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Chaheti Tiwari

Chaheti Tiwari

A noob comedienne/writer/poet and a full-time animal whisperer. She pines for Kenny Sebastian in her dreams but wants to get married to a pizza(She doesn't believe in sharing food). Her Patronus would mostly be a happy scruffy dog but it could also be a red velvet cake.

Articles published by Chaheti Tiwari

8 Patterns For Lehenga Ideas You Can Flaunt On Your BFF's Big Day
The wedding guests
Your bestie is about to get married but you don't know which of the million beautiful Patterns for Lehenga will look good on you?
3 Newly Married Couple Stories To Make You Tear Up And Smile
Tips for married life
Everything looks beautiful when you are a newly married couple. You know why? Because love is in the air!
8 Games For Wedding That Are Super Fun For All Of Your Ceremonies
Planning your wedding
Weddings are incomplete without fun games that make all the functions memorable. Have you witnessed such games for wedding ceremonies before?
The Only Guide for Passport Name Change in India You Need to See
Wedding formalities
Don't know how to get your name changed on your passport? Fret not! Follow these steps to a hassle-free passport name change procedure!
5 Cute Signs Of A New Punjabi Couple That Got Married Recently
Tips for married life
Indians know how to make the world know about their legal PDA post marriage and the best people to do it unabashedly are our very own Punjabis!
The Only Manish Malhotra Bridal Collection You Need to See
The Bride
The feel of embroidery under your hands, the lustre of zari and some filmy goodness added to your Manish Malhotra bridal collection. What more could you ask for in a wedding ensemble? Find out!
10 Wedding Room Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Special Night Seem Like a Fairytale
Wedding decoration
Wedding room decoration is as important as picking the right venue for your wedding. Don't know in which direction to go? Fret not! We have some enchanting options lined up for you.
Wedding Anniversary Cake Quotes to Celebrate Another Year of Love, Happiness & Togetherness
Wedding gifts
Roses are red. Violets are blue. I love cakes. Don't you too? Anniversaries are all about cakes and cakes are all about anniversaries. Wouldn't you agree? Check out these wedding anniversary cake quotes to make your special day even more special!
3 Hilarious Wedding Night Stories Guaranteed To Make You Smile (And Then Guffaw)
Tips for married life
Screams in the night, a power cut and hogging down on desserts event - these are not exactly the stuff for romantic ever-afters. Still, discover how these made for a hilarious set of wedding night stories in what we were told by recently married coup
7 Historical Places in Mumbai Guaranteed To Add A Starry Appeal To Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Here
Wedding photography
Have you always wanted to have a pre-wedding shoot to show the world how mesmerising and cute your love story is? Here is a chance to live your dream sequence in Aamchi Bambai itself, with a shoot around historical places in Mumbai.
Honeymoon Packages from Mumbai: Explore All Weekend, National And International Options Here
Honeymoon destinations
Dreaming of singing Bollywood songs amongst snow-clad mountains in a chiffon saree for your honeymoon? Or make the quintessential titanic pose on a cruise? Then here's a definitive guide to honeymoon packages from the city of Mumbai.
Be Smart! 6 Stops For Clothes On Rent In Mumbai To Tide Through This Wedding Season
The Bride
Hey, over-sceptical Mumbaikar who wants to look gorgeous without bling and well within budget - this article is for you. All that glitters is not gold. Likewise, all that looks expensive isn't really so. Why you ask? Because you can rent it now! 
Dhoti Pants for Ladies: Why You Need To Stock On These For The Wedding Season
The Bride
Keen on something traditional, funkily ethnic and still new? Presenting dhoti pants for ladies which would keep you at enjoyable ease and still rock your BFF's Haldi or Mehndi ceremony.
The Only 4 Wedding Lehenga On Rent Guidelines You Need To Ace Picking Up Your Bridal Outfit
The Bride
Have you amorously yearned for a Sabyasachi Lehenga worn by stars at celebrity weddings but the number of zeros on the price tag makes you nauseous? Fret not! Here we have a perfect solution for all such fashion woes.