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Dial up the Wild with These 7 Crazy Bachelor Party Games for Your Best Friend

If you are the best man at your friend’s wedding, one of the most important tasks for you is to throw an epic bachelor party. Help your groom friend unwind with some crazy bachelor party games before he bids goodbye to singlehood!

The Lightsmiths

Enough with the suit rental store hunt and accessory shopping. It’s time for the groom and groomsmen to take a break from all the wedding planning. And how’s that going to happen? Well, a bachelor’s party is the answer to all your wedding-stress woes! A bachelor’s night is the occasion every groom and his groomsmen await ever since the wedding date is fixed. So, it’s immensely important that you, as the best man of the groom must make this event super special. Get ready to heighten the wild quotient with some crazy bachelor party games for an unforgettable (well mostly!) night.

1. Scavenger Hunt

The Wedding Salad

If you’re thinking this is a kid’s game, well you’re not entirely wrong! But what if we tell you that with every clue you take a shot and whoever wins the game takes another shot? Doesn’t sound like a kid’s game anymore, does it? This is one of those bachelor party games that gets more fun when you get drunker!

What you need: Shot glasses, alcohol, paper chits and taking a few people into confidence like a bartender, waiter or even a security guard for hiding clues!

How to play: Hide clues at 4 or 5 places. Hand out the first clue to the players and ask them to look for the rest. You could give quirky prizes like a pack of condoms or underwear to the winner!

2. How well do you know?


This one is a little early evening game. It requires some homework a few days before the night like asking the bride some personal questions and preparing cue cards for the groom. The objective is to find out how much the groom knows about her bride! If you’re looking for some cute and fun bachelor party games, this one is for you!

What you need: Cue cards prepared in advance, shot glasses, tequila.

How to play: Ask the bride some personal questions about her likes and dislikes, sizes, crushes, weaknesses and write them down in advance. Ask the same questions on the bachelor night to the groom. Every time he gives a correct answer, he (and everyone) takes a shot.

3. Beer Pong

The Wedding Salad

Now that’s one of the most popular bachelor party games of all times. It would even be more fun if you are having a pool party for a summer wedding. It’s easy, fun and involves loads of energy and enthusiasm (that’s where alcohol helps!). You can ask your DJ to play the groom’s favourite music at the background while playing the game.

What you need: Equal sized plastic cups, ping pong balls, beer or any other alcohol of your choice.

How to play: Divide the players into two teams each having one ball. Arrange around 10-15 cups in a triangle and ask each team to throw the ball in the opponent’s set of cups. Every time a player drops a ball in the cup, that cup is removed and a member of the opponent team drinks the beer. The team who finishes the opponents’ cups first, wins!

4. Guess the Celebrity


As the night goes, things get sillier; that’s the rule for bachelor party games! Like this one involves showing pictures of famous celebrities and asking everyone to guess their names. So, what’s so difficult about it? the catch is, show only certain body parts of the celebrities. Like the eyes, lips, smile, or you can go as far as your imagination goes! For example, had it been a bachelorette party, the girls could have been shown six pack abs of celebs and asked to guess the names!

What you need: Cropped snapshots of famous celebrities, alcohol.

How to play: Show each player individually the snapshots and ask them to guess the names. With each correct answer, a player gets a shot! Simple!

5. Drink if

The Irish House, Malad

One of the most fun and creative bachelor party games is the ‘drink if’ game. Fun because it involves some crazy childishness that everyone loves at a bachelor party. And creative, because there are actually no rules to this. You make up your own rules by getting as creative as you want!

What you need: Shot glasses, cue cards, Tequila.

How to play: Write notes on your cards like “Drink if you have ever kissed a man”. The ones who have will have to take a shot. You can also make up any rule like “drink if the next person who enters the bar is wearing a red dress and black shoes”. And when that happens, everyone takes a shot.

6. Swearing contest

The Lightsmiths

Here is one of those bachelor party games that will simply drop off all inhibitions (if any left) and bring out the whacky side of everyone! Of course, it’s not just swearing, but it also needs a certain amount of creativity.

What you need: A stopwatch, scorecard and alcohol.

How to play: Set the timer on your stopwatch for 30 seconds. Ask each participant to say as many swears aloud as they can in that time limit. However, the catch is they need to create their own swear words! The one who comes up with the maximum number of original swear words wins a shot!

7. I dare you

The Lightsmiths

This is definitely one of the most played bachelor party games and deserves to be the final attraction of the bachelor’s night! By the time the groom and his groomsmen are happily in high spirits, that’s when everyone enjoys the “I dare you” game most!

What you need: Alcohol and crazy creative minds!

How to play: Just dare the groom to do weird crazy stuff like “Go to the women’s loo and use it” or “ask a stranger for her number” and if he manages to do the task right, everyone drinks!

A few extra tips before you begin the bachelor party games


  1. You can also take your bachelor’s and turn it into a staycation or a hiking/adventure trip that you’ve been longing for.
  2. Arrange everything in advance. From bar/pub booking, stocking up alcohol, deciding the food menu to getting the props ready.
  3. If you’re having your bachelor’s party at a pub make sure you have the cab booking service number on your speed dial.
  4. Click pictures, make videos, sing at a karaoke bar or dance on a bar table.
  5. If you’re having a pool party, ensure there are adequate safety equipment and lifeguards.

Make your groom friend’s night something he will always cherish. Sure, many of you might not remember most part of the night, but that’s what the videos are for! Choose the bachelor party games that are simple yet whacky. Involve all your guests in the games. This is not the night to be shy or in control. Let yourself go and make your best friend’s bachelor’s night an epic to remember!

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