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If Global Hair Colour Is on Your Mind Then This Is What You Need to Know About This Hair Trend!

Have you been eyeing the global hair colour being flaunted by your friends but have no clue about the process of it all? Then this read is for you!

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Colouring the hair has been quite a hot trend among girls and women alike. But the latest fad in this department has emerged to be the global hair colour trend. WIth the previous decade being dedicated to highlighting hair blonde, this decade has been more focused on a minimal approach towards style. Combining the need to colour the entire length of the hair in order to hide the whites or just to give symmetry to the otherwise faded hair, global hair colour has become a hot seller. The best part about this hair colour style is that it is universal and compliments everyone. So what really is global hair colour? Let’s find out!

1. What Is A Global Hair Colour?

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We understand that in this day and age, there might be a tad bit of confusion between the different styles of hair colouring techniques available in the market, but the one style that no one can go wrong with is the global hair colour. The application involves colouring your hair from tip to root in a single colour scheme. So before getting started on the whole process, you should spend enough time with the hair specialist, deciding on the colour shade that will compliment you best. The great thing about going for global hair colour is that it brings a brilliant uniformity to the hair, adding a sense of classic approach towards your overall hairstyle. A typical global hair colour session could very well take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, but this will also depend on the length of your hair and the technique used by the professional hair stylist.

2. The Cost

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Essentially, the cost of going for a global hair colour has a lot to do with how long your hair is. The average price, however, of going for global hair colour is always upwards of INR ₹2000/-. The longer your hair, the price essentially starts to go up from there. However, if you are getting this done from one of your trusted hair colourists, then do not fret too much about the cost, because at the end of the day, what you and your hair colourist both want is you coming out this session as an absolute stunner and entirely happy. After all, you would want to be the bride who whips her hair in slow motion for the cameras as they capture it with dramatic effects.

3. Things To Keep In Mind

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Before any kind of beauty treatment you indulge yourself into, thorough research is a must. Getting a global hair colour is one of the most wonderful transformations that a bride could go through during her wedding preparations. It ends up giving you a whole new look and adds freshness to your style as well. You will find an array of blondes, browns, ebony and burgundy shades available in global hair colour category. It is ideal that you get a patch test and colour test (if possible) done months in advance so that you are able to finalise on the right shade for you, well in time. If you are going traditional for your wedding theme, then beautiful deep red tones or even the classic black tresses would look stunning. Chocolate brown global hair colour works beautifully too with Indian skin tones, and will pretty much suit any marriage outfit that you decide to adorn.

4. Yay or Nay?

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Still confused as to whether you really should go for global hair colour or not? Well, it goes without saying that if you are happy about the way your hair colour looks during this time, then there really is no need per se. But if you are someone who would love to add that touch of oomph and freshness to your overall look and take the style quotient up a notch, then opting for a good global hair colour that suits your personality, wedding theme and compliments your outfit would rarely ever be the wrong choice.

5. What to be aware of?

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Some beauty treatments are best left to the professionals. Global hair colour is one such treatment that needs an expert’s hand. Given that the product is applied through the roots to the tip of your hair, a professional hair stylist will ensure that he does that without damaging your hair. There are many global hair colour kits available in the market but not all are harmless to the hair. Hence, it is ideal to let your hair colour professional pick the right product for your hair rather you taking a chance with a cheaper alternative. Not just the product, but even the application technique of an expert is what truly seals a quality global hair colour on your hair. If your hair colour comes out as being lustrous, with minimal bleeding upon wash and has got your hair feeling revived and healthy, then you’ve got yourself the perfect match. Also, the finesse that a professional session with a hair colourist can lend to your global hair colour is something that can seldom be achieved at home!

6. Best Brands to choose from

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The professional hair artists highly recommend L’oreal Professional Inoa Hair Colour, Garnier Color Naturals Hair Color, Revlon Colour silk Hair Colour and Matrix SoColor as few of the best brands to work up a global hair colour with. Once you have achieved the right shade of global hair colour for yourself, you can discuss with your hair specialist about trimming your hairstyle a bit to compliment the new look best. Layering or fringing goes a long way in amplifying the look of global hair colour, by providing natural shading and edginess to the overall look. Always remember to go ahead with quality services and quality products rather than saving up on a few bucks and tampering with the health of your hair. We have a list of hair experts who offer top-notch global hair colour services. Check them out and book a consultation appointment to understand the colour that matches your personality.

Are you ready to surprise your husband-to-be with your new avatar, thanks to the global hair colour style? Tell us in the comments below.