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Everything to know about wedding banquets 10 Fun Food Stall Ideas We've Curated To Inspire Any Bountiful Bridal Banquet

Make the feast for your wedding a visual treat for all of your wedding guests. We bring you a range of some of the most trending food stall ideas to set up for your lavish wedding banquet.

Wedding music The 5-Point Rajasthani Folk Dance Planning Guide You Need To Get Some Classic Twirls

Keen on a Rajasthani folk dance performance at your wedding? We bring you list of nifty details that will help you crack these wedding performances to perfection every single time.

Wedding gifts 12 Shagun Envelope Design Ideas Guaranteed To Draw A Wow From Your Wedding Guests

There's nothing as timeless as a Shagun Ka Lifafa or a Shagun envelope. It works as a wedding gift, a token of appreciation and even last-minute hand in if your gift idea does not work out.

The Bride The Magical Mehndi Designs 2019 Guide: What To Wear For The Bride, Groom And Guests

Keen on a set of mehndi designs that you'd be remembered, Instagrammed and cited for? So, were these brides. Presenting the guide for mehndi designs 2019 that would give your palms, feet and bridal visage that absolutely extra edge.

The Bride The Bridal Bouquet How To: Choose, Carry And Pose With Blooms Like A Beauty Queen

Not just for an Indian Christian wedding or a southern one, the bridal bouquet is now a legitimate bridal accessory for all brides. Here's how you can pick, pose and incorporate one into your Indian millennial wedding.

The Bride The All Authentic 'How To Drape A Silk Saree' In 3 Distinct South Indian Styles

Wish for expert level perfection with your silken drape? Here's the step by step guide on how to drape a silk saree for your wedding day. Stock up on pins and accessories, please.

Planning your wedding 4 Retro Theme Party Strands That Lead To A Stellar Sangeet Party

Organising a retro theme party and wish to work it into perfection. Then don't fret. We've come up with the all-authentic checklist for just this case.

The Bride 60+ Blouse Designs To Skim Through Before You Flesh Out Your Bridal Fantasy

Need the perfect bridal blouse designs to fuel your imagination? You've come to the right place! We present this curated list of 60+ blouse designs for lehengas and sarees - from traditional choli designs, to edgy and fusion styles.

Planning your wedding 10 Mehndi Party To-Dos To Easily Set The Stage For Your Festivities

Organising a Mehndi party for your splendid Mehndi ceremony? Here's the definitive checklist on what to order and what to skip for your day of festive delights.

Wedding formalities #JustMarried? Update Your Wedding Status Online With The Definitive Dos And Don'ts

The pheras are over and it's time to take to the rooftops and announce your new wedding status to the world. Here's how you do it without turning into an annoying spammer.

Wedding photography 7 Different Poses You Can Ace By Yourself For Your Bridal Close-Up Shots

Move over fancy! Here's how you can work and perfect seven unique different poses for your bridal close-up shots without props, acrobatic balancing, holding your breath in and climbing into a bathtub. How? By working these 7 elements of your face.

A religious wedding Why The Kashi Yatra ceremony Still Makes Sense For Millennial Grooms In India

Imagine grooms having a chance to escape matrimony a day before the marriage ceremony? Here's exploring an odd, yet fun pre-wedding ceremony that's part of a South Indian wedding - the Kashi Yatra.

Wedding traditions The Magical Mehndi Ceremony Explainer - What's Done, How And Why!

Love the henna but confused about the ritual behind it all? We break down the absolutely essential Mehndi ceremony - listing why it happens, what all should be done and how do you ace it as part of your pre-wedding functions. Stay tuned!

Wedding formalities 7 Aadhar Name Change FAQs Most Brides Have Before Applying For A Change In This Document

With marriage, come legalities and the changes required to them. Here, we explore the change that would be required to one of them, your Aadhar card. Here's how you go through the process of an Aadhar name change.

Planning your wedding The All-Essential Wedding Planning Checklist To Cover Each And Everything You Need To Do

Need to know what to do to pace your plans for your grand wedding celebration. Begin with the first step - creating your own wedding planning checklist, with legit tasks and timelines. Use the WeddingWire version as your own handy tool.

The Bride 11 Effective Wedding Shopping Hacks To Smoothly Select The Outfit of Your Dreams

Have inspiration, ideas and dreams for your wedding and yet a budget to cover it all in? Here are some tried-and-tested wedding shopping hacks that will help you get the best of both, with ease.

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