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Sabina Yeasmin

Sabina Yeasmin

Weddings are dreamlike and I love expressing these dreams into words. I am in for anything that’s amusing, beautiful, aesthetic, and offers food. Checkout my writings to know more about the madness that’s me.

Articles published by Sabina Yeasmin

Kanyadaan: Everything That You Should Know About This Hindu Wedding Ritual
A religious wedding
One of the most emotional moments in a women’s life and that of her parents is the ritual of kanyadaan in a wedding ceremony. But from where does the concept come from and what’s its validity today? Read further to know it all and more!
8 Shades That Give an Indian Wedding a Color Pop
Planning your wedding
An Indian wedding is all about spreading love, happiness, and delight. Guess what completes it all? The colours! The significance of colours in an Indian wedding is something which is barely describable with words. But still, here we try a bit!
8 Maharani Haar Designs to Give You The Royal, Bridal Look
The Bride
Do you want a royal look for your regal wedding affair? Well, the most important thing you need is the Maharani Haar. Here's the all-comprehensive guide to this jewellery style.
8 Wow Wedding Garland Ideas Which Work For A Traditional Ceremony
A religious wedding
The wedding garland marks your wedding day like no other. Make sure it is as grand as the wedding itself. Let us help choose some unconventional wedding garland ideas for you.
All That You Need to Know About Gota Patti Work to Style It for D-day
The Bride
Gota Patti work has always been a winner in the bridal trousseau game. But do you know what it actually is and how you can source authentic gota patti work? Read further to know it all and more!
15 Marigold Flower Decor Ideas to Jazz up Your Wedding Venue
Wedding decoration
Marigold flowers have a timeless appeal to them. Here are some breathtakingly beautiful marigold flower ideas to recreate for your wedding decorations!