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The Only Bridesmaid Checklist Needed To Plan Your BFF's Party

Planning a bachelorette for your best friend? Here is the only bridesmaid checklist you need to follow to throw the bride the best party of her life!

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We all know what happens at a bachelorette party stays at a bachelorette party!

Most often, it falls on the light shoulders of the bridesmaids to plan the bachelorette party for the bride. Now, there is no question that the night needs to be fun, sexy and naughty (wink face)! You just have to confirm that the bride can handle your planning. She needs to have the time of her life, but not too much as she still needs to go back to reality and get married! We wouldn’t want her to fall in love with her singlehood and bail on the wedding now, do we?

As a bridesmaid, it is your duty to make the bride feel sexy and try new things, which she would never do sober! Get her drunk and check off all the crazy things from her bucket list. You can even add your wild fantasies and do them without thinking about the consequences, as the bachelorette party is planned in order to let loose and enjoy some time off from your normal life. So what are you waiting for? It's time you got your bridesmaid checklist in order.

Here is the ultimate bridesmaid checklist that we know for sure will answer all your extra questions on how to plan a fun bachelorette and all the naughty tricks you can surprise the bride with!

A. The Planning Stage

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The first decision you need to check off from your bridesmaid checklist is where you are going for the bachelorette party. Decide whether you are going to stay in your own city or go away for a weekend to party like never before. We recommend going away for 2-3 days to an exotic location with the best nightlife. Also, make sure you decide a place, which comes in your budget.

1. The very first non-negotiable for your bridesmaid checklist - you need rooms to stay if you have decided to go away. You can’t exactly camp out in the bars!

2. Plan the wardrobe before going out anywhere. Pack the sexiest clothes you own for this bachelorette trip. You will not find even a single bridesmaid checklist without this point. This tip not only goes for the brides but all you beautiful bridesmaids as well.

3. DO NOT forget to schedule a day at a great spa. Plan manicures, pedicures and, the most important, a full body wax. You need to sure make she is 100% ready for all the short dresses she is planning to wear on her honeymoon. Nothing can beat the fair look of a bride post a crazy spa session!

4. For the ultimate bridesmaid checklist, add this to yours as well. Find out the wildest fantasies of the bride and all the bridesmaids invited. Try to pan out all of them in a single day. We bet this will prove to be the craziest night of your life.

B. The Night of the Party

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Now, here is a bridesmaid checklist for the actual bachelorette party, which definitely involves a lot of drinking and fun. Make it as naughty as you possibly can.

5. Get customised drinks made for the bride – the themes can revolve around her exes’, her crazy life stories, inside jokes, or anything else you can think of! Make sure there are shots and they are named by you, and don't forget to use quirky bachelorette hashtags!

6. Safety is the most important. If you are going to a club or a bar, make sure someone stays sober and acts as your designated driver who will take the responsibility to get everyone back safely! So, add picking a designated driver to your list!

7. The next part is the most important, get the bride talli. You all need to be sloshed for all the fun games and activities that you have planned.

8. A naughty bachelorette cake is necessary. Now you can go as wild as possible. Nothing is off the table, from a cake with all her exes’ pictures to a cake shaped like private body parts! This is a non-negotiable in our bridesmaid checklist!

C. Bringing in the Fun Elements

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9. Strippers or no strippers - you decide! If you think the bride can handle watching half-dressed men dancing all around her, then we say go for it. If not, you can have a bridal shower of sorts where everyone gifts the bride something for her wedding night! The catch is, she has to open the presents in front of everyone!

10. Set the mood with a few naughty games. Try going for manhunts and play games in which players have to think of words in a specific category starting with specific letters. 

11. After all the fun you have had on the bachelorette, it is time to detoxify and go back home. Before that, plan a gift hamper for the all bridesmaids with fun stuff like quirky jewellery, chic outfits, eye masks and anything else that you can think of.

Follow this bridesmaid checklist to organise the best bachelorette party for your bride and go crazy! If you can think of more fun ideas to add in this checklist, go for it – each bride is unique and has her own likes and dislikes!

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