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10 Simple Short Hair Styles: Trending Small Hair Cut Images for Girls

With your feeds flooded with hairdos for long hair, where's a girl supposed to find simple hairstyles for short hair? Well, this list right here will help you out.

Models with short haircuts


Models with short haircuts

Image Credits - Papa Don't Preach

Deciding how to wear your hair for the wedding ceremonies isn't a task that you should leave for the last day, especially when it is for your wedding. Because let's face it, a hairstyle can make or break your entire look. And no matter how short or long your beautiful hair is, you need to style it right to ace your dream look. So while you are spending a crazy number of hours looking for hairstyles that you can flaunt on your big day, we are pretty sure that most hairstyles you liked were apt for long hair. And for all you short-haired beauties out there, we have curated a list of simple hairstyles for short hair that you can get done for the ceremony. So read on and pick your favorites already, girls. 

Short waves haircut

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Trending Short Hair Styles for Girls 

trending short haircut for girls

Image Credits - Papa Don't Preach

Having long hair only adds to the grace. Even short hair styles can make a big difference and give a show-stealing façade to your persona. Yes, having a short hairstyle is not a bad idea- in fact it goes with the personality of a contemporary bride. Yes, a short hairdo reflects your taste for contemporary, fierceness, uniqueness and much more.  There are so many hairstyles for short hair-let’s see which short hair styles for girls are creating a stir,

Some serious Inspiration from Shakti Mohan

Shakti Mohan in short haircut

Image Credits - Shakti Mohan

Crazy Mohan is known amid innumerable fashionista populace due to her trending hair cut for girls.   Mohan sisters are an inspiration for carrying this  short hair cut in a fascinating way. Majorly, crazy Mohan keeps the texture wavy and then she carries this  short hair cut for girls with much élan and poise. If you are  looking to bookmark short hair styles for girls then she is a perfect inspiration. 

Latest Short Hair Cut for Girls - 

Graduated Bob - 

A lady with a graduated bob

Image Credits - Adhuna

 Minute Pony Short Hair Cut

Kalki in hair cutting image

Image Credits - Kalki

Loose Waves with Short Hair Cut for Girls

Prachi Desai's hair cutting image

Image Credits - Prachi Desai

Shortest hairstyles for short hair

Mandira Bedi's Hair cutting Image

Just when you started feeling glooming about not being able to do something special as your pixie cut doesn't give you a lot of ways to experiment with your hairstyle for the big day, we found the perfect one from a variety of simple hairstyles for short hair. We hope you are loving the above curated hairstyles for girls with short hair. These short haircut for girls can be definitely considered as this year's top 10 hairstyle. They are different from Mohan sisters but are trending in their own unique way. We hope you loved these simple hair cutting techniques for girls? 

Hairstyles for Girls with Short hair

Are you someone who loves to keep everything in their life minimalistic and chic? Yes? Then simple hairstyles for short hair like getting soft waves added to straightened hair is what will complete your wedding look. Perfect for brides and bridesmaids alike, this hairstyle is easily manageable and works well with dresses, lehengas, sarees, and whatnot.  So let's delve into short hair styles with hair cutting image for girls or hairstyles after simple hair cutting into short ones. There are options for those too who have side haircut.

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Soft Curls That Will Complement Your Face Cut

Image Courtesy: Neeti Mohan's official Instagram 

If you simply want to let your hair down with this small hair cut, then just get soft curls done. They will complement your face cut and will make you look effortless. Plus, this  short hair cut style from our list of simple hairstyles for short hair goes with every outfit. So whether you are planning to wear a gorgeous saree, a pretty lehenga, or a crop top and skirt set, this simple hairstyle will only amp up your overall look. And no matter how much time you spend dancing with your squad on the dance floor, your small hair cut style would still be manageable, all thanks to short hair styles for girls.

A Bun Hairdo That Is Covered In Flowers? Yes, Please!

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

When your heart is set on getting a bun hairdo for the ceremony but your hair is thin and short, opt for this bun hairstyles for short hair. A simple bun or  hair style back side with flowers (lots of them) can make your hair look fuller. It also adds character to the ensemble and ensures that people take notice of the gorgeous flowers that adorn that bun hairstyle. Oh, and no matter how bun fits into hairstyles for short hair looks, you can always deck it up with more flowers and create the illusion of a bigger and thicker hairstyle. So yes, this hairdo is one of our personal favourites from this list of simple hairstyles for short hair for this reason, and well, have you looked at how pretty these look?

Let Your Hair Fall In Soft Curls And Enhance The Side Partition

Hair and Makeup by Yashika

Is a side partition your go-to hairstyle? Then you are going to love this style from our list of 10 simple hairstyles for short hair as it adds a touch of fancy without taking from the comfort.

You can let your hair fall naturally with soft curls towards the ends with a side part in the front and an illusion of a voluminous style at the back of the head. Such a hairstyle is perfect for the Engagement or even for the Mehndi ceremony. Plus, this easy-to-do hairstyle isn't difficult to carry either.

Look Edgy: Add A Side Braid To Your Pixie Cut

Image Courtesy: Shakti Mohan's Instagram account

This oh-so-regular addition to your simple pixie cut will add oomph to your look, plus, it will make you look super edgy. Yes, a side braid can make so much difference.

You can choose to keep it neat and elegant by braiding your hair with extreme precision or you can go for a more relaxed look and make a messy side braid. The choice is all yours! So pick the style of the braid that suits your personality, and well, goes well with the outfit (and the occasion).

Rock A Messy Bun On Your Special Day

Hair and Makeup by Yashika

If you too are a "Messy bun and getting stuff done" kinda girl, then this hairstyle makes for the ideal choice for you. A messy bun hairdo, when done right, is one of the best simple hairstyles for short hair no matter what day or occasion.

This hairstyle works perfectly with sarees and lehengas, plus, it works for everyone. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you are the bride-to-be or the sister of the bride, you can rock this hairstyle and look like a stunner.

A Side Part WIth Twists And Turns

The Wedding Salad

When it looks like your hair has a mind of its own, you have styled it right. Simple hairstyles for short hair like this one are easy to manage and easier to rock. No matter the occasion or season it is, you can get the perfect look by tying it, twirling it or simply letting it fall in all its glory over your shoulder.

It is a perfect fit for letting your feminine side shine without casting a shadow on the things that need to be done. It is your classic doesn't-get-in-your-way look. And you can choose to either do it with a side part or a centre part, it all depends on what works best for you.

How You Do Feel About A Centre Part With A Bun?

Image Courtesy: Aakriti Kochar Makeup And Hair

In today's day and age, alluding to something is not just a choice but a norm. Plus, when you do it right to make simple hairstyles for short hair, the results are often breathtaking. And we are here for a neatly done bun hairdo with a centre part.

It looks classy, sophisticated, and ensures that nothing is out of place. Oh, and if you don't want to keep is minimal and simple, you can always add a beautiful Maang Tikka or even your favourite flower to the hairstyle and take it up a notch.

Put Your Pretty Curls In A Bun

Image Courtesy: Taapsee Pannu official Instagram

If you have always loved how bouncy and pretty your curls look and want to keep it extremely natural for the ceremony, then simply put your curls up in a bun. Now you can play around with simple hairstyles for short hair like this one by experimenting with how you part your hair and which hair accessories you use.

While you can choose to add some flowers, a commonly used hair accessory, to your hairdo, you can also opt for a beautiful Passa and rock this gorgeous hairstyle.

Keep It Simple With Soft Waves

Image Courtesy: Studio Elan

Are you someone who loves to keep everything in their life minimalistic and chic? Yes? Then simple hairstyles for short hair like getting soft waves added to straightened hair is what will complete your wedding look. Perfect for brides and bridesmaids alike, this hairstyle is easily manageable and works well with dresses, lehengas, sarees, and whatnot.

And if you are planning to pick a jewellery item that will ten-fold the beauty of this simple hairstyle, then choose between a Maang Tikka or a Matha Patti, they will both look great and add oomph to your overall look.

Get A Low Bun Hairstyle For The Ceremony

Image Courtesy: Studio Elan

Want to flaunt your thick, short, and luscious locks? Put it in simple hairstyles for short hair like a low bun and enjoy the attention that you and your hairdo get. Bun hairstyles often create an illusion about the hair length and thus work perfectly for short and long hair alike.

Plus, the kind of efforts and precision hairstylists put in creating a look these days is crazy. They are all about making you look gorgeous for the big day. And you can always ask them to create your dream look, remember the one that you saw on Pinterest and fell instantly in love with?

Yeah, so get a Gajra, pretty bun accessories or a statement hairpin added to the hairstyle and slay the ceremony in style.

Just because your hair is short, doesn't mean you spend a short amount of time thinking about it. Wearing it right is going to make you look fantastic and that is exactly what you need for your big day.

For all the short-haired girls out there, we have got a well-thought-of list of simple hairstyles for short hair. Pick a hairstyle that will not only complement your style and outfit but will also ensure that you look spectacular from head to toe.

From low buns and soft curls to messy hairdos and edgy additions to the pixie cut, this list has it all. So stress no more because your short hair can be styled in any way and made to look as gorgeous as long hair.

Don't forget to share your top three favourite simple hairstyles for short hair with us and your girlfriends in the comments below.

With Words By Pooja Madan