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9 Unique Bachelor Party Cakes That Speak Celebration Like Nothing Else

Are you looking for a scrumptious cake for your friend’s bachelor party but don’t want to compromise on the fun? Opt for designer bachelor party cakes that are sure to add to the charm!

Shelly Arora Cakes

"A party was given for a man who is about to get married, typically attended by close male friends," this is how a Bachelor's party could be defined in the simplest of the terms. But in the current era, how can anything related to weddings be simple?

It is considered the big boy's last bash. With its fair share of secrets and rites, it becomes more than a usual party. Booze is a distinct part of the celebration while another is the cake for nothing screams celebration louder than a cake!

And when it comes to deciding the cake for this special day, it shouldn’t be the usual vanilla or butterscotch. Add an extra dose of fun by planning a customised cake for the bachelor party of your friend and take your celebration a notch higher.

1. Shackled For Life

Now this one is for the usually teasing ones who believe in exacting maximum guilt. The design for this Bachelor party cake here is focused on making the groom gulp down the fact that this might as well be the last time he can be a "free" or "single" lad. The basic picture is that of a bulky iron ball to which a chain is attached, along with the message of "Shackled for life" because why not!

2. Now You've Got The Monster Of Responsibilities

Image Courtesy: Edith Patisserie

A major scare of taking the plunge into marriage is the responsibilities which come along with the decision of tying the knot. All you need to do is use the regret for fun and depict the inevitable load it is going add in one manner or the other. The typical image of this kind of a bachelor party cake can be an elaborate scene of the usual hassle of making housework, a stash of money or a tired couple and the message "Lifelong Commitment" or likewise. It can work wonders if the aim is to tease them with the perks of bachelor life.

3. The Rum Cake

One component so important to the concept of drinking, surely, deserves to be the stuff of Bachelor party cake too. Usually, for this variant, you can either go for an actual rum cake for the authentic tease, or an elaborately modelled cake in shape, or including the forms of the groom's favourite brand of whiskey etc. Though, nothing stops you from mixing the two and go one up in the game!

4. The Sweet Retreat

Image Courtesy: Cakestrophe 

The party is, of course, an affair of fun but hey, should that be stopping you from sprinkling a little support onto the nervous groom? Nah! And if you are the kind of group who is up for telling your buddy the support he will always have from you on this new journey, say it with the cake. This type of Bachelor party cake includes a picture of the close group of friends along with a message by the friends to the group. Best is to wrap this sweetness in some cheeky message to keep with the whole teasing vibe while being sweet.

5. The Nice One

When it’s a bachelor party, it is sure to be fun. You can keep this bachelor party cake sweet and delish with a tiered design in the big guy’s favourite flavour. Top it with fondant rose or get it designed as a photo cake. It is not too bachelor party themed but for sure heartfelt and thoughtful.

6. Roulette On The Cake

Shelly Arora Cakes

Gambling, roulette, beer are other things associated with unrealised Goa plans and carefree bachelorhood. Saying goodbye to this state of being single calls for a throwback to the same, and what could be better for that, than a cake made in the style of a Roulette table along with tickets to Goa? If guilt and tease is the running theme, this bachelor party cake is a reminder to the plans that were cancelled, how they could have been and how they are more challenging to plan now.

7. Flamenco

Canons of bachelorhood hold at least two Bollywood movies sacred, for the classics Dil Chahta Hai and the newer tastes, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. One of the main appeals of the latter is the dancing lady in Spain. The dance form is called Flamenco and is performed by ladies in flowy dresses. It is a common favourite for the tourists and can be used likewise for a bachelor party cake too just to jazz up the party scene and remind your soon-to-be hitched friend, of the times of guiltless gushing over such scenes.

8. Tequila Wishes

Shelly Arora Cakes

Designed as the tequila bottle, this bachelor party cake is high on fun and laughter. While booze sessions are endless and inevitable, opt for a cake in the shape of the bottle, and the soon-to-be groom is sure to be impressed with the thoughtfulness of the cake.

9. Last Shot Before The Knot

For the last suggestion, let's go a little more suggestive on the same theme. The quintessential part of the bachelor life, regardless of gender, is the kind of freedom experienced around sexual life, which comes to an end with the wedding, for good or worse. As you decide to tie the knot, the promiscuity is replaced by a sense of belongingness, and it is to this replacement this last unique idea for the Bachelor party cake, design a cake with a suggestive scene along with the message for the last shot of the Bachelor feel and freedom before the knot.

Is your friend’s bachelor party near? These bachelor party cake ideas are fun-filled and perfect definitions of bachelor zeal. Choose from the variety mentioned above of cakes and make the party a hit. While you're at it also check out some wedding cakes and gift one to your mate on his wedding. 

Which one are you planning to go?