic in nature. We are talking about hangovers, shots of Advil and some serious thinking to recollect all the crazy fun everyone will get to have at the unforgettable bachelor party.

Now movies are extra, but what if we tell you that you too can plan or be a part of a bachelor party that will be no less than a Hollywood inspired gala affair? We present to you 6 mindboggling ideas that will give you a night of unforgettably fun bachelor party. Hold your horses for this one, because this will be an adventurously bumpy ride ahead.

Bachelor’s To-Do List

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Gather all the groomsmen and jot-down a list of crazy things that you wish the groom-to-be to do at the unforgettable bachelor party. You can include dares like chugging gallons of beer, special request of a drunk Bollywood dance number or skinny dipping in the private party pool as part of the checklist. To make it more fun, you can even get the naughtiest costume for the groom-to-be to adorn for the evening or at least while checking all the deets from the list.

Treasure Hunt

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If you have a big group of attendees at the unforgettable bachelor party and happen to have a venue that is spacious with a lot of elements, then plan out a treasure hunt for everyone. There can be teams of two or more, with tasks at every treasure spot for the winner and loser, leading them to the final treasure chest that will hold some interesting gifts like an expensive bottle of whiskey or a box of cigars for the winning team. This activity will keep everyone occupied for an hour if not more and will turn out to be a lot of fun for all the participants equally.

A Game Of Beirut

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We have all seen videos on social media featuring college students playing a game that includes red cups and a tennis ball on a table. The famous Beer Pong, or as officially known as Beirut, this game consists of paper cups filled with beer that are kept on a table at a distance with the task of bouncing a tennis ball into the cup by each team. Every time a team lands the ball in an opponent’s cup, the losing team gets to chug the contents of that cup. The first team to eliminate all the cups of the opponent wins the game.

Knock-out Poker

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Let us leave money on the side and let us focus on the drinks for the night. An unforgettable bachelor party consists of some gambling. Here, we are talking about gambling that includes drinking with an excuse. Poker is an all-time favourite game for grown-up boys who love sipping on their whiskies and taking puffs of the cigar. But for an unforgettable bachelor party, a twist of rules is the way to be. A knock-out poker means that every participant gets to be the dealer in turns, with everyone who loses the game punished with a shot of Vodka or any desired drink in its neat form.

Bonfire Drink-A-Thon

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This one is for those who do not wish to indulge in craziness but want to opt for a more calm yet an unforgettable bachelor party. Hike up to a safe camping location or simply book a countryside villa to host a bonfire night for the groom-to-be. This will include rounds of tasteful signature drinks, live music, chit-chatting and laughter from dusk until dawn. There can be a set of questions or conversation topics that the hosts can pre-decide so that everyone gets to participate and have fun amidst good food and drinks. Right from remembering all the naughty bachelor days of the groom-to-be to intense conversations about how he found love, there are endless meaningful conversations that one can have. Don’t forget to include a list of soothing music that can be played at the background as well.

Till You Drop It

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Men love eating and drinking like a king. So why not make this the theme of an unforgettable bachelor party too? We are talking about holding mini-contests among attendees around food and drinks. Hold a contest for the strongest man of the party who will eat the maximum number of hot chillies in a go or the Momo King who will finish the maximum number of dumplings in one go. You can even host contests like the Shot Soldier who will stand still the longest while having endless shots of alcohol or a contest to walk on a straight line for those who are high on drinks.

We are sure that these ideas have pumped up your excitement to the T and we also know for a fact that these ideas will guarantee an unforgettable bachelor party experience for the gang. Right now, hangover kits for bachelor parties are high in demand, so don’t forget to pack up all the necessities for all the attendees as a thank you gesture as well! Additionally, install cameras to capture all the crazy fun and photobooths for all the attendees to take part in, creating memories of a lifetime.

Tell us which among these unforgettable bachelor party ideas are your personal favourite that you plan on including in the upcoming bachelor party too.