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15 Famous Indian Photographers to Spark Your D-day Albums

Special occasions like your wedding demand photographers who can capture the right moments and tell stories you’ll cherish for life! Opt for these famous Indian photographers, who excel at clicking the right scene from the right angle every time.


Remember the times as a kid that you sat next to your parents, looking at a scrapbook-style wedding album with your eyes wide open with wonder? There’s something marvellous about seeing the younger versions of your parents, relatives and family friends. You recognise some faces almost immediately while guessing the identities of some others turns into a little game often filled with delightful surprises.

Timeless wedding photography does not rely on just design, themes and intrigue. It is so because it manages to endure and spread happiness even in this day and age. Now, when it’s your time to get married and create a wedding album to regale your kids and theirs, you have a huge advantage with the famous Indian photographers available.

Famous Indian Photographers - Why We Need Them

Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

Modern day wedding photography is the best mix of the storytelling style that's timeless with flawless, technical tools. So, even though you can still get as good shots as your photographer with the latest smartphones (in terms of picture quality), you still need a professional to step in. Why? Because your wedding album and videos need those emotional captures and phenomenal shots that tell a story and a really interesting story! 

Hiring them for your wedding functions, even studying their portfolios for ideas and inspiration can help ensure your wedding album resembles a fairytales book complete with stunning pictures.

Here are some famous Indian photographers who can deliver all that and more.

1. Stories by Joseph Radhik

Image courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Easily one of the most loved and famous Indian photographers, Joseph Radhik is worth his name when it comes to wedding ceremonies! Radhik and his team have a more intimate, aesthetic style and specialise at shooting weddings all across South Asia. They have experience working in five continents and a way of making even black & white photographs seem as exciting as colour stills. 

If you’re looking for somebody who can capture all those silly moments, and deliver photographs that will be considered iconic with equal finesse, these are your go-to guys!

Available for: Wedding shoots (Candid, Portraits, Coverage)

Average cost: Budget available on consultation

2. Lumiere Wedding Company

Lumiere Wedding Company

This Kerala-based studio boasts a team comprising some of the most famous Indian photographers and cinematographers. The Lumiere Wedding Company are experts at capturing lively, expressive photographs and stunning, moving films. A hip, more casual engagement party or a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, you can always trust these guys to deliver the goods!

Available for: Candid photography, pre-wedding photoshoot, wedding photography, outstation travel

Average cost: From ₹1,80,000

3. Shades photography by Ashwin M

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

A husband and wife duo devoted to delivering wedding photographs to delight generations to come! Ashwin and Jhalak are a Mumbai based couple, a photographer duo with a unique, candid style! They have a keen eye for locating the funny characters and capturing the whimsical moments as beautifully as the intimate. They are one of the most reliable famous Indian photographers.

The work they do under the Shades Photography brand blends male and female takes and perspectives on the wedding and ceremonies involved—a rare, exciting combination offered by this name on the list of famous Indian photographers!

Available for: Candid photography, traditional photography, pre-wedding shoots, cinematography, traditional videography, albums

Average cost: From ₹ 30,000

4.Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha

Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha

Another husband and wife team to make it to the famous Indian photographers, there really is something special about couples working together, creating magic, isn’t there?

Powered by brilliant wedding photographers Arjun Kartha and Praerna Kartha, the Gurgaon-based Twogether Studios by Arjun & Praerna Kartha cover weddings and photo-shoots all over the world. Their offbeat style, deep understanding of Indian sensibilities and way of using different backgrounds and lighting to create stunningly contrasting visuals has made them one of most famous Indian photographers for wedding shoots, makes them perfect for your wedding!

Available for: Candid wedding photography

Average cost: From ₹ 3,00,000

5. The Wedding Story

Image courtesy: The Wedding Story

This Mumbai-based studio is acclaimed for bringing out the best of every moment, every face in their high-detail photographs. Finding trustworthy photographers for large guest lists is always a cause of concern.

That's where 'The Wedding Story' comes in. They have years of experience shooting mid to large scale wedding ceremonies—perfect for your needs! If you’re planning a function, shoot or even the wedding itself at an off-station or international location, there are few names you can trust more than The Wedding Story.

Available for: Wedding videography, save-the-date videos, wedding films, teaser videos, still photography and pre-wedding shoots

Average cost: From ₹ 4,50,000

6. Aviraj Saluja Photography

Image courtesy: Aviraj Saluja

Here’s a photographer known for artsy, elegant clicks, a good eye for detail and amazing understanding of light and colour. Aviraj Saluja is a Mumbai-based photographer with years of experience creating classy, memorable wedding albums. A day-time event or a typical night-time marriage, you can trust this team to come up with beautiful shots every single time!

The brand has recently been renamed to Feather Tree by Aviraj.

Available for: Wedding videography, save-the-date videos, wedding films, teaser videos, still photography and pre-wedding shoots

Average cost: From ₹ 4,50,000

7. Mahima Bhatia Photography

Mahima Bhatia Photography

A six-year-old wedding photography veteran, Mahima Bhatia leads a team of professionals adept at capturing the natural expression as well as the grandeur! If you’re planning on a more intimate wedding in Delhi region, these guys are simply ideal for you. Flexible working hours, complete dedication to their work and an eye for both little and the big picture are some of their USPs as one of the famous Indian photographers…the perfect recipes for a memorable wedding album!

Available for: Candid photography, traditional photography, pre-wedding shoots, cinematography, albums, photobooth

Average cost: From ₹ 1,50,000

8. The Lightsmiths

The Lightsmiths

Their photographs speak to you! You can expect complete strangers to get the feeling they know the people in the photographs and tale of your wedding! One of the most famous Indian photographers for weddings, the Lightsmiths excel at photojournalism style shoots. If yours is a large guest list, these near invisible, never in the way photographers are an excellent choice.

They’re based in Mumbai but can be hired to work in any place in the country, even overseas and are one of the best among other famous Indian photographers.

Available for: Traditional photography, traditional videography, cinematography, pre-wedding shoots, portrait shoots and albums

Average cost: From ₹ 50,000

9. DreamWeavers

Dreamweavers Photography

If you want your wedding photographs and videos to narrate a love story culminating into marriage, call DreamWeavers. Based in Delhi, theirs is a team that’s mastered the art of capturing still photographs and video that will strengthen your love by making you relive your happiest moments on every viewing! They are the top ones in the names of famous Indian photographers.

Available for: Wedding photography, candid photography, cinematography

Average cost: From ₹ 60,000

10. Infinite Memories

Infinite Memories

Your wedding videos and still photographs should be timeless, same as your love! The team of Infinite Memories has a unique way of preserving memories, so everything about the scenes they capture retains a sense of freshness even years from the day of the shoot. They’re amongst the most famous Indian photographers when it comes to pre-wedding photo shoots and candid style wedding photography.

Infinite Memories operate in Delhi NCR region and are open to travel if required.

Available for: Full event/one-day photography, cinematic wedding video, pre-wedding shoot at exotic locations, indoor and outdoor couple/individual shoots, highlights and trailer, high-resolution photos in a digital album, image and video editing and coffee table books

Average cost: From ₹ 75,000

11. Dipak Studios

Dipak Studios

If you love coffee book wedding albums, Dipak Studios are your go-to photographers! They’re known for their distinctive expressive style and have found fans in Bollywood stalwarts including Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. They also have years of experience and a huge following in social media. Looking for famous Indian photographers based in Delhi, Dipak Studios is a name you can put faith in.

Available for: Wedding photography and videography, pre-wedding shoots, candid photography, traditional photography and videography, cinematography, albums, photobooth

Average cost: From ₹ 1,00,000

12. Knotting Bells

Knotting Bells

Crisp, beautifully detailed photographs and an in-depth understanding of colour and light play, Knotting Bells are definitely one of India’s finest when it comes to covering wedding ceremonies! Their work will have you smiling, laughing and crying a tear or two reminiscing your special day even decades from the occasion! They’re based in Mumbai, open to travelling the globe if you need them to! Their works are impressive as one of the famous Indian photographers to boast of.

Available for: Candid and traditional photography, videography, cinematography, pre and post wedding shoots, albums, portraits

Average cost: From ₹ 1,50,000

13. White Frog Productions

White Frog Productions

Amongst the most famous Indian photographers when it comes to Destination weddings, White Frog Productions have a cinematic style as unique as their brand name! Vivid, captivating images, intriguing angles and great attention to detail are just some of their USPs. They’re based in Delhi and are happy to travel around with you.

Available for: Wedding films, teaser videos, lip-dub videos, save the date videos, pre-wedding shoots, candid photography

Average cost: From ₹ 50,000


When it comes to candid photography that has been taking the wedding industry by the wave of trend and every couple wants candid photographs of them because gone are the days when you would have to hold the gift along with the guest who has given it to you and smile awkwardly at the camera, to wait for the flash and those were the only memories you had in your wedding album. It is now the art of photography that has gained priority and it is the moments that get captured without you knowing. Be it a mischievous smile that you are sharing with your father or an adorable peck on the cheek from your better half, it is all there, framed for you. And is a professional team who work towards a flawless candid frame.

Available for: Wedding films, teaser videos, lip-dub videos, save the date videos, pre-wedding shoots, candid photography

Average cost: From ₹ 50,000

15. Weddingnama


Aesthetic is the key to an unforgettable and treasured wedding album that will have all your favourite moments and some moments that you did not know were so significant and special until you saw it captured gorgeously in professional frames by Weddingnama. It is a team of professionals who are best at what they do and one of the famous Indian photographers in the scene now.

Available for: Wedding films, teaser videos, lip-dub videos, save the date videos, pre-wedding shoots, candid photography

Average cost: From ₹ 4,00,000

Selecting the right wedding photographer to cover your wedding is a big responsibility. You need a photographer that’s talented and trustworthy, and interested. Your wedding should be as big a deal to the photographer as it is to you. And that’s the exact reason you should try to rope in one of these famous Indian photographers for the job!

Got any interesting stories about your experiences with wedding photographers? Share them with us in the comments section.