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Vaishnavi Sinha

A romantic by heart, planner by nature and journalist by profession. I love everything shiny, fashionable and funny. Hope to add some shimmer and colour to your wedding!

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Wedding gifts Warm & Loving Wedding Wishes Which Your Friends Will Cherish Forever

Wedding wishes can be tricky, with an unsaid word limit, so fret not we bring to you a list of the perfect thoughtful wedding wishes.

Wedding gifts Wedding Anniversary Wishes with Photos: The Best Way to Revive Memories and Embracing the Present

Everyone makes the effort of sending a sweet wedding anniversary wish but we suggest you go the extra mile and send thoughtful wedding anniversary wishes with photo. The added touch will make your message stand out.

Tips for married life Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband Alert! Check out This List of Awesome & Thoughtful Ideas Now

Be it your 1st anniversary or 29th, all count for a celebration for being together like constants. On a special occasion like this, a gift would make your husband feel special and loved, so read these wedding anniversary gift for husband ideas.

Tips for married life Wedding Anniversary Wishes with Names Alert! the Perfect Templates to Help You out of End-Moment Jitters

Be it your own anniversary, your parents or your friends we’ve got the perfect wedding anniversary wishes with names, templates to help you out. These wedding anniversary wishes just hit the right notes of nostalgia, love and celebration.

Tips for married life Getting Wedding Anniversary Photo Frames as a Gift? Read This for Some Essential Tips!

Wedding anniversary around the corner and you’re wondering what would make the perfect gift. Well, then you’ve hit the jackpot as we guide you through the classic gift of wedding anniversary photo frames.

Wedding photography Figuring out the Perfect Bridal Shoot - Take Inspiration From These Brides and Their Brilliant Ideas

The idea of the perfect bridal shoot varies from bride to bride. While some prefer a solo photo session, some brides opt for a group session with their girlfriends. Here are some bridal shoot inspiration ideas for yours.

Wedding invitations Breaking Down a Wedding Invitation Sample to Help You Make the Decision for Yours

Before you proceed to a vendor and chalking out the details for the perfect wedding invitation, have a look at some wedding invitation sample ideas to get a better idea about your requirement and style.

Wedding gifts These Wedding Anniversary Messages for Husband Are Guaranteed to Leave Your Husband Feeling All Nostalgic and Emotional!

Another year goes by of marital bliss and eternal love. Even though no words can do to justice to explaining how you feel for your significant other, we hope these wedding anniversary messages for husband come close to it!

Tips for married life Browse Through These Wedding Anniversary Cake Pictures for Some Major Goals!

Be it your parents anniversary or your own, we could all use some food porn. Just look at these gorgeous wedding anniversary cake pictures to inspire you. Every event is completed with the perfect cake, so find the one for you!

Wedding gifts Wedding Anniversary Video Maker Alert! Check out These Steal-Worthy Ideas to Make Your Anniversary All the More Special

Irrespective of the number of years you have completed, each anniversary deserves to be a grand celebration of love! And small gestures like a wedding anniversary video makes it all special. So check out these tips on using wedding anniversary video ...

Wedding invitations 3 Reasons Why the Indian Wedding Invitation Message for Friends on Whatsapp Is the Right Way to Send Your Invitations

If there is someone as excited and happy about your wedding it is your friends! For these special friends we bring to you reasons why you must have a separate Indian wedding invitation message for friends on WhatsApp.

Wedding invitations Get the Modern Look for Your Wedding Card with These Simple Tips!

Want to get the perfect modern wedding card? Choosing from the perfect vendor to selecting the perfect theme befitting your wedding, we got you covered! Read on for tips to guide you through the entire wedding card selection process.

Wedding invitations Ditch Paper and Go Green With Online Wedding Invitation Card for Your Wedding - the Trendy & Thoughtful Choice

If there is a new trend in the wedding market which is here to stay, it has to be the online wedding invitation cards. There are way too many advantages and alluring designs to not consider one for your wedding. So, read on!

Wedding traditions Punjabi Traditions That Make the Big Fat Indian Wedding Full of Fun, Love and Warmth

There are so many small and big Punjabi traditions that make weddings unique. The elements go beyond the wedding and Cocktail, as these traditions make the wedding Punjabi by nature. So let's check them out.

Tips for married life The Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents to Show How Much You Love and Appreciate Them

Looking for some inspiring ideas which will work great as wedding anniversary gifts for parents? We have a handy guide to help you through your quest.

Wedding invitations Prompt, Precise & Perfect: 4 Reasons Why Wedding Invitation Mail Is the Right Choice for the Millennial Couple

Wedding invitation mail? Yes, you read it right! This millennial method of reaching out to your guests is quite formal yet elegant and charming. Read on to know why you should make the switch to digital.

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