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Valentine's Alert: 75 Promises to Make in a Relationship

TRUST! LOYALTY! RESPECT! A healthy & happy relationship is all those elements together! So here are 75 promises to make in a relationship this Promise day to build on your own love!

Promises to make in a relationship by Safarnama

Everyone loves an overdose of romance and care in their marriage. And, that feeling only gets stronger for many when Valentine's week is at it's highest peak! The key to a happy marriage and a strong relationship is how well you are able to understand your partner and give them the space they need to stay as who they are and promises. Promises that are sweet and realistic is sure to make your partner's heart flutter with hopes and that rekindles the romance in ways you've never imagined.

This is why we have curated a listicle of promises to make in a relationship for you. When handled with mutual respect and clear communication, marriage could become of the greatest blessing in life. Read these promises to make in a relationship and solidify your bond now!

Promises to Make in a Relationship(Marriage)

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Not every marriage and relationship are the same. And for that very reason, even if you take notes from what every recently-married couple tells you about their own! Check out our expert promises to make in a relationship and become the master of your own fate!

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1. I promise to identify with your faith as well as I do with mine

2. I promise to grow in your faith with you and seek God’s will for our lives

3.  I promise to remain faithful to you

4.  I promise to pray with you

5. I promise to be accountable to you, to confess my sins to you

6. I promise to respect your faith as well as I do mine


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7. I promise to become your helping hand if you need me to

8. I promise to become your shoulder if you need to shed a tear

9. I promise to stand beside you through thick and thin

10. I promise to truly listen to you(not pretend but really listen to what you have to say, without intervening)

11. I promise to tell you things and call you out even when you don't want to hear them(for your own benefit)

12. I promise to remind you how much I love you all the time

13. I promise to not hold on to an argument longer than necessary

14. I promise to tell you things from my heart no matter what

15. I promise to discuss all family decisions with you

16. I promise to discuss all work-related decisions with you

17. I promise to discuss all health-related decisions with you

18. I promise to listen to you about your career

19. I promise to listen to you about your dreams

20. I promise to listen to you about your aspirations from life

21. I promise to genuinely try to understand your point of view when we disagree without imposing on own on you

22. I promise to forgive you for the times when you are not yourself and not care about the interaction we have thereafter (PMS is real after all)

23. I promise to try and be less pissed at you during that time of the month because it comes once every month 

24. I promise to remind you that I love you, even on the days when I am really mad at you

25.  I promise to be honest about what’s not working for me in this relationship, you change a little and I do some and that is how we will make this marriage work

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26. I promise to compromise (to some extent) on my bachelorhood days so that we get to spend more time together

27. I promise to compromise on hoarding the bathroom hostage when you have to go to work as well

28. I promise to compromise on deciding which television programme to watch. (We can always set days or buy two television sets)

29. I promise to nag you less about leaving the toilet seat up. Even when I hate it, I'll try not to be a ninja about it

30. I promise I will make space for your toiletries as well and not hoard hundred day and night creams on the shelves

31. I promise not to tell anyone that you love gossip as much as I do well I'll try not to


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32. I promise to try not to go all “hahaha lol” in public when you do something embarrassing

33. I  promise to not call you by your nickname in public (well, at least I promise to try)

34. I promise to not roll my eyes when you attempt to make a joke and miserably fail at it

35. I promise to share the last piece of pizza with you

36. I promise I'll try to share the last piece of butter chicken with you ( I'll try)

37. I promise to watch a Godfather marathon with you, follow by Rocky series

38. I promise to watch all Nicholas Sparks movie with you (PS I'll try and not sleep while I am at it)

39. I promise to not make fun and record it when you snore

40. I promise to back you up in front of your buddies (in cases when they are pulling your leg)

41. I promise to not give you a piece of my mind every time you leave your room dirty

42. I promise to provide food for you (restaurant and takeouts mostly)

43. I promise to always be by your side. Or under you. Or on top, if you like

44. I promise I'll love you even when I’m really, really hungry

45. I promise I'll love you in a way that’s nauseating to others

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46. I promise to never take you for granted

47. I promise to always respect you and your decisions

48. I promise to stand guard and save your dignity as mine

49. I promise to learn something from you every day and continue to get inspired by you

50. I promise to let you be you, without becoming someone you are not

51. I promise to let you grow and would love to grow old with you

52. I promise to always make time for you, for us, for our family

53. I promise to replace 'I' with 'We'

54. I promise I will cross every ocean to keep you always

55. I promise to make you smile and laugh after you've had a tough week

56. I promise I'll let you adopt all the pets you want (your happiness = mine)

57. I promise we will get a mini bar for our home (your happiness = mine)

58. I promise to let you pick the movie once in a while. But, just don't get habitual

59. I promise I'll keep surprising you with hugs and kisses every once in a while

60. I promise I will never let us change from how we are right now

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61. I promise to be your shield

62. I promise to be the designated rived when you're sloshed and passed out

63. I promise I will not splurge all our savings on shopping (I'll try to save some part of it)

64. I promise I will accompany you to your boring business/official dine outs

65. I promise I'll be your cheerleader when you need some pep talk

66. I promise I'll attend all the music concerts with you (Even when they make my ears bleed)

67. I promise I will not force you to cook for me, instead we will order 

68. I promise I will buy you one sweet decadent every week

69. I promise we will go on vacations whenever we have the time

70. I promise I will make your dream to travel the world come true

71. I promise I will dance with you till the end of time even when I feel I am nearing a heart stroke

72. I promise I will stay put no matter what

73. I promise I will not put my cold hands and feet on you at night just to annoy you

74. I promise I will hold you close when you need me most

75. I promise I will be your bro when you need me to be

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Each one of us must abide by these promises to make in a relationship and you will be surprised at how smooth and beautiful your marriage could be. At the end of the day, you love each another and for that reason, you both must be willing to go to any length or cross any ocean! This Valentine's day promise each other your mind, body and soul and rekindle your marriage like a youthful love affair! 

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Do you agree with these promises to make in a relationship? Tell us through the comments!