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6 Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides Before Marriage Every Bride Must Read and Follow to the 't'

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a homemade beauty kit that could combat those pimples that appear on our face when we are most excited about a function or a day? Well, yes. Take cues from these homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage and say

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From avoiding pimples to getting your glow on, homemade beauty remedies and face masks can be the no-fail solutions for every bride-to-be. We agree that most times cosmetics help us get that much desired and even skin tone that we all want but for the longer run, it is the least favourable option. Let’s not forget how much they cost and burn a hole in our pockets every time we plan on stocking that makeup kit of ours. 

Browse through these homemade beauty tips and learn them by heart if you want that clear, radiant and glowing skin in 1,2 and 3!

1. Sleep and sleep and repeat!

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It is a must that you never compensate on your daily sleep schedule. Well, sometimes is a given but make it a habit of hitting the sack for at least 8 hours every day. When you sleep your skin, your cells tend to get refreshed which leads to you waking up to a radiant that pearl skin. And, ma sound sleep = no dark circles. So, it’s a win-win! One of the easiest to follow homemade beauty tips there is!

2. Hydration is the key

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Thought it is only your throat that gets parched and that you feel that stingy feeling at the back of your throat every time it happens? If you watch closely your skin too gives you enough signs to let you know that its thirsty for some hydration. The moment it starts appearing chaffy and white, know that your water intake hasn’t been up to the mark on that said day! Drinking lots of water is great for glowing skin, so stay hydrated! One of the best homemade beauty tips there is!

3. A Balanced & A Wholesome Diet

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If you want a pearly white and radiant skin not just before your wedding but all through your life, then you must include a lot of fresh veggies and juices into your diet! Lots of protein intake will keep you fit and healthy! Also, foods that are rich in vitamins and iron like green leafy vegetables and legumes will provide to your skin the nutritional value that it needs to shine from within.

4. Keep Fried & Oily Food at Bay

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Yeah well, we all love our share of Aloo Tikkis and Fries every now and then, but not only do they make you gain those extra kilos, but their adverse effect could be seen on your skin too! Ever remember waking up with a pimple after a night-long binge eating marathon? If you want clear skin and save some buck in stocking up on skin primers or concealers, then avoid fry babies for a while and be surprised to see the difference.

5. Sleep but With No Makeup On

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Well, each one of us is guilty of going to bed with makeup on after a long and ridiculous night of dancing and drinking! We may not realise it now nut the harm it does to our poor skin is enormous. Makeup acts like an additional layer to our skin, if we sleep with it, it means keeping our skin away from freely breathing since blocked pores. Blocked pores = acne! Make a smart decision and include this as one of the most necessary homemade beauty tips before your wedding.

6. Make use of Dadi Maa Ke Nuske

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No matter how expensive our night creams and day creams are, there is something powerful and magical about those easy to do Dadi Ke Nuske. Try your hands at a few DIY face masks, hair masks and lip masks, include them in your regular beauty regime and you will see why your random was always persistent that you followed them to the T.

A List of Face Packs That Will Become the Best Homedale Beauty Tips

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These are some of the most helpful and known homemade beauty face and hair masks that you should include in your glam prep up leading to the day of your wedding. Have a look and find their tutorial on YouTube quick and easy!

  • Green Tea Water and Honey Face Pack
  • Oats and Lemon Face Pack
  • Turmeric and Lemon Face Pack
  • Turmeric and Tomato Face Pack
  • Yoghurt and Dried Orange Peel
  • Yoghurt and Lemon
  • Milk, Lemon Juice, And Honey
  • Milk and Saffron
  • Papaya and Fuller’s Earth
  • Honey Face Mask
  • Egg Hair Mask
  • Coconut Oil, Strawberry & Honey Hair Mask
  • Avocado Mask
  • Yoghurt Hair Mask
  • Banana Mask
  • DIY Olive or coconut oil and sugar Exfoliator
  • DIY Honey & Sugar Exfoliator
  • DIY turmeric paste

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Follow these homemade beauty tips for a few weeks and you will notice a pleasant change in the way your skin feels and even in the skin tone. You will find that your skin feels fresh and looks fresh.  

What did you think of these homemade beauty tips? Tell us through the comments!