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10 Beautiful Couple Shoot Ideas That Add Magic To Your Pictures

Unsure about how to capture your beautiful couple moments during a professional photoshoot? These 10 ideas will create and capture that magic in your clicks.

Aman Gera Photography

There's something extraordinary about a couple's photography. It can be tailored to suit your unique personal tastes and they also help you flaunt your personality. Beautiful couples can be made to look even more beautiful and perfect with the right photography choices. For weddings as well as for pre and post wedding photos couple photography has become an essential part of the rituals.

In this article, we'll present to you the various ways in which you let your beautiful couple personality express itself in the photos.

1. The Green lovers

Harsh Karnawat Photography

If you love nature, a beautiful couple photoshoot in the woods and the wild is a splendid idea. You can pose holding hands or hug each other as you lie about in the meadows swallowing in all the greenery and the fresh air. With or without beautiful filters, let the green environment add a natural foil to your intimacy.

A shot from behind while you entwine your hands and have that toothy grin look is going to bring out your fun and loving side to the fore.

2. The pet couple

Nitin Arora Photography

If you love pets as much as we do, you will have to agree that our furry friends be they canine or feline just make our hearts melt. As you share your love with each other, you can hold or pose with your pets to make sure that your love for pets is also a part of your wonderful personality.

You don't have to dress up for such a beautiful couple shoot, homely clothes will look as good as bridal lehengas in this kind of a pre-wedding shoot.

3. The ballroom stunners

Nirbhay Srivastava Photography

As a beautiful couple, no photoshoot can be complete without some stunning shots of you and your man in a dressing gown and tux as you twirl about on the dance floor. You're the heart of the party, and everyone is going to know it.

Work your splendid shots together in action - be it dancing in a classic twirl, dip or bend or a moment capturing your proposal and commitment to each other.

4. The cheesecake factory

Happy Flashbacks

We do not mistake the cheesy with the cringe-inducing. Awesome cheesy pictures like posing with the traditional heart shapes with fingers or pillows work as do other pictures where the beautiful couple chooses to feed each other their favourite dish, a slice of pizza maybe!

5. The beach bonanza

Mahesh Kelkar Photography

This one needs no further explanation. As the beautiful couple you are, let the world wait as you frolic about in the beaches and celebrate your mutual life together. Beaches are beautiful and so are you.

6. The traditional argument

Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

You are modern and yet you wish to connect with your roots. What better way to express this than do a photoshoot in traditional Indian clothes that may also be of a bridal nature. You can pose anywhere you want, your traditional values and your personality will be there for all to see.

7. An evening in Paris

Cox and Kings

For the Francophile in you, this idea is one that you can execute during your honeymoon or during any excuse you can get to go to the most romantic city in the world! A picture of the beautiful couple by the Arc de Triomphe, the pyramids at the Musée de Louvre or the Eiffel tower will be memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime to come.

8. The history buffs

Parikshit Suri Photography

If you love history you can allow for its expression in beautiful couples photography by taking pics in any of the thousands of historical forts, palaces and archaeological ruins that dot the expanse of our awesome country. Your photos will work even better if you dress according to the historical styles of the location you use.

9. The wine connoisseurs

Purple Tree Studio

For those that love their Moet & Chandon or their Bordeaux, a visit to a vineyard or even a party with loads of wine can be a  perfect avenue to showcase their love for their favourite poison as well as for each other. Be it white or red, a pose of the beautiful couple with a wineglass or the uncorking of vintage is always going to be classy.

10. The foodie special

Royal Rajwada Photography

If the only thing you love as much as your partner is food, then indulge yourself in a foodie photoshoot. Click pictures as varied as a street food sampling or a  candlelight dinner at a romantic restaurant. With this beautiful couple photography guide, you can never go wrong. Take all the pictures you want with a capable professional and enjoy the shared expression of your personalities in any of the above ways. Life is beautiful with your partner and it's even better when your photoshoot matches your personality.

If you like this article or wish to tell us about your own photoshoot ideas please share and comment below.