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Bachelor Party Game Ideas to Make the Night Super Memorable!

These bachelor party game ideas are perfect if you’re looking to create a memorable night for yourself and your best friends! Check them out!

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With your wedding on the horizon, its time to have one last night of crazy fun with the gang before you’re tied to your domestic bliss and what better opportunity than the bachelor party game ideas!

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you’re not going to a party or see your friends after you’re married. But, you cannot deny the fact that the dynamics between people do shift a little when they experience big changes in their lives.

You’re probably really looking forward to your bachelor party night and are picturing all sorts of raucous fun. Before you go overboard with your imagination, do remember that this night is as much about your friends as it is about you.

So, don’t just get immersed in mindless drinking on your bachelor party without some awesome plans and bachelor party game ideas.

Make sure that you create great memories by using these bachelor party game ideas.

1. Beer Pong

There is a reason why this is one of the most popular bachelor party game ideas among men. It involves a bit of everything - aiming skills, luck and drinks. The game is quite simple. You just have to fill up multiple cups with different types of beers in different quantities.

Players need to aim a ball and throw it at a cup of their choice. If the ball lands in a cup, your opponent must drain its contents in one go!

Now, this is where you can go crazy by adding some really quirky and unusual ingredients in the cup to have some fun. How about a raw egg yolk and honey? It is the possibility of customising this game to make it more personal, for you and your friends, that makes it one of the best bachelor party game ideas.

Drinking Jenga

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Who doesn’t love Jenga!? We have all played this game and spent hours trying to pick the right block to pull. There are different versions of Jenga where the blocks come printed with a dare or a prompt of sorts. If you don’t have this, you can still make this game super interesting.

Here is a twist that you can add to this game to make it one of the bachelor party game ideas that your friends will remember for life – get a big cup or even a pitcher and mix different drinks in it.

This is what the loser will have to drink! The rules are pretty simple but the outcome of this game can turn out to be quite fun (well, not for the person who must drink a concoction of whiskey, vodka, beer, rum, and everything else you guys are drinking!)

Scavenger Hunt

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A Scavenger Hunt is something that everyone must have participated in during their childhoods. However, with the difference in age, there should be some difference in the game as well!

You can add some fun element in it spice up the game by making it a hunt for unusual things. How about the most phone numbers of the people sitting at the bar near you?

Or, how about buying the most number of random products with just a thousand rupees in hand? You just have to be creative to make it a game in which everyone has a good time. Ensure that you have a cool prize for the winner at the end of it.

Never Have I Ever

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Never Have I Ever is the one game that you can make as fun and quirky as you want. The usual rules include the person drinking a sip of a drink if he has participated in the said activity.

However, you can replace the usual drink or a beer with some really unusual mix of drinks. Be it a bitter gourd juice or a tomato puree or something even more unusual - make sure that it is not easy to drink! Such unfamiliar drinks make this one of the best bachelor party game ideas!


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When it comes to the bachelor party game ideas that you should play after getting slightly tipsy, nothing beats Tabboo! We have all experienced at least one round of this game where someone said something ridiculous to guess the answer.

You and your friends will have an amazing time playing this game. If you do not have the board game with you, then you can always play the electronic version, which is Heads Up. You can make the losers drink weird drinks again, or take shots to make things extra fun.

With such cool ideas, a stunning bachelor party decoration and delicious bachelor cakes, you can surely turn the bachelor party into a fun and cool night for both, drinkers and non-drinkers. Be it at a cool destination or a hotel, you just need some great ideas to breathe life into any party.

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