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Wedding Anniversary Cake Images That You Must Replicate On Yours

Trying to decide on an ideal cake that is not just unique but also presents an aesthetic wedding anniversary cake images? Look no further - we've got your back.

Image Courtesy: Shelly Arora Cakes

Cakes are the most favoured desserts of all times. They are sought after not just for their delicious taste but also for their enticing looks. With time, cakes have begun to be presented attractively in all shapes and designs. From photo cakes to layer cakes, and so forth, the designs that cakes come in is unlimited.

With time, cakes have attained significant trends and set fashion styles for all occasions. However, it is a tough nut to crack to look for a wedding anniversary cake image, which is both unique and symbolic of your relationship.

In today's time when everything from the wedding theme, to the bridal lehenga, is inherently dictated by the unique story of the bride and the groom - it is only natural that even your wedding anniversary cake should be something just as special.

Here we present 9 wedding anniversary cake images which are on trend and must be replicated on your wedding anniversary cake too.

1. Tier Cake With Cupcakes

Image Courtesy: BangGood

If you are bored with the traditional square cake images with colourful icing, this is something new for you from among the wedding anniversary cake images. You can go for a bulk order of cupcakes of all your favourite flavours and couple it with a vanilla cake on the top and there you have it!

A bunch of different flavoured little cakes, just like the different flavours in your married life.

2. Metallic Finish

Image Courtesy: My Blueprint

If you guys are up for sophistication and simple living, this is for you- an image you can replicate on your anniversary cake. Go for a metallic-like finish on your cake and be creative by adding simple date and name stamp and a ribbon to round it up.

However, a plain metallic cake also exudes a sophisticated appeal and remains one among the many wedding anniversary cake images you can use.

3. Laced up

Image Courtesy: Shelly Arora Cakes

In case you are going for a more delicate kind of celebration with champagne and candlelight, this one is for you. Even for the first-anniversary celebration, this is an ideal choice.

Go for a delicate lace textured blueberry cake to set the mood and you can choose a wedding pose image out of the wedding anniversary cake images.

4. Macaroon tower

Image Courtesy: DH Gate

This is another new addition to the funky cakes you can try on this anniversary, chuck the traditional out of the window and go experimental with macaroons all the way.

You can similarly go for different flavoured macaroons and put them in a tower shape with little pictures of your wedding on them, a classic from among the wedding anniversary cake images.

5. Tumbling tower of Roses

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This is another classic for a wedding anniversary cake and makes an amazing appeal among the wedding anniversary cake images. You can go for a triple tier cake in your favourite flavour with carefully create tulle of tumbling down huge roses of different colours from the first tier to the last.

6. Hand-painted details

Image Courtesy: Shelly Arora Cakes

Hand-painted details are the new way to jazz up your wedding anniversary cake and a hot seller from among the wedding anniversary cake images. Decide a picture you want to replicate.

It can be something standard like the image of love birds or something specific like a caricature of you and your partner. Have it hand painted all over your cake. You can even go further and have a little comic strip-style triple tier wonder.

7. Suspended cakes

Image Courtesy: Shelly Arora Cakes

Suspended cakes are in vogue of late. So, why not customise it for your wedding anniversary too? Have four to five cakes of different sizes and have different images on all of them relating to your memories.

You can also keep it plain and add a distinct flavour to each piece. This is another hot pick from among the wedding anniversary cake images and will definitely catch a lot of attention.

8. Recreation Of Wedding Scene

Image Courtesy: Shelly Arora Cakes

This one, from among the wedding anniversary cake images, has been used most often. You can go for a triple or double tier cake with a standing image of you and your partner in a telling pose from your wedding ceremonies, and that's about it.

You can also put frames of pictures at a different layer, giving it a typical ‘wedding-y’ look.

9. Luxe Jewellery Cake

Image Courtesy: Shelly Arora Cakes

Jewellery cake is the new trending image among the wedding anniversary cake images used by the couples for their anniversary now. Go for a tiered cake laden with the edible jewellery pieces like pearls and gems all over.

It will not only make an aesthetic appeal but also add fun and romance to your wedding anniversary cake, making it stand out.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose deliciously exquisite treats around to surprise your taste buds and rejoice the celebration in the most beautiful way.

So you have more trending cake ideas? Let us know in the comments below.