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12 Boho Earrings We Just Can't Enough of as They Are Dreamy!

Get your statement just right, with a swishing set of boho earrings that make you look like Her Highness indeed. Here are some of our picks.

Outhouse Jewellers

Think nomadic style, bohemian gipsy looks and an edge of the exotic, especially in your choices of baubles for your big day and you're on the track that we're talking about here. Boho jewellery, a mix of chic fashion, gipsy-inspired styles in vivid colour, styles and patterns is all the rage. And this edit on boho earrings is a celebration of that spirit, in all its glitzy appeal.

The Boho earrings alert

Boho earrings, as we see them in India today, are a mix of nearly a dozen influences - from the boho-chic styles that were once flaunted by Mary-Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller, to handcrafted jewellery in silk thread and tassels, oversized ornaments and fascinating shapes with a dramatic appeal. These boho trends make fab sense in imbuing their wearer with a signature sense of self, a custom-appeal and a sense of being here, now and how!

1. Bagmati in town

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

Think bags, think boho earrings. Yep! You heard us right, especially when you get your hands on a set that resembles a pouch full of fantasies and get it to dangle from your ears.

And Bagmati? That's the only title befitting this design, courtesy Farhan Akhtar's baggy inspiration from 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara'. 'Oh, meri Bagmati', indeed.

2. A patch of international history

Outhouse Jewellers

Kaabia Grewal had gone no-hold-barred for her stunner of a destination wedding, especially on eclectic jewellery. This oh, so Boho design that she crafted as co-founder of Outhouse jewellery, reflects this sensibility too.

While the use of precious and semi-precious stones put this set amid chic-boho earrings, we believe that such a set would dwarf the need for an equally stellar neckpiece or a heavy-duty outfit. Wear such a set for your cocktail and shine in its Pharohic prowess.

3. Portraits on the ear


Boho earrings are a reflection of choices, styles and senses that make you, your own person. Case in point, this set of ear portraits from Nimai that will have your friends vow at your art collection.

Wear such pieces for an easy event, like a sundown party, your bachelorette or the Mehndi ceremony.

4. Feathers and florals


When we talk about boho earrings, it's important to incorporate earthy, natural elements to your palette of fantasy. This can include real blooms, feathers and even shreds of agate and other mineral-based stones.

We love how this bride chose to add feathers to accentuate her ear danglers and give tough competition to her floral crown.

5. Let's go layer by layer


A little layer magic is coming your way! Follow your heart and break a few hearts while you're at it! 

6. Tinkle in the wind

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Get some Ghungroos around your self to add tinkle in the air with each step you take. However, do this the unconventional way - add these Ghungroos to your set of boho earrings instead of a heavy set of Payal designs for your feet.

You can wear such a quirky set for the Haldi function (as seen here) or even at your Mehndi function.

7. Eco-friendly delights


We love floral jewellery, we love Gota jewellery? But, did you know that such a set, in comparison to conventional jewellery, is much more eco-friendly? Yes, indeed.

The carbon footprint from handcrafted boho earrings like these is absolutely minimal, especially when you compare it to factory-made metallic bridal jewellery. It is also biodegradable.

8. Wicker in silver, anyone?


Boho earrings are also about funky, out-of-the-box designs which add a signature appeal to your look. This means that even if the design has been a metallic creation, its aesthetic appeal counts.

We love this set of ear cuffs, shaped to resemble a wicker basket in statement oxidised silver.

9. Stringy Jhumkas, anyone?

Image Courtesy: Raabta by Rahul

Gain an out-there look by combining tradition nodes together, to get a diverse set of designs that work for you. Case in point, these boho earrings which combine traditional Jhumka earrings with strings of dainty pearls.

A creation from the House of Raabta by Rahul, the set works magnificently with both Indian and fusion styles.

10. The Floral Devasena earrings edition

Dipak Studios

Earrings with hair chains came back into vogue with temple jewellery designs and the use of the trend in films and on the ramp. Here are boho earrings that take the ethos of these earrings and cultivate on it in floral jewellery.

Created by Flosaira, the set plays with bright yellow from the bride's mehndi look.

11. Basic floral identity


Can florals be far away when you're talking of Boho earrings? Definitely not! Here's how these blooms (in materials ranging from the real thing to strings, silk and Gota fabric and more) can make the cut for you in more ways than one.

12. Bohemian drops for the day


Our list ends with this glorious set of Bohemian drops attached to floral designs for the ear. We love the Boho earrings as much as the confidence of the Prune India bride who's chosen to don them for her Mehndi look.

Combine such drop strings with your own set of Boho earrings to get an effect worthy of applause.

So, how would you choose your boho earrings? Bright, peppy colours are a definite yes. Here we enlist what makes your pick boho indeed:

  • Bright, peppy colours
  • Oversized, dramatic appeal
  • Use of silk thread, fabric or threads
  • Unconventional raw materials - flowers, Ghungroos, Gota fabric, mirrors
  • Artwork inspired designs
  • Eclectic designs

We hope that our collection of signature Boho earrings that we've taken a fancy to have made it your inspiration board too. If there are any that you would like to share with us, then let us know in the comments below.

Get in touch with some of our own boho jewellery vendors to order a set for your self.