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Get Henna Stained With 35+ Simple Henna Designs, Handpicked Just For You!

Applying a henna design for the first time? Worry not; we have a list of the best simple henna designs for beginners for different occasions.

henna designs

henna designs

Photography: The Cheesecake Project

Contributing Writer: Anwesha Das

Are you planning to wear henna on your hands for the first time? It must be a fascinating experience for you! We have all grown up watching women adorn their hands with beautiful henna designs for different occasions, and it is so exciting when we are finally of age to experiment with these designs on our hands. 

We love getting henna designs dyed on our hands for weddings and festivities. The new brides love opting for detailed bridal henna designs, young girls adore Arabic henna designs, and then we have those who wish to keep it simple yet beautiful. If you are one of those henna lovers who like intricate details that are quick to design on the palms, then we have plenty of simple henna designs that will complement every occasion perfectly. If you are an artist, pick up that henna cone, scroll through this list, find your favourite simple henna designs for hands, and start decorating. But if you wish to get the job done by a professional, we have many Mehndi artists near you for hire. Let’s begin by shortlisting your favourite simple henna designs. Take a look!

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Simple Henna Designs

Whether you are a bride-to-be who wishes to keep her bridal henna designs simple, or you are one of the bridesmaids on bridal duties with a time crunch, these simple henna designs are a match made in heaven for you:

Geometric Simple Henna Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Mehendi Art Gallery

Varied geometric shapes incorporated into easy henna designs look unique and trendy for every occasion. Depending on how intricate or simple you wish your henna design palm to look, you can either opt to get a similar spaced-out design or go for fuller geometric henna designs,

Swirls & Leaves for Backhand

henna designs

Henna Artist: Farhin Mehendi Artist

Swirls always make the henna look fuller and more intricate with easy henna designs on hand. One such easy henna design for beginners is this backhand mehndi with swirls. This simple mehndi design does not need you to be a pro, but it looks perfect.

Side Tendrils Bel Henna Designs

henna designs

Henna Artist: Meher's Mehendi

Give a unique twist to a regular Bel henna design with a side henna backhand mehndi design. The amalgamation of detailed Jali design with leafy tendrils will match all your glittery nail extensions and ethnic wear flawlessly.

Easy Floral Design for Backhand

henna designs

Henna Artist: Rifa Mehndi Art

Mehndi designs with floral mandalas and simple finger designs have become very popular among today's brides. This floral-shaped mehndi design is an easy henna design for beginners that will go well with traditional bridal outfits, wedding gowns, and other Indo-Western dresses the bride picks.

Bold Patterns for Simple Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Namrata Mehendi Artist

A great way to achieve simple henna designs that are quick to create is with a thicker mehndi cone. This way, you get bold motifs and henna patterns to create full-hand henna designs. The lotus and temple bell motifs in such designs stand out upon stain attractively.

Chikankari Inspired Henna Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Alankritaa

We know what you are thinking—Chikankari-inspired henna designs? These are less-explored aesthetic henna designs that will grab all the attention at festivities and wedding functions. There are many spacious but intricate designs, with some highlighted and negatively filled portions to bring the entire design to life.

Arabic Henna Design

Most Pakistani-style or Arabic henna mehndi designs have floral, geometric and architecture-inspired patterns. Let’s take a look at some of the latest Arabic henna designs that you can get done on your hands for Eid, Nikah or any other celebration:

Easy Arabic Rose Henna

henna designs

Henna Artist: Mehendi Artist Fauziya Shaikh

Rose henna designs are a big hit in the Arabic henna art style. So, if you too love floral henna designs, you can ask your henna artist to overload your hands with multiple floral and rose pattern designs with a hint of fishnet design and henna-dipped fingers to achieve this look.

Negative Filling Arabic Henna

henna designs

Henna Artist: Vijay Marwadi Mehandi Art

One technique used in Arabic mehndi styles is negative filling, where the maximum area is filled with henna paste. In contrast, silhouettes of different patterns and motifs are filled with intricate designs to complete the look.

Traditional Arabic Bel Henna

henna designs

Henna Artist: Komal Mehandi Art

When the Arabic mehndi style was first introduced in India in the 2000s, the Bel design became a big hit among henna design lovers. For all the ladies at the wedding, this traditional Arabic Bel design style is ideal as it is swift to design and looks beautiful with all wedding ensembles.

Delicate Motifs for Backhand 

henna designs

Henna Artist: Henna Tales by Bhumika

We love this tribal design, made of only dots and lines. This delicate mehndi design is unique and simple to make. We reckon the artist and the client will be crushing hard on this design for different reasons!

Shaded Arabic Back Hand Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Henna by Faiza

Another prominent element of Arabic henna designs is the light shading technique, which gives a faded stain as part of the final look. The new Arabic-style henna designs are trending, with bold floral patterns and shading for a more defined design.

Easy Henna Design for Beginners

henna designs

Henna Artist: Henna by Zindha

This centrally aligned Arabic henna design upgrades the regular Bel-style henna designs. With all the swirls, leaf motifs and floral silhouettes that any Arabic mehndi design consists of, this one includes a heavier design around the lower palm and wrist area, with just the middle finger decorated with henna to complete the look.

Henna Designs for Front hand

Presenting to you an array of simple, easy, and small henna designs for your front hand that you can get designed for all kinds of celebrations. These unique designs can make for simple bridal or bridesmaid henna designs:

Mandala Henna Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Zeba's Mehendi Designs

If you can’t think of any particular henna designs for the front hand, ask the artist to show his magic with a repeated Mandala pattern. With a free flow of patterns and the simple idea of creating designs in a circular motion to grace the centre of your palm, followed by an intricate mesh around your wrist area and the same patterns on all your fingers, you get the Mandala effect.

Beautiful Half-Hand Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Ram Kumar Mehandi

For fuller-looking yet simple wedding henna designs, you can opt for half-hand mehndi. This style of henna designs consists of giving dense mehndi design on all fingers and the wrist area while keeping the palm area as clean with easy designs as possible.

Mirror Effect Henna Designs

henna designs

Henna Artist: 3D Henna Touch

If multiple designs are too confusing for you, then select one henna stylish mehndi design and ask your henna artist to mirror it on both hands. The multi-Jali design work on this henna design makes it intricate to look at but is easier to design.

Simple Floral Henna Design for Backhand

henna designs

Henna Artist: Kishan Mehndi Art

While the brides mostly prefer intricate designs to make their hands look fuller, mehndi artists can opt for elaborate floral henna designs for the backhand or half-hand henna designs that the other females in the family or the bridesmaids and friends can flaunt. 

Wedding Henna Designs

Traditionally, bridal henna designs have always been delicate, detailed and time-consuming. But many modern brides now prefer to have simple henna designs as 'Shagun Ki Mehendi', rather than elaborate bridal mehndi designs. If you are one of such brides, then these simple wedding henna designs are for you:

Floral Lace Wedding Henna Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Sam Mehandi Art

If you are not new to the mehndi scene, you must have seen geometric patterns with long lines and triangles. These designs are abstract henna designs. From an artist’s perspective, abstract designs are the best easy henna designs for beginners. You just have to be good at making a straight line, which is necessary for every mehndi artist. For brides or guests looking for simple designs that are stylish and modern, abstract henna designs are perfect.

Haath Phool Flower Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Tvisha Mehendi Artistry

Get an impression of the bridal Haath Phool temporarily stained on your hands with such a henna mehndi tattoo design. Jali work, rose patterns and leafy designs will be quick to design and yet will give an impression of a heavy henna design; perfect for the bridal hands.

Delicate Motifs for the Modern Bride

henna designs

Henna Artist: Glitzy Saga By Himanshi Saini

This design is gorgeous for bridesmaids, wedding guests and brides who want simple henna designs on their wedding or engagement. The architectural motif, lotus, and floral finger design make this easy mehandi design an absolute hit. 

Eid Henna Designs

Eid henna designs consist of many motifs and patterns that are traditionally either found in Muslim architecture or are symbolic of the religion. Check out these Eid-special henna designs that you would love flaunting with your Salwar suit on the eve of ‘Eid Ka Chaand’.

Mosque Silhouette

henna designs

Henna Artist: Tanjum Mehndi Artist

Skip regular motifs and instead ask your henna artist to create a dreamy silhouette of a mosque, the crescent moon and Eid or Ramadan Mubarak written in Urdu as henna mehndi design back hand.

Silhouette Floral Henna Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Mayuri Mehndi Artist

Henna Mehndi designs front hand with a balance of minimalism and Arabic floral silhouettes are a match you can choose as your Eid henna design. The upper part of this front hand henna design consists of mini floral prints while the lower part of the palm and wrist is filled with floral silhouettes.

Minimal Henna Designs

henna designs

Henna Artist: Henna by Divya

For the newly married brides looking at minimal henna designs to match their first Eid outfits can opt for such modern henna designs. The small motifs all over the hands with denser finger henna designs will go very well with your bridal bangles and cuffs.

Easy Henna Designs for Feet

The next 11 easy henna designs for beginners are for your pretty feet to look even better. For all the brides-to-be who are looking for some easy henna designs for feet step by step to make it wow-worthy, you could show your henna artist one of these for some inspiration.

Lotus Motif for Legs

henna designs

Henna Artist: Henna by Divya

If you want a subtle look, then without any doubt, this is your go-to henna design for the feet as well as the hands. It is the simplest and easiest henna design that can be made at home in seconds. If you wish to adorn a design that can be made quickly, then you must try this one!

Floral Motifs with Strings

henna designs

Henna Artist: Kishan Mehndi Art

We have always said that flower motifs are the most basic designs and every artist should know them. If you know the base design, you can add your own designs and elements around it, just like this image.

Flower Designs for Ankle

henna designs

Henna Artist: Vijay Mehandi Art

A full foot mehndi is a popular trend among brides, but the brides of today are keen on experimenting with minimal trends and this ankle mehndi design with floral motifs is just amazing. Keeping it simple yet trendy and in line with the beautiful jutti the brides wear, you must try this easy mehndi design for beginners. 

Easy & Simple Floral Henna on Toes

henna designs

Henna Artist:  Heena Harsha Mehendi Artist

This scattered simple and easy mehndi design is a beautiful pick for the minimalist bride who likes it neat and dainty. The toes have been beautifully decorated with gradient floral and leafy mehndi designs.

Easy Arabic Henna Design for Beginners

henna designs

Henna Artist: Rajasthani Mehndi Art

Flowers and long leaves are an integral part of an Arabic mehndi design. While leafy motifs can be a tricky one for mehndi artists who are beginners, flowers and mandalas can make your simple Arabic mehndi designs on feet look amazing. 

Dome & Jali Feet Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Manu Bishnoi

The Jaali or lattice pattern with the border design in this easy mehndi design \will definitely make your feet look mesmerizing. You can also choose to extend this design around the ankle adds that will surely to the beauty of this easy mehndi design for beginners.

Full Feet Easy and Beautiful Henna Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Vijay Marwadi

This full feet mehndi design on the list of easy henna designs for beginners is surely one of the prettiest easy henna designs to draw on feet. The simple string detailing with ditsy floral patterns will be a quick and easy henna design for the mehndi artist.

Statement Geometric Design in Kolhapuri Style

henna designs

Henna Artist: Tanjum Mehndi Artist

Just like flowers, Kolhapuri designs have a lot of scope for creativity. You can make tens of different designs in a Kolhapuri chappal style. Take inspiration from this image and come up with your own designs. The dotted strings are a great touch that spread the design easily.

Kolhapuri Easy Mehndi Design

henna designs

Henna Artist: Anupama's Mehandi

This easy mehndi design as a Kolhapuri chappal is making our day brighter! If you're looking for a simple mehendi design for feet that won't take long and will look unique, this is the design you should choose. 

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