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22 Easy Henna Designs for Beginners for Your Hands & Feet

If you are a fan of making simple henna designs, check out these easy henna designs for beginners for the back of the hands & feet of a bride!

The Cheesecake Project

There are hundreds of top henna designs for beginners for hands-on our site that you can check out. However, there are not many simple designs for feet and the backside of hands. That is because not many brides go for easy and simple and it is difficult to find such images. Today, we decided to tackle it head-on and find you some easy henna designs for beginners for the feet and backside of hands.

Image Courtesy: Beginnings For You

If you are a novice learning the art of henna design, it is always advisable to start with simple designs. However, these designs are not only for henna artists. If any wedding guest is looking for simple and beautiful designs, these are perfect for them. Also, who says brides cannot prefer simple designs over complicated ones? If you think, you are one of the simple ones, scroll down and browse through easy henna designs for beginners!

Easy Henna Designs for the Backhand

If you are looking for easy henna designs for hands, we have not 1 but 12 images that you can see and screenshot to show your henna artist what easy henna designs on hand you are looking for. This way they can know what you want without confusion. Check out these designs and tell us what you think!

Easy Floral Chain Mehndi for Backhand

Keeping it simple and easy yet dainty as ever, this floral chain mehndi for backhand is a millennial bride's favourite. Not only for the brides, but this mehndi design is also a much-loved one even for the bridesmaids.

Swirls & Leaves Mehndi for Backhand

Swirls always make the henna look fuller and more intricate when it comes to easy henna designs on hand. One such easy henna design for beginners is this backhand mehndi with swirls. This simple mehndi design does not need you to be an absolute pro, but it sure looks perfect.

Simple Floral Mehndi Design for Backhand

While intricate designs are mostly preferred by the brides to make their hands look fuller, mehndi artists can opt for elaborate floral henna designs for the backhand or half-hand henna designs that the other females in the family or the bridesmaids and friends can flaunt. 

Simple Leafy Backhand Henna

Simple and easy henna designs for beginners do not need to be elaborate with a lot of empty spaces. Intricate designs with leaves and roses that extend to a paisley pattern is always a hit among millennials. The artist can throw in some swirls and jaali patterns alternately to add to the beauty of this easy henna designs for beginners.

Easy Hathphool Mehndi Design for Backhand

Mehndi designs in the shape of jewellery have become very popular among the brides of today. This haathphool shaped mehndi design is an easy henna design for beginners that will go well not only with the traditional bridal outfits but also with wedding gowns and other Indo-western dresses that the bride picks.

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Easy Mehndi Design with Lattice 

Another easy henna design for beginners is this backhand design that includes, flowers, lattices and a bracelet pattern around the wrist. The elaborate lattice pattern which is also known as the jaali pattern and the parallel line of flowers that run to th etip of the fingers make this design a hoot.

Abstract Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Akbar Henna

If you are not new to the mehndi scene, you must have seen geometric patterns with long lines and triangles. These designs are abstract henna designs. From an artist’s perspective, abstract designs are the best easy henna designs for beginners. You just have to be good at making a straight line, which is necessary for every mehndi artist. For brides or guests looking for simple designs that are stylish and modern, abstract henna designs are perfect.

Birds & Cages Easy Henna

Image Courtesy: Beginnings For You

Everyone wants something different for his or her mehndi. If you here looking for a variety for easy henna designs for beginners, we think these birds and cage mehndi design will make you popular, no matter who you are.

Leafy Bale Design

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

There was a time when women had gone mad over bale mehndi designs as they did not have to sit for hours at an end to get beautiful henna clad hands. The same sentiment was shared by mehndi artist as it can be exhausting to work intricately on a design without taking a break. That is why bales are a part of this easy henna design for beginners list!

Simple Design with Flower Motif

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

If you are on the lookout for more filling designs that are easy to make, this image is the perfect example of how you can base the full design around a floral mandala motif. Do you agree?

Dots, Lines and Square Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Henna By Purvi

We love this tribal design, which is made of only dots and lines. This square mehndi design is very unique and simple to make at the same time. We reckon both the artist and the client will be crushing hard on this design, for different reasons, obviously!

Flower Mehndi Tattoo

Image Courtesy: Henna By Purvi

This design is just a tattoo you can make on the backside of little girls hands or use it in a bigger design to fill space. If you want to sustain your career in the business, you need to know these tricks to save your time.

Full Backhand Design

The Cheesecake Project

The last is easy henna designs for beginners for the backside of hands is a full hand design. The trick to make these designs is to fill them spaciously and in easy to make motifs like flowers, spiral and check designs.

Easy Henna Designs for Feet

The next 9 easy henna designs for beginners are for your pretty feet to look even better. For all the brides-to-be who are looking for some easy henna designs for feet step by step to make it wow-worthy, you could show your henna artist one of these for some inspiration.

Floral Motifs with Strings

Destination Phtographers

We have always said that flower motifs are the most basic designs and every artist should know them. If you know the base design, you can add your own designs and elements around it, just like this image.

Flowers on Ankle Foot Mehndi

Image Courtesy: Henna Art by Aroosa

A full foot mehndi is a popular trend among brides, but the brides of today are keen on experimenting with minimal trends and this ankle mehndi design with floral motifs is just amazing. Keeping it simple yet trendy and in line with the beautiful jutti the brides wear, you must try this easy mehndi design for beginners. 

Easy & Simple Floral Mehndi on Toes

Image Courtesy: Walsall Mendhi

This scattered simple and easy mehndi design is a beautiful pick for the minimalist bride who likes it neat and dainty. The toes have been beautifully decorated with gradient floral and leafy mehndi designs.

Easy Arabic Henna Designs for Beginners

Image Courtesy: Henna by Kiran S.

Lotus and elephants are an integral part of an Arabic mehndi design. While elephant motifs can be a tricky one for mehndi artists who are beginners, lotus and mandalas can make your simple Arabic mehndi designs on feet look amazing. 

Dome & Jali Feet Mehndi Design for Beginners

Dipak Studios

The central mandala with the dome around it and the jaali or lattice pattern that cover the toes will definitely make your feet look mesmerising. The design extending around the ankle adds to the beauty of this easy mehndi design for beginners.

Floral Anklet Henna Design for Beginners

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Art

Anklet mehndi patterns make a bride's feet look lovely. The floral pattern on the centre of the feet and the geometric pattern with leaves on the toes make this easy henna design for feet a hoot.

Half Feet Easy Mehndi Design for Beginners

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This half feet mehndi design on the list of easy henna designs for beginners is surely one of the prettiest easy henna designs to draw on feet. The simple dome detailing with ditsy floral patterns will be a quick and easy henna design for the mehndi artist.

Statement Circular Motif With Abstract Toes

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya

Just like flowers, circular motifs have a lot of scope for creativity. You can make tens of different designs in a single circle. Take inspiration from this image and come up with your own designs. The dotted strings are a great touch that spread the design easily.

Traditional Design With Lotus Flowers

The Cheesecake Project

The last image for easy henna designs for beginners for the feet is a design filled with traditional strokes and designs. If you practice enough, you can easily make lotus and rose motifs, they are quite big amongst brides.

These were all the easy henna designs for beginners for today. We hope you like them and end up getting them for your wedding. feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below!

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