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8 DIY How to Decorate Engagement Ring Thali To Amp Your D-Day Pics

Not sure how to decorate engagement ring Thali? We have got you covered with these set of stunning ideas.

Image courtesy: Crafty Arty Namy

We all know that engagement rings are placed on a decorative thali or tray before they are exchanged. But, do you know that you can do your thali decoration yourself? Yes, answering how to decorate engagement ring thali or tray is a cakewalk nowadays with umpteen numbers of DIY ideas offered on a platter.

We bring to you these fabulous DIY ways on how to decorate engagement ring thali.

1. DIY ideas with a wooden basket

Image courtesy: Anagha Engrave Art

How to decorate engagement ring thali with a wooden basket, you may wonder? Well, it’s a very creative idea that can make the ceremony of engagement truly memorable. You would need a wooden basket with a handle, artificial flowers, ribbons, a decorative bowl, lace ribbons in gold or any tone as per the theme, pearls, thermocol sheet, scissors, glue, velvet paper in any shade like maroon or red and corsage. Fill the inside of the basket with many layers of thermocol sheets and velvet paper till these reach the top. Place the bowl at the centre with rings. Tie the lace ribbon and stick a corsage on the handle. Now, decorate the edge of the basket with pearls. Put artificial flowers inside the basket.

Estimated cost: Try to spread this over two days. It would be worth it, even if you pay ₹500 for it, including the basket.

2. DIY ideas with silver plate

Image courtesy: Decor Rasa

Want to know how to decorate engagement ring thali on traditional lines? This project is meant just for you! Materials needed for pulling off this decor idea include a silver plate, rice grains, Vermillion, sandalwood and water paste, marigold flowers, Diya and turmeric. Start by placing the above materials neatly on the plate. Place the ring box at the middle of the plate alongside the Diya which has to be lit up during the ceremony.

Estimated cost: It’s a simple project under 2500 that can be done in under half an hour.

3. DIY ideas with basket and mirror

Image Courtesy: Crafty Arty Namy

Materials needed for this project include a round basket, a round shaped mirror that fits inside, pearls or kundan, fake silk flowers, cardboard and red velvet paper. Place the cardboard sheet inside till the top of the basket. Stick the red velvet paper on top. Now, stick the mirror over it. Place the flowers on one side of the mirror along with pearls on the outer ring and phew, you have the answer for how to decorate engagement ring thali in this way.

Estimated time: One to two hours, and budget- under 1000.

4. Gold votive and floral decor

Image courtesy: Ananya Creations

This is a very elegant thali decor idea. All you would need is a golden or beige toned round basket with side handles, some floral petals in mauve or violet, a decorative votive with embellishments, silken cloth to stuff the rings inside and a round mirror. Place the mirror inside the basket. Then, put the votive at the middle.

Stuff the silken cloth inside it to put the rings. Arrange petals all around. You’re done with how to decorate engagement ring thali in this way!

Estimated time: For this project, you can finish it in half an hour and the cost is 1000 approximately.

5. Coins, discs and more decor

Image courtesy: Korieste on Instagram

For this, you will need a ring box and a white plate with decorative coins. Take a white or a dull gold plate in a round shape. Arrange the decorative coins on the outer ring of the plate. Then, arrange the fake flowers circularly inside the circle of coins. Leave the last circle empty for the box and you would be done with how to decorate engagement ring thali in this way.

Spray some perfume over the flowers to give the tray a fragrance!

You can also flip the coins for other disc elements like the Gota discs in the plate above. Set them all around the plate or bunch them in a singular arch (as seen above) and stick them firmly to the spot.

Estimated time: The project can be done in under half an hour and the estimated budget is under 1000.

6. Decor with ceramics and pot

Image courtesy: Prism Decor

For this, you will need an ornate thali, a wedding pair in ceramic, elephant ring holder, a Ganesha idol, small colourful pot, flowers, and bright cloth. Arrange everything on the plate one by one. Lastly, place two small laddoos in the pot along with rings in the holder. You can get these things at any local craft or gift shop.

Estimated time: You can complete this tray decoration under 20 minutes and under 1500.


7. Decor with quill flowers and beads

Image courtesy: Quilling Love

This is an artsy looking engagement thali decor that you can create using a round basket or tray, golden paper, colourful beads, a pair of a ceramic wedded couple, some maroon and blue quill flowers. Start by sticking the golden paper over the tray. Stick the ceramic couple on top of the tray. Stick the maroon quill flowers on the border of the tray with glue.

Now, place two maroon quill flowers side by side on the tray bordered with small quill blue flowers. Place the rings inside these two maroon flowers. Add strings of beads in curvaceous form and stick white quill flowers alongside. You're done with how to decorate engagement ring thali using quilling elements.

Estimated time: one day and budget under 1500.

8. Decor with pearls, stones, and lace

Image Courtesy: Devika Art Points

A very traditional looking thali can be crafted using pearls, stones, lace and acrylic. Start by decorating an ornately carved tray with a lining of pearls. Then, create a lining of stones followed by golden lace. Stick a velvety cloth inside the tray, and then place the decorative ring box along with a golden votive.

Estimated time to finish: 1 to 2 days, and budget 1500.

9. Pretty Peacock details

Image Courtesy: Crafty Arty Namy

Sometimes, simple does it perfectly easy and nice. Here is how to decorate engagement ring thali by adding two holders, a floral element and twin peacock feathers. This ring thali is all about clever placement of all of your chosen elements before adding your rings to them.

Start with a circular plate and add a scarlet sheet on top. Decorate edges with a border strip, add two holders and a corner statement element (like the pearl flower here). Then top it up with two peacock feathers before presenting your work of art on the big day.

Estimated cost: Under ₹500. You can accomplish this within half an hour.

10. Add a few cagey details

Image Courtesy: Crafty Arty Namy

This how to decorate engagement ring thali project is also about careful placement - this time with bird cages, artificial flowers and two circular ring holders. Choose your decorated ring thali with care and add the bird cages in the top half. You may fill them up with artificial blooms as well.

Then, decorate the remainder of the tray with ample artificial flowers. Put your holders right on top of the blooms in the cages and you're ready to go.

Estimated cost: ₹400 for the blooms and cages included

All these DIY decor ideas are creative and easy to do. These have the power to make your engagement a truly unforgettable experience.

Do you know how to decorate engagement ring thali? Let us know through comments.