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Essential Diet Tips and Tricks for Brides to Slay Their Modern Lehenga

Getting married in 3 months but not sure if you have the body to wear the modern lehenga that you’ve selected? Well, it’s time you stop worrying and start acting. We have the perfect diet tips and tricks that can do the magic for you.

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With the changing times, the choices of our brides are changing too. The millennial brides no more wish to choose the common traditional lehenga patterns. With so many unique choices around, it is kind of obvious that their heart wants to choose a modern lehenga over the old-fashioned one. While modern lehengas have the best silhouettes and the most unique cuts, the underlying fact is that they are also more revealing than the traditional ones. Do you think you are ready to take on the challenge and tone yourself for the big day?

While we know that a full-fledged fitness routine might not be possible so close to your wedding dates because there are so many other things on your list. But we firmly believe that diet and lifestyle alterations can make a difference in as little as 3 months too. We’ve put together the easiest diet tips and tricks that you can follow even with a busy schedule to see great results over a period of 3 months. But remember that consistency is key to making a difference!

3 Months to Go

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If your wedding day is 3 months from now, there is no need to panic at all. You’ve begun at the perfect time. While generally any weight loss or toning schedule asks you to completely alter your lifestyle to achieve great changes, we wouldn’t do that. We know you’re a bride and with so many things on your bucket list, any kind of extreme diet alterations can take a toll on your health and skin. We cannot afford to make our brides look tired and dull in their favourite modern lehenga that they were so excited to wear. So all we need you to do is change your eating habits while you continue to keep the prep going at full speed. Let’s jot down some of the most basic changes that you need to make in your diet to slay your modern lehenga.

  • Cut back on sugar and starches. We know there is going to be a whole lot of mithai at your wedding, but till then say no to desserts, shakes, fruit juices, cocktails, and any other food item that has processed sugar. Fulfil your cravings with jaggery or honey in your dessert and if going out choose unsweetened coffee or salted lemon soda over any other drink.
  • Include protein, fat and vegetables in each meal that you eat. Chicken, salmon and eggs are great protein sources for non-vegetarians, while the vegetarians can include cottage cheese and soya in their meals. Low carb vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage and cucumber need to be eaten more frequently. Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil or butter are necessary to ensure that you get enough fat.
  • Limit your carbs and choose whole, unprocessed foods over processed ones as they are easy to digest, reduce your sugar cravings, and keep you full for longer. If you’re going out then fill your stomach with soup and salads to reduce your carb intake. Also, keep your dinner extremely light and avoid carbs in dinner as much as possible.
  • With 3 months still in hand ideally you should take out time to exercise thrice a week for a minimum period of 30 minutes. Choose a fitness regime that allows you to sweat the toxins out and improves your blood circulation, making you feel fresher and lighter.

2 Months to Go

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With only 2 months to go for your big day, we are assuming that you have altered your eating habits to tone up for your modern lehenga. And since you’ve been so good with the dietary changes, it is time we ask you to speed up the process with some additional tricks that won’t just reduce your appetite but also keep your metabolism high. These are things that you can easily follow for much after your big day as well. They are not just meant to help you lose the extra kilos and look gorgeous in your modern lehenga but instead to keep you healthy and fit for life. 

  • Increase your water consumption to at least 3-4 litres per day. Drinking more water can help you cut back on sugar and calories. It also helps burn off the fat that you take in through your food and drinks. And the biggest reason for brides to take this seriously is the glow that it will bring to your face making you look extra pretty in your modern lehenga on the big day.
  • Drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day as it will help you get the flat stomach for your modern lehenga. Starting your day with green tea will help you detoxify your body and remove the waste efficiently. Also, drinking a cup of green tea before going to bed can ensure that your body burns more calories while you’re asleep.
  • If you have been exercising thrice a week then make sure you to drink black coffee 30 minutes before you start working out. Black coffee can help your body burn the fat cells while also giving you more energy during your workout and improving your performance in general.

1 Month to Go

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If you’ve been good all this while then we must say that you’ve impressed us with your dedication. But with a month still to go, there is a lot on our list that you need for your modern lehenga to fit you like a boss. With small rituals already starting from a month before, it is now time that you take care of what you eat when you eat and how much you eat. Your body, your skin and your taste buds all need a treat for you to become a flawless beauty by the wedding day. Let’s look at how you can make sure all these three things happen at the same time. 

  • Now is the time when you cannot afford to starve yourself because your skin will tell it all. Instead, make your meals smaller and your snacks healthier. Carry dry fruits, peanuts, berries, or Makhana wherever you go. Keep snacking every 1.5 hours to make sure you’re not starving, because a starved bride could look like a hanger in the modern lehenga, we do not want that either.
  • Glowing skin is only going to add to the glow of the modern lehenga, so add coconut water and buttermilk to your diet for healthy looking skin on your big day. You can also try detox water to cleanse the body and get rid of the toxins.
  • Gulp down chia seeds and flax seeds every day with water before dinner time. They are loaded with nutrients and also help you fill your stomach so that you don’t binge on dinner. Also, make sure you have dinner at least 4 hours before you go to bed.

1 Week to Go


With only one week left for you to flaunt your modern lehenga, apart from sticking to the basic diet it is important that your body doesn’t have water retention. Water retention can lead to you looking and feeling bloated, which is definitely something you’d want to avoid. To look well - toned on your big day, take a few precautionary measures during the last week. 

  • Avoid salt and salty foods as much as possible because salt helps retain water
  • Eat anti-bloating foods like papaya, avocado, ginger, fennel, and lemons in good quantity
  • Cut down on all bloating foods like dairy products, beans, lentils, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower
  • If possible, keep a light movement during the last week like walking or doing yoga as it can help reduce the bloating

Are you ready to shine in your modern lehenga and flaunt that toned body with the perfect glow on your face? We think you are. All your hard work and dedication is sure to pay off. Just be smart enough to choose the right alternatives for all your cravings and you can do this without starving or killing yourself. 

Liked our tips and tricks to achieve the toned body goals you always had? Comment below and share your experience of slaying your modern lehenga on the big day.