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Here's How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding to Make It FURfect

Pets are family & if you want your full family to be there for your D-day, then here is how you can include your pet in your wedding and make it a FURever after!

Image Courtesy: Rolls & Dhols

Pets are family. Period. There is no other opinion to counter this emotion that all the pet parents feel. The wedding is one of the biggest celebrations in the family and it is also one of the greatest events of your life. Your entire family is thrilled about it and that includes your pets too. It could be four paws and a wet nose, a purring furball, your winged friends or even scaly ones.

Your pets always hold a special place in your heart and there is no hiding the fact that they are your favourites at home. Here are some FUNtastic ways to include your pets in your wedding and up the "aww" factor with their cute selves! Read on to know about the FURfect wedding with your pets.

Proposals with a Tail

Image Courtesy: Richa Parekh Photography

Your fur buddy can be a part of your new journey with your loved one right from the proposal. Keeping aside all the misconceptions where only the man gets on his knee, the woman can pop the question too and you can do it with the help of your pets. Send them ahead with a letter or the ring itself, and the answer is a definite YES! Extra points for the adorable fur effect.

This is how you can include pets in your wedding right from the beginning of it all!

The Engagement Ring Bearer

Image Courtesy: Kamreh Photography

You heard us right. You can include your pets in your wedding by making them your engagement ring bearers. Dressed in a beautiful doggo shirt or a cat coat, you can walk your pet down to the stage and instead of other family members or your friends and cousins carrying the Engagement ring box, your cute little pet can do that and have the crowd drooling with love!

The Pre-wedding & Wedding Photoshoot

Image Courtesy: Kamreh Photography

Couples use props and beautiful sceneries in the backdrop to make their pre-wedding shoot an unforgettable album full of mesmerising memories. From quirky candids to royal poses, you can include your pets in your wedding for the photoshoot. When your pets are in one frame with you while you are all dolled up for the photoshoot, they add to the intimacy of the picture. Stacked among other photos in your album, this might just be the best!

Your Partner in Time

Image Courtesy: Photokitch

When you have a full house for your D-day and everybody is going gaga over getting their hair done or their makeup or decking up for the wedding and maybe taking care of those last-minute to-do lists, you know who to look up to for company. With wagging tails or curled up mouth or some fluttering sounds, your pets can be the best ones to keep you company while you enjoy the madhouse and get ready yourself! Click some intimate pictures while at it for the gram. 

Paws for Pre-wedding Ceremonies

Image Courtesy: PajamaSutra

Your pets can add to the happiness during your Haldi ceremony, Mehndi ceremony or other pre-wedding ceremonies especially if they are being hosted outdoor in the lawns or on a terrace with proper walls to guard them. This gives them a chance to dress up and run around making it gleeful and fun. We would, however, recommend you to avoid keeping the little furry friends around the ceremonies for your pre-wedding because the Haldi powder might cause their sneezing and the smell of mehndi cones might make them irritable too. 

Your Best Man

Rimple & Harpreet Narula

For all the grooms in the house who have their bhai or their yaar and their bros to stand by them on their big day as their best man, its time to make some space for another very important member of the family. Yes, the grooms can include their pets in the wedding by making them one of their best man. Your pets have stood by you in every situation like any of your brothers would, so they deserve a special place in the aisle with you. Make sure you get them decked up for the day (in comfortable clothes of course)!

Your Bridesmaids Squad

Image Courtesy: Hong Photography

A #bridesquad with the pooches is better than any other any day. Keep a seat open for your pet and dress them up in cute little dainty attires to walk down the aisle with you as one of your bridesmaids in the gorgeous squad. Make sure that your pet is the first to walk in to increase the hooting in the ceremony for an unforgettable entrance to your wedding!

Pets lead the Phoolon ki Chadar

Design Aqua

While your brothers and uncles or your best friends and cousins gather around you to hold the Phoolon ki Chadar high above your head, there is one important addition to that group - your pet. You can dress your pet up in coordinated colours with your wedding lehenga and let them lead the way down the aisle to your happily ever after!

The Pet Performance 

Dipak Studios

Plan a fun performance or a skit that includes your pets for the Sangeet ceremony or the reception. While your first dance is much looked forward to, if you have a performance with your pets, they might just steal the show and the performance will be the most awaited moment for your guests. With their overloaded cuteness, we are sure they need not learn or practice any steps at all and stepping on stage will be enough to set it on fire!

Pet for Parties

Image Courtesy: Dreambox Creations

The parties before and after your wedding are numerous and you must include your pets in your wedding parties to amp up the atmosphere. Loud music and a lot of disco lights might disturb them, so it is recommended that you keep them for a while - let them be the party starter pack for you and as soon as they spread their magic around, drive them home safely and let them rest it out! Too much crazy for them to handle.

Pets at Wedding Receptions

Image Courtesy: Makeovers by Ridhi Verma

While you officially welcome your guests as the newlywed couple and receive their blessing while hosting a gala of a Reception, you can bring your pets along and make them stand with you on the stage to welcome your guests. They can even walk your guests to the stage if they feel like stretching their paws a bit! Their presence will immediately light up the ambience and obviously add to the glam factor of your reception.

Cake with your Pet Topper

Image Courtesy: Meaghan Elliott Photography

No do not literally make them your cake toppers but you can customise your wedding cake toppers with their miniature cutouts or their miniature models made with fondant. Include your pets in your wedding even if it is not really including them. While they enjoy a nice burp in the house, you can still let them be a part of your wedding through your pet toppers for the wedding cake.

Cuties on Duty

The Cheesecake Project

Well, it's one of the happiest occasions in the family and we are sure each and every one of your family member and even some of your friends are on duty checking off items from their to-do lists. While everyone is busy running around doing the errands for your big day, the cutie on duty has to be included! If your pup or pet is trained to get you things, they can be the best company you can ask for on your wedding. Assign some tasks to them too like sitting by your side, get the water bottle or maybe the beer can if you are the rad bride when your hands are full of mehndi.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells Photography

While you want to make sure that your pet is a part of the happiness and gets to celebrate with you, you will have to remember that their daily routine cannot be altered suddenly for the celebrations. There are other things that affect your decision to include your pets in your wedding, like the venue's permit when it comes to pets, if there are enough space and facilities to accommodate a pet for long hours or if your pets will chew up the decorations or walk all over them if it is within reach. 

Once you have considered all such issues and found your solution, you will still have to make sure your house is a short drive away or his comfort zone is created somewhere nearby if it is a destination wedding. Make sure to include your pet sitter too, because you don't want to take him for a walk after the dinner while your guests await your presence.

You might also not want them to litter your wedding lehenga and a petsitter can take care of their behaviour and keep them attended to at all times without you having to worry about them.

If you are going to include your pet in your wedding in cute outfits, include that in your wedding invitations as the USP and to make guests with allergies or fear, aware. Get in touch with the best photographers in town to capture you and your FURfect wedding at its best!