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Dog Outfits & More for the Fur-fect Wedding of the Humans

Planning for the 4 paws & wet noses to be a part of your dream come true? Here are dog outfits to make it absolutely dapper for them on your D-day ceremonies!

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Your wedding is one of the most planned and most awaited celebrations of the family and there is no doubt in that statement. And the ideal scenario is - it includes everyone you know, irrespective of likes or dislikes. But a must-have on that list is your family - including the favourite member (there's no hiding, they're our favourite members in the family too)!

If you have pets, you know that they are nothing less than your siblings and on your special day it is only obvious to include them in the celebrations. While it is a tricky task, it is also something we all look forward too.

Shopping? Find something for your pets too because its time to get them groomed for your big day!

While the world celebrates International Dog Day on the 26th of August, 2020, let us help you find ways to include them in your ceremonies and the right outfits for your fluffy and adorable pups for the different wedding ceremonies!

Start at The Proposal

Image Courtesy: Taratto

Right from the start, looking for a simple gesture to make sure the bride says a bang on YES? The answer is WOOF! Let the 4 paws tread the ground to the bride and the groom can wait on one knee, a foot behind, and we guarantee she can't say no.

Dress: Collar.

Make them the ring bearers

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Expo

We'll start with the Ring ceremony! It is finally the big engagement day and the rings are the focus of one and all. So guess who can carry the rings for you? Of course the apple of your eye - imagine the floofball trotting his way down the aisle with the ring boxes in his mouth or maybe back?

Caution: Make sure they don't chew up the boxes. Or make sure the boxes aren't chewable and this is an easier and safer choice.

Dress: Personalised bib.

Perfect for the Pre-wedding Shoot

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Did you know that your pre-wedding videos and pre-wedding photos can have a furball holding the "Save The Date" board? Yes! It is indeed one of the cutest pictures for you to add to your wedding albums. Or you can even make them a part of the video shoot with adorable props and outfits to flaunt!

Dress: Bow tie.

The Paws should skip Haldi 

Image Courtesy: PajamaSutra

Haldi ceremony is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies that is absolutely fun but the turmeric paste can be a cause of barfing for your pets or irritation on their skin. So they can take a walk in the park, but only after they have graced the occasion with their wagging tails (guest appearance for one?)!

Dress: Embroidered vest.

Mehndi Day is Massage Day 

Image Courtesy: Saavn the Shih Tzu's Instagram 

Our suggestion is to let the pets be for the Mehndi ceremony, where they can visit you for a while but be on the safer side - keep them away from the gooey pastes and the strong smell of henna and make it less hazardous and messy so they can go groom themselves to look paw-some for your next party.

Dress: Embroidered jacket.

Share the Phoolon ki Chaadar

Design Aqua

Planned the fur-fect walk down the aisle yet? Tell us a better way than doing it with a wagging tail by you, happily taking the walk - with their tongue stuck out to make it all the more unforgettable and adorable. If your groom is the one with the pet, what better Best Man choice than the pupper!

Dress: Personalised tee.

Pro-tip - Petsitter!

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With everyone in your family busy carrying out the errands for the big day and all the other pre-wedding ceremonies, it is only human for them to not be able to take care of the pets even though they are nothing less than your siblings, but honestly, need more care than your siblings.

We recommend you to assign a professional petsitter for these days or maybe find that one member in your family who will be devoting all their time to your pets and keep an eye to make sure that they are comfortable and tended to at all times.

Image Courtesy: Vicky Plum Photography

That being said, they are a blessing to mankind and to make your wedding a PAW-fect one, they will be the glam factor to add to your happiness.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Bells Photography

Let us know which one was your favourite pet outfit among these adorable and stunning ones and did you find your pet's paw-fect look yet!