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The Only 4 Wedding Lehenga On Rent Guidelines You Need To Ace Picking Up Your Bridal Outfit

Have you amorously yearned for a Sabyasachi Lehenga worn by stars at celebrity weddings but the number of zeros on the price tag makes you nauseous? Fret not! Here we have a perfect solution for all such fashion woes.

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi on Instagram

Are you one of those fashion connoisseurs who can smell a fake designer Lehenga amongst a bunch of expensive originals? Does the sight of Zari make you go weak in the knees? Yearning for a Sabyasachi but feel the number of zeroes is out of your budget. You, my friend, need a designer wedding lehenga on rent. And our case for one. Right now.

Why A Wedding Lehenga On Rent

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Us millennials thrive on the idea of saving a buck or two and want to make the most of unique experiences in spite of a financial crunch. We don’t bat an eyelid while renting cars, houses, furniture and appliances. Then why should we shy away from renting expensive clothes meant for occasions like weddings, engagement parties, bachelorette parties et al, right?

Wedding lehengas on rent give your special day the happy ending that it deserves without making you feel guilty about the expenses. You can use that money for your honeymoon and look like a million bucks while you walk the aisle with panache. This also means wearing bewitching, modern lehengas from the world-class designers and feeling like a queen that catapults the crowd with her beauty and elegance. Seems easy right? Well, It is! So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get your own wedding lehenga on rent now!

But before you do that, let us go through some points that you need to keep in mind when you get that gorgeous lehenga on rent, shall we?

1. Read the fine print

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi on Facebook

Always read all the terms and conditions of the online/retail portal that you rent your wedding couture from. This might sound a little exasperating in the beginning but will save a lot of time, money and energy later. Under this category, you need to focus on a couple of things:

A. Check the delivery process - 

Make sure that the online/retail portal has an easy delivery policy where they deliver and pick up the clothes with the least amount of efforts from your end. The period before your wedding is crucial and it helps if your wedding dress comes to your doorstep hassle-free. Some online portals also have free delivery and pick up service. All you need to do is keep the dress packed and they will take care of transporting your wedding lehenga on rent.

B. Duration for rent -

You need to confirm the duration of the rent as well. Normally, rental companies have a fixed number of days allocated in their policy. Ask them how particular they are about them and if they can make changes in case your own plans alter.

2. Get the perfect fit

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi on Facebook

The bridal fitting has to be impeccable and most companies have a local retail shop where the online portal’s designated stylists will help you select the perfect wedding ensemble of your dreams. They also help with the alterations so that the dress fits you to a T. Draping it another story too, one we've earlier explored in our piece on lehenga wearing styles for all body types.

Ensure that you try it ahead of your big day with dedicated bridal fitting sessions accordingly. This would mean that you look for a consultation cycle that's open for at least a couple of such sessions before you book a wedding lehenga on rent.

3. Check for hygiene

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi on Facebook

Before signing up for a wedding lehenga on rent, check for the following:

A. Step-by-step cleaning process

Check the step-by-step process of how hygienic the clothes are that you are about to rent. All the good companies out there know how this could be a service that could make or mar their company’s reputation and negligence won’t be tolerated.

B. Check for handling conditions

If you are one of those clumsy cats (how ironic! a cat who is clumsy? Are you kidding me? Geddit? Geddit?) who keeps falling everywhere and spills sauce more than sass than you don't need to worry much. These companies make sure that the dress is dry-cleaned well and looks as good as new.

Still, check against their handling conditions. Tears, burns and obvious handling issues are a no-no with most people and would come out of your security deposit.

4. Being a Badass Bride

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi on Facebook

This is the most essential step in the whole process. Enjoy that god damn wedding as these are rare occasions that don’t come very often. Dazzle everyone with that effervescent smile of yours. The clothes are going to be a huge success and won’t burn a hole in your pocket either.

When AIB came up with a bizarre video called ‘Fervent- Apps That Should Exist’ a couple of years ago, little did we know that their naïve and puerile joke on people who can’t get enough of extravagant wedding clothes, would make so much sense for today’s generation.

Their subtle marketing gimmick of promoting a website *cough*-‘Flyrobe’-*cough* that helps you in renting expensive designer wedding outfits at minimal prices and is void of any logistical issues, is a hilarious and effective way of making the most of social media to reach out to the audience.  Connect with the vibe and try your hand at picking up a wedding lehenga on rent and see how you effortlessly ace your game for that perfect bridal outfit as well.

So don’t forget to check out other marvellous tips and ideas that will help you make your wedding a top-notch affair to be remembered by all!