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7 Silk Thread Jewellery Designs To Add Some Colour And Vibrancy To Your Bridal Trousseau

From beadwork to intricate floral patterns made of stone, silk thread jewellery designs can enhance your outfit. Add some charm and beauty with to your bridal jewellery with these stunning designs.

Israni Photography

Bangles are one of the most important pieces of jewellery worn by an Indian bride. They are a great way to show off your personal style and also serve as a symbol of a prosperous married life. Wedding bangles come in various types such as lac, metallic or glass and while they can add beauty to your wrists on your big day, brides today prefer something a little more colourful.  

Enter- silk thread jewellery designs. This stunning bangles can be customised in many different ways and colour coordinated to your outfit. We’ve rounded up a list of the best silk thread jewellery designs of silk bangles and more which we’ve seen on brides so you can create your very own pair of bangles.

1. Silk thread bangles with beads

Israni Photography

Add some glitz and glamour to your silk thread bangles with funky beadwork. Bangles can be wrapped in a silk thread colour of your choice and embedded with some beads and stones. This bride’s hands are adorned with red and yellow bangles that enhance the colours in her saree.

Each bangle incorporates silk thread jewellery designs like flower and leaf motifs made of white beads. You silk thread bangles can also be worn as a statement piece to accentuate glass or metallic bangles.

2. Silk thread bangles with Jhumkis

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For all the avante-garde brides out there, a great way to add a unique twist to your bangles is with charms. Silk thread jewellery designs usually include various stone and bead motifs but charms like small bells or Jhumkis can amp up the festive look of the bangles.

These multi-coloured silk thread bangles surrounded with pearls, incorporate some beautiful Jhumkis and bells. The incredible hand ornaments can be worn with both modern and traditional attire. Move your hands to hear the jingle of the bells!

3. Silk thread bangles with a traditional design

Image Courtesy: Krishna Silk Thread Jewellery

While many people associate silk thread bangles with modern attire, they can be designed to suit traditional outfits as well. This bride is wearing a dark thread bangle embedded with traditional silk thread jewellery designs.

The set features an array of different colours that bring out the accents in the saree. The stonework on the bangle accentuates the look of the jewellery. You can get creative with silk thread bangles and pair them with other gold or metallic bangles or wear it as a statement piece of your bridal jewellery. This bangle pairing will go great with both a lehenga and a Pattu saree.

4. Fancy silk thread bangles

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Innovation and originality never go out of style when it comes to silk thread jewellery designs. Brides are always looking for jewellery that matches their outfit and silk thread ornaments can help you find those perfect hues. For the modern bride, this gold silk thread bangle with floral charms is a must-have.

Each bangle is embedded with an assortment of colourful flowers that are enhanced with colourful charms tied together with pearls. You can add some multi-coloured silk thread bangles and a Hath Phool to complete your bridal look.

5. Laharia silk thread bangles

Anu's Silk Thread Jewellery

If you are going for a traditional bridal look, check out these Rajasthani Laharia bangles. Silk thread jewellery designs like this one are usually seen on sarees and salwars and commonly worn by women in Rajasthan. This stunning pattern can be replicated on silk thread bangles as well to complement your look.

You can mix and match the colours of your Laharia bangles along with some neutral tones to balance out the designs. For a festive look add some silk thread bangles with stone work on either side of the set.

6. Silk thread bangles with stones

Anu's Silk Thread Jewellery

Unlike traditional bangles that come in statement or neutral colours, silk thread bangles can be designed to match any outfit you wear. The versatility of these bangles has made them a favourite among many brides. Take, for example, these stunning blue, pink and gold bangles adorned with pearl and stone designs.

To enhance the beauty of your outfit, you can wear these statement bangles that come with silk thread jewellery designs like floral motifs made of stones. These designs add a lot of character to the bangles while giving them a modern touch.

7. Silk thread earrings

Outhouse Jewellers

While silk thread is more commonly associated with bangles, they can be used to make earrings as well. A great way to add a contemporary look to your outfit is with some gorgeous silk thread earrings. Give off some modern chic vibes in this peach silk thread earrings.

The earrings incorporate some beadwork and tiny heart motifs. Peach is a neutral colour so these earrings can be paired with any pastel coloured outfit. We’re sure you’ll receive a ton of compliments with these colourful earrings.

Bridal bangles are a staple in any traditional Indian wedding attire thanks to their colour and ability to add beauty and charm to any outfit. From glass to gold bangles, there is a wide variety to choose from. But if you are looking to add some colour and vibrancy to your outfit, you can’t go wrong with some stunning silk thread jewellery designs.

Silk thread jewellery designs are in vogue this wedding season and many brides are replacing their traditional jewellery with these colourful ones to create that effortless bridal look.

Do you love the silk thread jewellery designs trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!