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Sailen Katel

Sailen Katel

I enjoy weddings for the fun and passionate affairs they are. As an incorrigible scribbler, writing about weddings is the perfect excuse to let enjoy my favourite social event

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Wedding photography 10 Beautiful Couple Shoot Ideas That Add Magic To Your Pictures

Unsure about how to capture your beautiful couple moments during a professional photoshoot? These 10 ideas will create and capture that magic in your clicks.

The Groom 11 Awesome Indo Western Dress Ideas for '19 Grooms In The Groove

Indo-western dress ideas are all the rage with today's fashion-conscious metrosexual grooms. Here are 11 Indo-western dress ideas bound to be style statements.

Civil weddings Thinking of a Court Marriage Instead of the Conventional Traditional D-day? Here's a Step by Step Guide to Assist You

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to the court marriage procedure in India? Look no further, we present to you a step by step guide which makes sure that you get hitched with minimum fuss.

Civil weddings Worried About How to Change Name in Pan Card? Keep the Stress at Bay on Your D-day With This Easy-to-follow Guide

Do you need to change your name in your PAN card after getting hitched but are worried about the potential hassles? Look no further, here’s a complete guide on how to change name in PAN card.

Wedding photography Wedding Photography Prices That You Must Keep in Mind to Hire the Right Photographers for Your D-day

Wedding photography is one of the most important components of a wedding. Here we present to you wedding photography prices that are just right for a varied range of photoshoot types and prices.

Everything that you need to know about your wedding reception Let These 8 Indian Bride Games Stir Up a Spin in Your D-day With the Perfect Touch of Ancient Balanced by Millennial

Indian bride games are always an eagerly awaited feature of Indian weddings. Here we present to you, eight games for everyone to enjoy and celebrate!

The Bride Mumbai Bazaar: A Guide to the Fantastic Wedding Shopping Experience in the City Where Your D-day Dreams Come True

Mumbai Bazaars are famous for their flair and variety. We present to you some of the things you can buy there for a fantastic wedding shopping experience.

Wedding traditions The Basic Arya Samaj Wedding Formalities You Must Know

There are a bunch of rules and formalities that need to be taken care of when you want to opt for an Arya Samaj Wedding. We have listed them for your knowledge.

Honeymoon destinations Book Your International Honeymoon Packages for These 8 Surreal Locations

There’s nothing quite like a honeymoon. And the trip is immeasurably better when its an international one. To cater to this fact we present to you some fabulous international honeymoon packages at desi prices.

The Bride Wondering About the Right Shopping Places in Delhi? End Your Bridal Lehenga Hunt With These Fantastic Markets

Shopping is one of the most important components of a wedding. To make sure that you have the best experience, we present to you ten fabulous shopping places in Delhi for your wedding!

Wedding invitations 10 Sister Engagement Quotes to Be Read on the D-day, That Shows You Care

Your sister is among the closest people you’ll have in your life. Celebrate that special bond with our ten fantastic sister engagement quotes specially curated for her engagement ceremony!

Everything to know about wedding banquets 9 Lip-smacking Rajasthani Dishes for the D-day Dinner Menu

Rajasthan is famous for its extraordinary cuisine and what better place to sample the best of them than your wedding! Here’s a collection of nine Rajasthani dishes that should adorn your wedding!

The Bride 4+3 Dapper Muslim Wedding Dress Ideas for the Brides and Grooms

Nikah is where all couples love to look at their best and the right dress can make all the difference in the world!. Check out our specially curated selection of Muslim wedding dress ideas for a memorable wedding!

The Groom 10 Stunning Engagement Dresses for Men to Look like a Dapper Groom

While brides to be are spoiled for choices when it comes to dressing, engagement dresses for men are often not easy to decide. To fill this glaring hole we present to you ten fabulous engagement dresses for men.

Wedding photography 14 Dapper Punjabi Photo Ideas That Inspire Swag Albums From the D-day

The wedding season is here but photoshoot ideas are still a little fuzzy. Take a look at our fantastic selection of Punjabi photo ideas that will transform your photoshoot experience into a treasured piece of art.

Honeymoon destinations 10 Honeymoon Destinations Outside India That Won't Break Your Bank

Want to have the most extraordinary international honeymoon ever? Read to find out more about the top ten honeymoon destinations outside India, that won't burn a hole in your pocket!

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