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Vandini Nirwan

Sugar, spice and everything nice! A damsel who is a go-getter and loves all things weddings. From pre-wedding to post-wedding I curate articles for all. As a writer I aspire to project real weddings as every couple has a story to tell!

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Beauty for brides 8 Step Wedding Skincare - a Bride's Guide for a Pearly Bridal Glow

When talking about wedding skincare...there is no such thing as starting too early. We've curated a list of steps every bride must include in her wedding skincare & follow to the 'T'

Planning your wedding The Only To-Do List Any Bride Needs to See Before Her D-Day

Less than a week left for your wedding? We've curated a list of things that the bride must-see for herself and follow to the 'T' a week before the wedding shenanigans hit!!!

Treatments Feeling Bloated? Try These Tips to Heal Your Belly Before the Wedding

No one, I repeat, no one wants a swollen tummy - especially right before their wedding day! So, o combat any last-minute bloating voes, follow easy tips to keep bloating at bay & your perfection in place!

Tips for married life Food for Couples That Guarantee You'll Have a Steamy Life

The couple who eats together stays together! Take a look at our expert list of delish & mouth-watering sweeteners & pour the sweetness of love & intimacy in your happily married life!

Wedding music Let the Music Play Baby: 60+ Sangeet Songs You Need in Your Life

Whether it is your own wedding, or you are planning to attend someone else's, the Sangeet night is the night when the real magic unravels with endless naach-gaana, booze & sumptuous food! Add these songs to your playlist to take it up a notch!

Beauty for brides Bald is Beautiful Bridal Shoot! Up, Close & Personal! - an Inspiration for Us All!

Seen the already viral bald bridal shoot? Learn from Akhshaya herself, the story behind going for one & her thoughts on donating her hair. Presenting the bald, bold & beautiful Akhshaya, the woman who changed the face of 'bridal beauty' as we know it...

Wedding decoration This is Why You Need to Have an Ice Sculpture at Your Wedding Decor

"The cold never bothered me anyway"! If you're the queen of the ice & want the magic of the snowy snowflakes at your wedding, then opting for an ice-based decor is what your wedding decor is missing!

Planning your wedding 'What Not to Do' & 'Things to Avoid' When Visiting Your MUA

Visiting a makeup artist in time for your wedding? Check out these tips and 'what not to' ask your MUA to make your wedding preps a tad bit easier!

Planning your wedding 20 Kickass Monsoon Wedding Planning Ideas Guaranteed To Make Your Wedding The Best Of The Lot

Rain, don't rain on my parade! Getting married when the rain falls down seems like a dreamy affair, but the thought of spoilt hairstyle, makeup running down - well that's a big no-no! Check these wedding planning ideas & take your vows amidst rain ...

Beauty for brides 10 Makeup Artist In Delhi Options You Can Call For Your Special Day's Extra-Special Look

Whether it is your own wedding, or you are planning to attend someone else's, acing your makeup is one of the most important things you must nail. So, if you happen to be on a lookout for a makeup artist in Delhi, then boy we've got you covered!

Wedding gifts 38 Funny Wishes for Newly Married Couples Which Will Have Them Smile, Grin And Then Break Into A Laugh!

Design a congratulatory toast of some funny wishes for newly married couple & share it with your BFF who just got married! From emotional to unique to some out-of-the-box templates of funny wishes, we have featured them all!

Planning your wedding Get These 35 Photography Tips And Tricks Right For Raging, Instagram-worthy Shots From Your Wedding

Remember how many times we captioned our Instagram shots as #instagood? We certainly don't as God knows we overused it for sure! Use this list of photography essentials & find different ways to make your wedding an Instagram sensation & #weddinginspo...

Wedding gifts No, A Day Ain't Enough! These 6 Meaningful Father's Day Ideas Lay Down What You Really Want To Say And Do!

Missing dad? Though a day is too small to celebrate the bond that you hold with him, here's how you can begin. Use these ideas to pen your Father's Day wishes as a gift to your father. Write an ode & seal the moment in the sands of time!

Planning your wedding Our Exclusive Take On How To Plan An Eco-friendly Wedding On This World Environment Day

Celebrate not just your new beginning but also the bounty of mother nature as you tie the knot. Use these tips to plan your eco-friendly wedding. Having an eco-friendly wedding does not mean boring or simple, it just shows that you care!

Planning your wedding Why The Game Of Thrones Finale Captures Every Bride's Wedding Planning Feels

Winter is here & so is your wedding. Fandom enthusiasts, the time has come for you to plan your Game of Thrones-inspired wedding without giving in to the whirlwind of emotions after the series finale. So keep calm, plan on & DO NOT burn down a city!

Planning your wedding Khaleesis, Here Are 12 Game of Thrones Wedding Ideas To Declare Your Bid Across The Seven Kingdoms

"Mother. Lover. Father. Friend. Protector. Healer. I am yours, you are mine, from this day until the end of our days." Fandom enthusiasts, the time has come for you to plan a Game of Thrones-inspired wedding. Read on to find out just how.

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