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5 Fun Ways to Steal the Groom’s Wedding Shoes on the D-day!

Stealing the groom’s wedding shoes on the wedding day is fun tradition that is eagerly awaited for by team bride. Here are 5 interesting ways you can steal the groom’s shoes!


Stealing the groom’s wedding shoes or Joota Chupai on the day of the wedding ceremony is a fun-filled tradition in Indian weddings, particularly in north Indian weddings, that brings an interesting element of humour and fun in the wedding celebration. In this ritual, the bride’s friends and sisters hide the groom’s shoes on the wedding day.

Team bride usually asks for a huge amount of money from the groom in return for his shoes. The bride’s friends and sisters tease their Jija Ji while they are at it. Many bridesmaids look forward to this tradition with a lot of excitement and may take the stealing, hiding and negotiating very seriously. We have written this article to help all your bridesmaids by giving you 5 fun and interesting ways you can steal the groom’s wedding shoes below:

1. Capitalise on the Poojas and Ceremonies

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Poojas and other ceremonies like Phere may require the groom to take off his shoes. It is better if you can speak to the Pandit Ji beforehand to make sure that the groom has to take off his wedding shoes for the ritual as this gives you a fine opportunity to execute the mighty robbery.

This is a pretty straight forward opportunity to take the leap and the groom has to be very innocent to let go off his shoes this easily. More often than not, grooms in this position take their shoes off and hand them to someone they trust so that they don’t get stolen. So either tackle the groom there and then, or wait for another opportunity!

2. Appoint a secret informer

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If you want to go into a full-on shoe thief mode, you can appoint a secret informer from the groom’s side. Just make sure that this person is someone that nobody expects to be a part of such an arrangement. They should be close enough to the groom so that you know exactly where the wedding shoes are placed at a given point of time.

3. Win over the Groom’s mother

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Out of every person that is going to be a part of the wedding, nobody can beat the influence that the groom’s mother can have and what all she can make the groom do. Just go and convince the groom’s mother well in advance and ask her to help you in stealing the shoes. Chances are that she will be a good sport and will help you steal the groom’s wedding shoes on the wedding day.

4. Use your wit to your advantage

Another approach in stealing the groom’s wedding shoes is to use your wit and your networking skills to your advantage while executing the theft. You can make friends with the friends and family from the groom’s side and win them over to your side so that they can help you with your task. It is here that you will have to win them by your charm and convince them to co-operate with you.

5. Get the shoe keeper on your side


For the last approach in this list of fun ways to steal the groom’s wedding shoes on the wedding day, we suggest that you bribe the shoe keeper appointed by the groom to defend his shoes. Nowadays, most grooms have become hard to fool by and don’t fall into the traps set by you very easily.

Some grooms go to the lengths of appointing a dedicated shoe keeper to make sure that the wedding shoes are safe and secure with the groom and the bridesmaids are not able to get their way easily. In such a case, you can stay one step ahead of the groom and identify the shoe keeper at the wedding. Then you can try to persuade the shoe keeper or even bribe them to be on your side. This way you can fool the groom till the last moment and then ask for a hefty amount also considering the shoe keeper’s cut.

Stealing the groom’s wedding shoes is one of those traditions that keep the laughter and humour alive in the wedding ceremony. It can also be seen as a tool which helps break the ice between the bridesmaids and the groom’s side of friends and family.

All the planning, plotting and stealing is done in a manner to tease the groom and have fun with them, so remember that everything is done in good humour and there is no intention to hurt anybody’s feelings. We hope this list of fun and interesting ways to steal the groom’s wedding shoes helps you add great memories to the wedding and more importantly, helps win you a big amount of money from the groom!

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