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List of Things the Groom Needs to Do a Week Before the Wedding

Are the grooms confused about things they need to do, a week before the wedding? We've curated a list of things that the groom must see for himself!

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What is it that we expect the grooms to be doing a week before the wedding? Can we blame all the filmy representations of grooms running away (or getting drunk to get rid of the cold feet and also often seeking refuge in other ways that make the rest of us flip a lot? Moving on from all the exaggeration, the grooms are indeed one of the most hardworking and busy people around, during wedding planning

Getting a hold of all the RSVPs for the final guest list is a given. Freeloaders and more than plus ones are also a given, so the grooms better be prepared for it! The groom is also an unsaid overseer and manager of the whole wedding planning process, but the last week must be kept aside just for himself!

So what is it that the groom needs to do a week before the wedding? The answer is a lot of work and a lot of relaxation to look dashing as ever on his D-day.

Here's a list of things-to-do for the groom a week before the wedding day.


Haircut & Beard Trim


Do not wait for the day before the wedding to get the haircut done. It might look like a bright idea at the time to look clean and handsome, but the haircut is also a risk you take for something that might just go wrong right before the big appearance. Get it done a week before so that the rough edges and wrong trims can be corrected. However, a shave or a trim for the beard sounds perfect for the night before the wedding.

Facial & Pampering 

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It is going to be a stressful lot of days before the wedding with all the shopping and other responsibilities like picking up the guests and more that need to be checked off the long list. The stress and late nights are inevitable and affect our skin to make it dull. Exfoliate, get it massaged and go for various skin-care treatments like facial to make sure you have the perfect radiance when the lights go on!


Image Courtesy: The Honeycombers, Bali

It is a must! It is no myth that clean and trimmed nails enhance one's personality and for the wedding day, your groom must be on top of his game with his manicure and pedicure scheduled right. It is also a relaxing session for the groom to just sit back and sip on some cocktails.

Gym & Diet

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For the fitness freaks and the Hrithik Roshans in the house, it is a good time to buck up in the gym. However, do not let the anxiousness or excitement drive the man of the hour into overdoing it. It is a carnival almost and even though the tables are full of sweets and delicious junk food, this is also a great time to switch to a healthy diet to avoid breakouts on your skin or even an upset stomach. 

Alterations & Fittings

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We are very sure that the families getting ready for a big fat wedding never keep shopping for the last week. Despite all the stacking up of sets of outfits for each ceremony, a lot changes over the months and if there is any need for alterations and fittings, or if some of our grooms are renting out their tux or sherwani, this is the last and safe chance to get these done.


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Enough with the list of to-dos for the big day, because most of it all you need to enjoy and relax. Get your best men on board for a drive or an impromptu party and dance your shoes and cold feet off. Disappear for a drive, but do come back on time for the wedding. 


Image Courtesy: Coach Magazine

If there is enough alcohol and exhaustion running through your veins by now, you NEED to rejuvenate and get ready to stand on the aisle and take your vows without any mess. Get an appointment at the spa or a massage parlour and make sure you have a good night's sleep before all the festivities begin and take the right name on the aisle, unlike Ross (for all the Friends fans, this is relatable)!

While you are at it and your mind is finally at peace with the soothing spa, you can use up this time to come up with a perfect surprise for the bride. A responsible groom, who is on top of his game, while looking absolutely dashing on his D-day is every woman's dream come true and a surprise wedding gift to the bride will be the cherry on top.

Did the grooms in the house find out what the last week before their wedding looks like yet? You can add to the list if we missed out on anything!