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Best Bachelorette Party Games To Get The Party Started

A bachelorette party calls for an extravagant party with your girlfriends and the following are some of the best bachelorette party games that can add to the fun element of the party.


The bachelorette party is one event where the bridesmaids throw an outrageously wild party for the bride one last time before she takes on her wedding duties.  The aim of the party is to give a chance to the bride to let loose from the hectic wedding planning and enjoy a great time with her girl gang for the last time as a bachelorette.

A great way to spice things up at a bachelorette party is by making the bride and the girlfriends play some of the best bachelorette party games that lead to outrageous and crazy memories that you can look back on

The following are the best bachelorette party games that you can include for the bride’s bachelorette party.

1. Bachelorette treasure hunt

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To kick off this list of best bachelorette party games, we have a bachelorette treasure hunt. Many of you would have participated in treasure hunts while growing up. It is a creative game where you search for clues by de-coding where to find them – these clues ultimately lead you to the treasure or the prize.

As a bridesmaid, you should know the bride thoroughly enough to design cues which test how well the other girls know about the bride and make sure the treasure finds a worthy winner. This task should be on a priority on your bridesmaid's checklist.

2. Never have I ever

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Another worthy game for this list of best bachelorette party games is 'Never Have I Ever'. It is a fun drinking game, played between an intimate group of people at parties. This is an easy to understand game where the participants take turns to confess one thing they have never done in their life. Whoever playing the game has at some point in their life, done that thing, has to take down a shot of alcohol, or beverage of choice.

This game is a perfect option if you want the party to loosen up and people to start revealing some of their dark secrets that they otherwise wouldn’t do. Also, you never know what kinds of secrets come spilling during such a game. A good way to find out if you really know your friends as well as you think you do. 

3. How well do you know the bride?

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'How well do you know the bride?' is probably one of the best bachelorette party games, if the bunch of bridesmaids at the party are super competitive and possessively close to the bride. In this game, the bridesmaids can design an interesting quiz that tests how well the people at the bachelorette party know the bride.

You can include some extremely funny and random questions - everything need not be too serious. The worst performers of the quiz can be penalised in the form of some punishment that you can select mutually and the winner can be awarded by a prize.

4. Loose lips

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For the second last entry on this list of best bachelorette party games, we include a fun game called loose lips. The rules are pretty straight forward. Before the wild celebrations of the bachelorette begin, a set of commonly used words/phrases is selected. These are then prohibited to be used during the bachelorette party. 

Whenever somebody is caught using such words at the party they have to gulp a shot of hard liquor or perform a punishment task. We suggest that you choose words like husband, getting late, boyfriend, wedding etc. to be prohibited during the bachelorette party to make sure that the girls do not think about anything other than having a blast at the bachelorette without thinking about their partners or their responsibilities.

Even better if you are going to some awesome destination for a bachelorette party, then you can make sure that this applies to the entire duration of the trip.

5. Spin the bottle

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Spin the bottle is a classic game commonly played by teenagers and youngsters at parties and get-togethers and is also one of the best bachelorette party games. The rules are quite simple; the participants sit down in circular formation leaving some space to spin an empty bottle in between.

The bottle is spun by the participants turn by turn; the person on whom the drinking side of the bottle stops is chosen to perform a task suggested by the other participants. You can think of out-of-the-box and embarrassing dares that bring an element of fun to the party.

Identifying the best bachelorette party games can be very subjective from person to person. While planning for the bachelorette party, the bridesmaids should take into account the nature of the girls attending the party and keep games that are more relevant to the crowd to raise the enjoyment factor at the party. We hope that this list of best bachelorette party games gives you a fair idea of the kinds of games that you can include and help you shine in your bridesmaid duties!

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