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Plate Decoration Ideas for Engagement to Make It Pretty for You

Show your creativity by creating a beautiful engagement ceremony plate with these gorgeous plate decoration ideas for engagement.

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

During an Indian wedding, engagement ceremonies were not that big a thing in the past but now they have become a major event in the wedding saga. Earlier there used to be just a few members of the family attending the function but now there are hundreds of people attending an engagement. It is not just the number of people that have increased but also the scale of celebration, décor and the ceremony in general.

One such change is the inclusion of an engagement ceremony plate that holds the rings of the bride and groom. While earlier this was just a regular plate with a miniature statue of a God and the rings on it, the plate now has multiple decorations on it with flowers and stands, using different materials.

If you are looking to create an engagement ring plate for a wedding at your family, then we have come up with a guide to help you with some plate decoration ideas for engagement.

Since it’s a DIY project, it need not be too difficult so that it can be something that you can ace. Firstly, let us look at the things you need to incorporate the given plate decoration ideas for engagement.


Image Courtesy: Niharika Creative Musings

Since you are creating an engagement ring plate from scratch, you will need all the basic arts and craft stuff like the hardboards, Thermocol, Fevicol, scissors, a lot of flowers to decorate and so on. The following are the essentials you need for the plate decoration ideas for engagement in the right manner.

  • Hardboard
  • Thermocol
  • Ply pieces
  • Fevicol
  • Scissors
  • Flowers (Artificial or Natural)
  • Velvet cloth
  • Pins
  • Paint and Brush
  • Metallic frames and rings
  • Beads and other decorative items

Now that we know what all we need to create an engagement ceremonial plate, let us dive into some great plate decoration ideas for engagement that you can try.

Elaborate Design

Image Courtesy: Niharika Creative Musings

In this design, you need a piece of strong hardboard that can be used as a base and a frame to hold it together. The main idea is to create a pedestal on top of this base where the ring cases shall be kept. For that, you can use another photo frame that is smaller in size.

Create a base using pieces of ply and place the frame on top of it. Fix everything using a strong adhesive. Once you are done with the basic structure, paint it golden. Place the flowers you want around the two bases.

Now comes the background of this plate with the initials of the bride and groom placed in two rings, each with the crowns of the king and queen respectively. You can cut it out of hardboard and then paint it with golden colour as well. This whole package will look incredible when done, making it one of the best plate decoration ideas for engagement.


Image Courtesy: Heaven Handmade

If you are looking for simpler plate decoration ideas for engagement then you can use a highly reflective plate and then work on it to create an engagement ceremony plate. Place some white or silver beads in a circle at the border of the plate and then stick big rose flowers inside it. Place the beads again to form another concentric circle. Use a decorative ribbon to stick to one end and a few red stones at the centre. You can place the box of rings at the centre and you are done.

Floral Stand

Image Courtesy: Craft Me by MS

Get a wooden board for the base and paint it gold. Create two concentric discs with small stands on top that can be used to place the rings. Create the initials of the bride and groom using hardboard and place it in between the rings. This will give the design some depth. Use natural flowers and ferns for decorating the plate in this design. Paint the whole thing golden and you would have executed one of the most aesthetically pleasing plate decoration ideas for engagement.

Carved Proposal

Image Courtesy: Niharika Creative Musings

With this example of plate decoration ideas for engagement, you might take a bit more time since you need to cut out a silhouette from the hardboard. You can simply print an image of a couple and place it on top of the hardboard and cut it. You just need the silhouette. Use a wooden board for the base and maybe use a glass piece on top of it if you like.

Decorate it with golden beads and red flowers on the borders. Place the rings in the centre and you have yourself a great engagement ring plate.

To create such engagement plates, you need not be a great artist as all the plate decoration ideas for engagement incorporated here are quite easy. Make sure that you do it cleanly with no blemishes on the final piece!

Don’t have the time for all this? Get in touch with these wedding planners who can carry out these tasks for you.