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10 Popular Sangeet Games Which Work For All Age Groups

Sangeet night is all about singing, dancing and having fun. Add these family sangeet games to keep your guests entertained.


Wedding season is almost here! And we are sure that you cannot stay calm as you look forward to all the fun and excitement with friends and family. The most fun part of weddings has to be the sangeet games. After all, meeting all your cousins and friends at the same time is a rare thing! 

Today, we bring you a wedding-specific list of games to play at sangeet. Are you ready for all the fun coming your way?

18 Sangeet Games to Spice Up Your Celebration

Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones as you host them with games to play in sangeet. Be it the classic Antakshari or the GenZ drinking games, there is something for every age group. 

Let’s get going and dive into the games for sangeet.

  • Antakshari

The iconic Maine Pyar Kiya never fails to bring people together during family gatherings, especially weddings! If you are a Bollywood lover and are looking for fun games for the sangeet ceremony, then this is your calling. This is also a fab idea for hosting games for ladies sangeet in Hindi.

  • Musical Chairs

Oh! The good old days with friends and family when we gathered and played musical chairs for the little presents and gifts. Evoke a sense of nostalgia as you host a game of musical chairs with your friends and family. It has to be by far one of the best family sangeet games!

  • Dance Off

When it comes to on stage games for sangeet ceremonies, there can be nothing better than a dance off. While we already have planned to dance the night off, this sangeet game will make it 10x more fun and entertaining. Get ready to shake that booty! And remember, it’s a war and the audience is witness to this bride side v/s groom side battle.

  • Guess the Song

Indian weddings is all about bringing the family together. If you are looking for group games for sangeet, then this sweet game will save your day. The chaos and little quarrels will create unforgettable memories for years to come. So are you ready to boast your Bollywood music knowledge in front of an entire group of friends?

  • Scavenger Hunt

We cannot miss out on adding a scavenger hunt when it comes to listing sangeet night game ideas. Let the bridesmaids and groomsmen play on the field and entertain the bride and groom. The confusion, the innocent fights, and the laughter will fill the room with lots of fun and joy. 

  • ​​Shoe game

This has to be one of the most popular game ideas for sangeet-the shoe game. It is also one of the easiest games to play, as you simply have to follow. All you need to do is place two chairs back-to–back on the dance floor. The bride and groom should sit on these chairs, as when the host asks them a question, they have to take off one shoe and raise it to answer the question. At the end, we’ll get to know who the relationshipnaazi is.

  • Dog and the bone

We’ve played this exciting game at many birthday parties before and now its time to introduce it to weddings. Such funny games in sangeet make the party much more lively. Ask one of the groomsmen to leave a handkerchief in the middle and make two teams. One player from each team will come forward and play his or her turn and we’ll see who can dodge a bone!

  • Basketball Game

Playing basketball on the field is an old tradition, as it’s time to welcome wedding basketball. Throw in the balls in the basket and remember, it’s girls v/s boys! So, let’s see who gets the most of the baskets towards the end of this sangeet game.

  • Head, shoulders, knees & toes

We all know of this fun game but what if we turn it into a game for sangeet? All you need is a confident host and a bunch of your favourite people to participate in the game. Let’s get the ball rolling and make a few moves! Don’t focus too much on getting it right and just have fun!

  • Find the bride

We are sure that your romeo must be looking for you everywhere on this special day. But why not make it a bit difficult for him? Yes, ‘find the bride’ is one of the most popular sangeet games for couples. Make the groom guess where his bride-to-be would be, either by dropping hints through voice or any other promp. 

  • Couple game for Sangeet

While there are many games for couples in sangeet, this one is our favourite! Let the couples in the party stand facing apart and ask them random questions about their outfit. This will give them a cue as to how much they notice each other. It's super fun, isn’t it?

  • Praise the partner

Now, let’s come to some easy wedding sangeet games. This one is super simple and sweet—just make sure that you act completely genuine. You have to say one good thing about your partner every time the mic comes to you. Let’s get your partner blushing!

  • Answer the riddle

A super fun sangeet khurchi game that will get everyone involved—answer the riddle. Not only will it bring everyone together but it will also make them excited about the winning points. You can bribe them to participate by announcing a free spa voucher or any other gift.

  • Blindfold dance competition

Let’s spice up the games for wedding sangeet! Get a few blindfolds and announce a dance competition. Someone from the bride or groom side has to make changes and present themselves on the dance floor. And then what? Well, you will see it for yourself. *giggles*

  • Sangeet party introductions 

Make the games for sangeet sandhya a bit homely with this sangeet game. Ask your family members to enter turn-by-turn and the host will introduce them in the most fun way possible. This one makes for one of the most popular family games for sangeet. You can also allow every family member to pick a song for their entry.

  • Act as if

Sangeet ceremony games should be different and unique. Why not give them some fun instructions and let them invent their own dance moves? As in this video, guests have to act as if they are making a coconut chutney and flying a kit. And the results were hilarious!

  • Sher-o-Shayari

A round of sher-o-shayari never hurts anybody, especially when there is love in the air. If you’re looking for couple games for sangeet sandhya, then this mehfil-e-aazam game is best for you! Enjoy this sangeet game by either making two teams or reciting popular shayaris for your partner.

  • Wrong Answer

One of the most trending anchoring games for the sangeet program is hosting the wrong answer. Every time the anchor or host asks you something, you have to give the wrong answer. This will definitely end your search for fun games for Sangeet. 

Now that we have gone through the most popular Indian wedding sangeet games, let’s treasure these sangeet games for the audience and bride and groom sangeet games. You can also host them as ladies sangeet games ideas. Everyone attending the party should have a ball! Don’t you agree? 

What do you think of these sangeet game ideas? Let us know in the comments below.