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8 Games For Wedding That Are Super Fun For All Of Your Ceremonies

Weddings are incomplete without fun games that make all the functions memorable. Have you witnessed such games for wedding ceremonies before?

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No nuptials are complete without a little bit of tadka added to it and with the help of films like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Hum Saath Saath Hain, we have so many games for wedding ceremonies that keep the whole family into splits and make the wedding a super exciting and memorable event of your life. Many don't know which games to organise and eventually, you end up doing nothing and regret the fact that your wedding wasn't as happening as Prem's wedding from both the above-mentioned films.

So, we are here to make your life a tad bit interesting. Please note down these games for wedding ceremonies that you can play at your wedding and make it extra special!

1. Joote Do Paise Lo

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This is one of the most played games for wedding ceremonies. The inspiration is, of course, is the film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and why shouldn't it be, the cute little tiffs between both the bride's team and the groom's team are both hilarious and extremely interesting.

For those few who don't know anything about it, here's how this wedding game goes. Basically, the groom's team has to protect his shoes from getting stolen by the bride's team. whoever wins, gets gifts or money as goodwill. The strategies used here are key to who wins and are so much fun.

Need some aid? Here are some stellar ideas to help you nab those wedding shoes.

2. Put A Ring On It


This game apparently helps the family declare who will have an upper hand in the relationship. The bride and groom sit across each other and they have to find a ring from the mixture of milk and rose petals.

This is a very cute Indian traditional wedding game where the couple has the best of two rounds and whoever wins rules the house and the heart as well. Add a modern twist this games for wedding idea by adding some quirky surprises in the milk vessel too.

3. Him and Her

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In this game, the bride and groom have a face off and answer questions about each other. The host asks them some personal questions and they check if they know each other well or not.

Such games for wedding ceremonies are a huge hit with the audience as they get to know the couple well and a lot of laughs are received.

4. Sajan Ki Mehendi

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In this game, the bride gets her hands covered in some extremely intricate and elegant mehndi designs and the artist hides the first letter of the groom's name into it. The groom's job is to find out the letter.

It is as tricky as Finding Waldo, as the letter is very smartly hidden by the mehndi artist. You may add another level to this games for wedding suggestion by adding some details related to your sister-in-law (if you have one). She would definitely go gaga over your bridal mehndi.

5. Mother Nose Best

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This game is my absolute favourite as the bride's mother gets to pull the nose of the groom when he arrives and if she does, then and only then does he get to enter the mandap.

This is a very traditional game played since time immemorial and everybody enjoys witnessing this game. The groom can save his nose from getting pulled and if he does, he enters the venue with great fervour.

6. Who Tu Tu

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This is one of the funniest games for wedding ceremonies. The groom here has to identify his wife amongst a bunch of other women who have covered their faces with veils. if he identifies the bride correctly, then and only then does he get to spend the night with her and if he doesn't then he has to spend the evening with his friends.

7. Antakshri And Dumb Charades

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This is one of the most played games for wedding ceremonies ever! We have played this game with families, friends and strangers as well.

You have the best of time playing this game at weddings because you can have a war of songs between the bride's team and the groom's team. The amount of cheating that happens in this game is ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing!!

8. Kaleerein Shaleerein

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This game is an Indian version of catching the bouquet thrown by the bride in the west. Here, the bride wears a dangling piece of jewellery called 'Kalire' that is entangled with the Chura(bangles).

The bride then goes ahead and shakes it on the heads of her bridesmaids and if it falls on someone, that girl apparently is the next one to get married. In fact, this fun Punjabi Kalire ceremony ends up in a lot of shy giggles and hooting from the rest of the people.

Weddings are all about the good memories and how you make them so that you can reminisce those moments later in your life with fondness and feel nostalgic about how wonderful the wedding ceremony was. So include as many games at your wedding as possible and make have a gala time!

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