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12 Shagun Envelope Design Ideas Guaranteed To Draw A Wow From Your Wedding Guests

There's nothing as timeless as a Shagun Ka Lifafa or a Shagun envelope. It works as a wedding gift, a token of appreciation and even last-minute hand in if your gift idea does not work out.

Image courtesy: Craft Craver

From a token of appreciation to a kind monetary gift, the concept of gifting a Shagun envelope has been around for the longest. And though you may think twice on the amount that you would like to add as your gift (especially if you're handing it for a wedding ceremony), we have you sorted on the kind of design you should go for.

Here are the Shagun envelope design ideas that are trending across the platform:

1. Floral inspiration

Image courtesy: Paperholic Design Studio

Floral prints have become an essential element when it comes to wedding stationery, be it on gift tags, on wedding invitations and even a Shagun envelope. Try to pick yours with a pastel shade base and a print that best suits your fancy.

Image courtesy: Paperholic Design Studio

If flowers don't drive you crazy, consider adding an individual element on top or combined with a floral piece. For instance, the anchor speaks about the commitment levels of the couple. Getting your names printed over the Shagun envelope is like the cherry on top.

2. Ornate stick-ons

Image courtesy: Heavenly Handmade

Going the over the top with a humble Shagun envelope? Na, there's no such thing. Consider adding appliques, motifs and even stick-on floral accessories to your token handouts and see the faces of their intended recipients light up in sheer joy.

3. Quirky prints

Image courtesy: Bhawna R Kapoor

Quirk is in and how. Consider an art deco quirky print, with the coolest elements you can think of - like the storks and shades here and then ask your wedding invitation vendor to print them into a set of Shagun envelope leaflets for you. Fold, stick and present in them in great style.

4. Desi fun

Image courtesy: Cue The Confetti

Desi is always a great idea, especially when it comes to Indian weddings. Add desi vibes to your Shagun envelope by either getting traditional Indian prints or a handpainted set like the one seen here.

5. Stick-on accessories

Image courtesy: D'Krafts

Stick-on elements like a brooch, buttons, tassels, artificial flowers or even a leaf atop your Shagun envelope will jazz the experience for you and your intended recipient.

If your envelope has a fancy enough base, this single detail will be enough to make it a legitimate piece of art.

6. Pouch slouch

Jyoti Creations

It's a Shagun envelope, it's a pouch, it's both. Consider getting a set of envelopes for your monetary gifts that would outlast the ceremony and be of better use to them later.

Choose these pouches in a variety of sizes, from 2-inch wads to a set of envelopes.

7. Clutch Much?

Image courtesy: Paper Concepts

Nail two birds together with a Shagun envelope that looks like a clutch. This fashionable accessory would work as a wedding gift or favour as well. Think of it this - you've given your guest a purse with enough money to head to town!

8. Bag It Away

Image courtesy: Triyama Boutique

Cotton, jute and satin bags as a legitimate Shagun envelope. Few would think of it and that's why it's a winner every time. Shop for these bags in bulk and cut down on the costs of these wedding favours.

Then add the money to your new Shagun envelope and see how you're able to make a difference accordingly.

9. Emboss in Gold

Image courtesy: Tanji Invitations

Back to conventional designs for a Shagun envelope! You can't ever go wrong with gold leaf embossing. Add it atop your chosen pattern (like this dreamcatcher print) and voila. You're good to go with a set of paper envelopes that will go their distance.

10. Stylised wishes

Image courtesy: Hands-on Craft

Adding a custom wish to your Shagun envelope is often the simplest and most evergreen trend that you can pick up. Add letters to your covers which say 'Badhaai Ho', 'Best Wishes', 'Thank You' and more.

11. Laser cut envelopes

Image courtesy: Yesmari Designs

Laser cut designs are a trend that's here to say so far as wedding stationery is concerned. So, why not add it to the envelope? Here's how you can work a foldable envelope that's been cut to precision. Stick, add cash and voila - you have a Shagun envelope.

12. Mehndi favours

Hand out a Shagun envelope or a dozen together as a set of Mehndi favours and see how your guests pick them out in glee. Add token cash to them and they would have no confusion as to how they can use them.

Even in the age of gifting cards, instant PayTM and cash transfer apps, there's nothing as personal than using cash as a gift, replete in a custom cover. Get your names printed on them and ensure that your set does not have a piece that's faulty in terms of printing, accessories and pasting on the envelope.

Inspired much? Get in touch with a wedding stationery vendor and order a set of yourself today.