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Brides in the House - Avoid These 8 Things Before Your Wedding

Less than a week left for your wedding? We've curated a list of things you MUST NOT DO a week before the wedding shenanigans hit!!! Trust us, you'd want to avoid these at any cost.

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Finally, the year-long madness of planning your wedding is coming to much-deserved fruition and now that you are only a week away from tying the knot with your handsome hunk - we suggest you give this article a read and make a checklist of all things you must avoid at any cost. Drawing up to the last week of singlehood will hit you in the face with its own set of temptations but let us remind you that you are supposed to steer them away as quickly and diligently as possible. 

Do not, we repeat do not give in to your whims and fancies at the very last minute and mess up your bridal peace, calm and glow! Check out this ridiculously crafty, witty, over-the-top ironical and funny (also informative and important, we promise) checklist for the bride now! 

Creating a New to-do List Every Second of the Day

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There is only so much you can possibly do in a lifetime and at a time like your own wedding, it's better to take a backseat and relax. Whatever you had to do is probably done by now and you're just beating yourself up with last-minute details to ensure that everything is on point. So, do not create another to-do list and be rest assured that everything has been taken care of. 

Do Not Find Comfort in Comfort Foods 

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They only sound comforting but they really are not. Rather than embarking on a binge eating quest invest these last seven days before your wedding day to eat whole foods and superfoods instead. More green veggies, fruits, juices - trust us, you'll thank us, probably not now (because we all love a basket full of fries) but definitely later. 

No Drastic Changes to Your Look - God Almighty, Please Don't 

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You fixated on a bridal lehenga, wedding jewellery, a certain type of bridal makeup for a reason. And, what would that might be? Your hair complementing it. So, do not give into last-minute whims and go for a drastic hair cut or a hair colour change. A change of haircut and in colour will most definitely result in offsetting of at least one of your bridal looks and you don't want that. WHY? Because wedding photos are FOREVER. 

Squats, Lunges, Planks - Ab Sab Karna Hai

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Nahi...sab nahi karna hai!!! Just like your hair colour do not try and master every workout in the gym during this last week. Trying out newer machines and exercises will most definitely lead to sore muscles and none can handle the weight of an Indian bridal lehenga with painful hamstrings and lower back pain. 

The Friend That Says 'Shaadi = Barbaadi' 

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You do not want to be around anybody who makes you nervous about this new phase of life. Having cold feet is normal but to be reminded of how drastically your life is going to change (which for all we know might not be true) is not correct and completely uncalled for. So, surround yourself with people who bring positivity only. 

Pulling All-Nighters For No Reason

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Let all-nighters go to rest at least now more than ever. By all means, binge watch shows but do not turn into a nocturnal person. You'll live to regret it. Binge-watching Netflix = puffy eyes + dark circles = drab wedding photos

Chemical Peels? Hell NO

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This one is a no-brainer. Irritation, skin peeling, purging and a lot of redness, these are but some most common effects of chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Unless you want to cry yourself a river on the eve of your big night because your face looks like a plump fruit - we suggest keep them chemical peel offs for later. 

Say Yes to 'SNOOZE & No to 'BOOZE'

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Nikke Nikke shots can wait and so can the mimosa and chardonnays. What cannot wait is your beauty sleep and weight management. And, let us remind you, that alcohol is a bad boy. Nobody wants to wake up to a hungover face, puffed up eyes and a regretful night full of drunk calling the ex (major oops moment) 

Now, that we have given you a list of things to avoid, we recommend you check out this to-do list of things you must follow a week before the wedding.
Now is your time girl, go get your man, STAT and get married to him in style!
Were we able to put your energetic mind at ease? In case we forgot to add something, feel free to leave a comment underneath.