Vishu Sharma

Vishu Sharma

An unwilling guest at times, a keen observer at others, I've always found myself fascinated by weddings and their intricacies, the stories that culminate and those that begin with this unforgettable occasion.

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The Groom 8 New Black Sherwani Styles to Dress up the Debonair Groom

Why a black sherwani? Because the groom needs an outfit stylish and suave enough to befit the occasion. And so do his siblings and the groomsmen! Check out these stunning menswear ideas, perfect for rocking the scene at the big wedding.

Planning your wedding 8 Hilariously Naughty Pranks to Try out This Wedding Season

What’s a celebration without a few naughty pranks! Read, enjoy and get inspired by these real-life wedding pranks that stole the thunder and created some unforgettable side-splitting memories!

Wedding photography Smoke Bombs Are the New "It" for Photoshoots and Here Is How You Can Use Them for Your D-day Albums

Colourful smoke bombs are the hottest new craze in wedding, pre-wedding functions and almost every other celebratory event! Let's take a look at the different ways their vibrant blast can enrich your special moments and photographs.

The Bride 8 Jaw-dropping Indian Dresses for Engagement That Will Steal the Show for You

Still unsure what to wear on your engagement? It's okay! All the different looks you can go with sure makes picking the perfect dress a hard task. Here's a list of Indian dresses for engagement you can go with or take inspiration from to look amazing...

The Bride Designer Wear on Your Fingertips Now as the Sabyasachi Online Store Is Wreaking Havoc in the Wedding Shopping

Getting married? You know that you can never go wrong with Sabyasachi for your outfits! So, click through to these Sabyasachi online stores and fuel your binge shopping spree for the A-list designer.

Wedding photography 13 Famous Indian Photographers Whose Work Inspires Beautiful Brides Today

Special occasions like your wedding demand photographers who can capture the right moments and tell stories you’ll cherish for life! Opt for these famous Indian photographers, who excel at clicking the right scene from the right angle every time.

Planning your wedding Power on! Here's how the Indian Bride Is The Star of Her Own Show

Modern Indian brides, we celebrate your smarts, confidence and courage as you slay with a walk down the aisle. Here are all the ways in which you differ from those before you - take it as the confidence booster you need before your big day.

Beauty for brides Expert Tips on How to Perfect the Tamil Bridal Makeup Quick and Easy

The essence of Tamil bridal makeup can be summed up in a short phrase—Less, done right! We have curated for you a guide for perfecting your Tamil bridal makeup for weddings and related functions. Bookmark this article and take cues now!

The Bride Find the Right Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi That Would Transform You into a Glorious Bride

When it comes to weddings, the makeup artist is the bride’s BAE! Hiring the right freelance makeup artist can free you of one of the biggest concerns. Stick to these guidelines and you’re certain to succeed in your quest of finding one.

Wedding protocol 7 Wonderful Wedding Functions That Will Be The Best Memories For Your Wedding

Weddings in India aren’t a one day, one event thing. There are multiple wedding functions involved, each with their own reasons, ceremonies and stories. We count all of them, based on the blast you would have with them. Keep nodding if you agree!

Everything to know about wedding banquets Confused About the Outdoor Catering Service at Your Wedding? Here Are Tips to Choose the Right One

Figuring out how to choose the best, most reliable catering service for your functions can be quite confusing but don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. Take cues from this article and bookmark it for a hassle-free wedding planning.

Wedding decoration Stage Decoration Photos: A Guide to Set the Stage Right for Your D-Day Minimally

The stage needs to be set for your big day, but do you know what you want there? Let lady muse guide you with these basic, yet beautiful set pieces, captured in these minimal stage decoration photos.

Wedding transportation Your Quick Guide to Booking a Wedding Car Rental Service Smartly

After finalising all the venues and accommodation for guests, you also need to make sure that they are able to reach those places without any hassles. Enter: wedding car rental service that can take care of that and your Bidai car.

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