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A wedding ring or an engagement ring is a symbol of love, loyalty, and trust. No other symbol signifies a happy marriage more than a stunning ring on your finger. There is an amazing variety of designs, metals and stones in ring design which means making a choice can be overwhelming. To help you choose we have curated fourteen ring designs that you can take a nod from on your D-day!

1. Gold ring with garnet and diamond

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This stunning design combines the timeless elegance of a diamond and gold ring and garnishes it by using a dark red garnet as its central jewel. With a thin band and contemporary style, this ring won’t feel heavy on the finger. Prices can go upwards of 15k.

2. Heart shaped diamond ring

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Marriage is a celebration of love, and what better way to celebrate it than a gorgeous heart shaped diamond encrusted stunner. Prices can easily break the 50k mark.

3. Diamond and gold ring with dual-band

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A variation on the classical metal gemstone combo, this wedding ring design combines the classical and modern in your finger. The dual-band gold frame adds so much to the beauty of the heart-shaped diamond at the centre which is flanked by three smaller diamonds. Prices range in the 30-50k mark.

4. Platinum band

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This simple design is perfect for grooms who want to go for understated class. With absolutely no frills this ring can be had for about 12-15k.

5. Diamond and platinum ring

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Nothing speaks of ethereal sophistry than a tasteful diamond ring encrusted in a platinum band. This design works forever! Prices can range from 25k-45k.

6. Silver and pearl ring

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A stylishly curvy wedding ring design, it combines two soothing elements in silver and pearl. The best thing about this design is that its easy on the pocket too with prices around 8k.

7. Gold sunflower ring

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If you want to make the ultimate statement, this ring is for you. With a large sunflower style gold face and a shiny metal centre, this ring is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Price depends on the quality of craftsmanship but can very easily breach the 50k mark.

8. Gold band with minimal design

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A groom’s first choice, this pure gold design suits all fingers and all occasion. With a few design elements drawn into the gold, each ring has its own personality. Prices are dependent on the amount of metal used but a great piece can be had for less than 10k.

9. Diamond and gold ring set

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Matching rings are all the rage today and this design combines diamond and gold in ways that are suitable for both the groom and the bride to wear forever. Prices for a pair can go upwards of 40k.

10. Striped gold ring with a diamond centre

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Often seen in the fingers of South Indian grooms this wedding ring design is well beloved around the country. While symmetrical stripes add to the rugged feel in the yellow metal, the rectangular centre signifies a person with purpose. Prices go upwards of 40k.

11. Gorgeous pink ruby and diamond ring with a gold band

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This fantastic ring, crafted by the most refined hands is one of a kind and will remain a family heirloom for generations. Flanked by pink rubies with a diamond centre, this gold leafed ring is sure to be a memory in and of itself. Price can go upwards of 75k.

12. Gold band with a diamond hemisphere

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This design combines the simplicity and ease of a gold band with the glitter of diamonds. An all-day wear design, this is suitable for brides who wish to wear their ring forever. Prices range upwards of 15k.

13. Butterfly ring with gold and diamond


This ring is for those restless spirits who can love to fly. This beautifully crafted piece of art is highlighted with green and blue accents and seems to come straight out of a fairytale. Price is around the 25k mark.

14. Modern Navaratna ring


With nine different gemstones encrusted in a thin gold frame, this modern take on an age-old tradition is as beautiful as it is head turning. This piece of sheer wizardry is priced around 30k.

At the end of the day, whichever wedding ring design you choose is bound to be special. With these designs, we can guarantee you can never go wrong, no matter whichever piece you choose. So go ahead and boldly choose your own wedding ring! You can also check out some of our jewellery vendors and find a bespoke design for yourself. 

Want to share your own wedding ring design ideas? Comment below!