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10 Bachelor Cake Ideas for Your Groom-To-Be

Looking for ideas and inspiration for a creative bachelor cake? We have got you covered with these ideas.


What is a bachelor or a groom’s cake? It’s a Victorian custom for the bride to gift her would be a cake that befits his personality and likes. Typically, such a cake is gifted that is the groom’s personal favourite. A groom’s cake is placed beside the wedding cake. Once, the wedding is over, his cake is cut and offered to the guests in boxes. Look below at some of the quirkiest and cute bachelor cake ideas that you can choose for your hubby to be.

1. Sports Cake for Grooms


A sporty bachelor cake is always popular and never goes out of fashion. It’s a cake that celebrates the sport that your man loves. It’s a tribute from the bride to her would be and can come in various themes like baseball, basketball, football, and golf. You can custom bake a football stadium cake or a cake with a football helmet if your stud is a fan of this sport. You can also choose sports accessories for such a type of cake. For instance, if your would be is, or, was an athlete back in his college days, bake a cake with sneakers. Jersey cake is another cool option. But for this pick a single tiered cake. Alternatively, a golfer’s cake suits such grooms that are golf fanatics.

2. Quirky Alcohol Bachelor Cake Ideas

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Typically, you will find groom cakes to be laden and filled with chocolate fondants, ganache and fruit fillings. But, gone are the old and boring times. Now, brides have the privilege to get custom baked cakes with alcohol theme and fillings as well. For your man who loves his Glen Fiddich or Jim Beams, such a theme is the ultimate. Beer themed cakes are perfect for a groom who loves his pint of beer. Pick a beer-themed cake with beer cans or bottles. Or else go for a beer design cooler cake that has bottles kept inside. Other ideas to try include Jack Daniels cake, a beer keg cake and a motley of hard drink bottles cake.

3. Bachelor Cake With Funny Toppers

Every wedding reception must always be lively, and funny cake toppers are the easiest way to bring in some fun and laughter to your special day. In case you are still clueless, here are a few ideas to pick:

4. Adorable Mini Pugs as Cake Toppers

Dogs are one of the most popular cake toppers. Every couple these days seems to be smitten with man’s best friend, especially pugs. So, if you and your hubby to be are big time dog lovers, pick a cake which has miniature pug toppers. You can get mini pugs from online shopping sites.

5. Make the Bachelor Cake Funny

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If there’s anything cuter than a chubby pup, it has to be a sloth. A sloth is one of the funniest animals around, and therefore, can add lots of cuteness to your groom’s cake as well. Get sloth toppers made of felt from any shopping site online.

6. Funny wedding couple toppers

Just don’t go the usual romantic cake topper way when deciding on your groom cake. Instead, choose something that makes use of quirky and humorous couple toppers. A cake with a bride dragging her hubby to the altar looks funny. Or, a couple with a sword and daggers can also make way for a lot of laughter.

7. A couple as Zombie Slashers

Have a topper where a bride is shown holding hands with her hubby with a few zombies lying around. Add a tag- zombie killer’. This is an unusual take on a groom’s cake but surely looks funny.

8. How About Naughty Cakes?


Create frenzy at your wedding reception with the erotic and super naughty cakes. Many brides these days are refusing to go cute and romantic, and are instead opting for erotic themes for their partners’ bachelor cakes. Some of these insane ideas include toppings of bikini and thong, breast-shaped cakes with big fondant nipples, a couple under the sheets, and more.

9. Game Over Bachelor Cake


Wish to remind your man that his leisurely days of being on the couch and playing video games are pretty much over with you as his better half? Pick a Game Over cake topper, and see the fun!

10. Eye-Grabbing Cupcakes

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Individual cupcakes in different flavours and small toppers will add more zing to your big day. These can make your celebrations more colourful. Bachelor cakes such as the ones shown above will make your day even more exciting. Just make sure to pick a design with only your groom in mind and his interests. Remember to capture some stunning shots of a masterpiece such as this by getting your wedding photographer and wedding videographer onboard. 

Which design would you like to pick for your man? Let us know through comments.