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Find out What Are the Most Common Wedding Photography Mistakes Couples Make

Your wedding is probably going to be the most photographed event of your life. However, don't end up with wedding photography mistakes that would may mar your magical moments. Here are the 4 that can cost you a lot.

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One of the busiest people at the wedding ceremony is the wedding photographer. Every Indian wedding is packed with people and the celebration can be very festive and can last for days. Photos are expected to flood after the event and most often than not, the couple realizes their mistakes only after the celebration is done or the pictures have already been delivered. Wedding albums are your treasure trove of memories. Make sure you add all y our wedding moments into it. 

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Your wedding photographs will ensure that your precious moments stay frozen in time. You can always visit the most special and sacred day of your through them and also pass them down as a legacy to your subsequent generations. Here are some of the most common photo mistakes that brides and grooms make according to photographers:

1. Hiring More Than One Team of Photographers

It is a given fact that the wedding day is a grand celebration and the couple usually wants to maximise the documentation of the event. A problem that usually follows this thinking is hiring two or more teams of photographers to cover the event. Even if the families can pay for many teams, remember there's a reason why this ranks among common wedding photography mistakes. And that's the fact that just does not work. For instance, this can bring discord among the different teams.

How? Most likely, photographers will find similar spots or areas for the perfect angle and this could cause them to compete over the area which could affect the quality of the photos. It is advised to have one well-coordinated team to cover for the event. This may turn out to be a blessing in disguise as not even a single precious moment of yours will go to waste. 

Avoid all of this with this step by step approach:

* Shortlist and confirm one set of photographers

* Get a realistic number of people that would come

* Ask how these people would be divided into different teams

* Make arrangements for all teams

2. Obstructive Decorations

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Indian weddings are known for their extravagant decorations. While this is not entirely a bad thing, there are times when the choice of colour for the decorations of the venue affects how light is reflected or registered on the camera. And this leads to a second set of common wedding photography mistakes.

Photographers find it difficult to watch how a perfect moment becomes washed out of its natural colour due to the decorations that obstruct proper reflection of light combinations. We recommend discussing your wedding decor with your photographer before the big day to ensure that it will look amazing in photographs and won’t obstruct the perfect shots.

* Show them your plans in advance

* Set up obstruction-free spots for them

* Make plans to cover more crowded spots early

3. Makeup Blunders

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Makeup can be a big help in making a bride’s skin look beautiful on her wedding day. Too much or too little makeup will greatly affect how the bride’s face will look like in the images. This leads to blotchy or a dark looking bride - another common set of wedding photography mistakes.

We recommend hiring a professional makeup artist with experience at weddings. These professional makeup artists will use natural light when doing the makeup of the bride and the rest of the entourage.

4. Too Many Demands and Expectations

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It’s important to choose a wedding photographer who you trust and avoid making too many demands of the professionals. Wedding photographers are pressured enough during the event and an uncooperative couple can make things virtually impossible. You end up expecting the moon and getting angered when it's anything but that, causing expectation issues to be a large chunk amid wedding photography mistakes.

What photographers need from the couple is to relay what they want for their wedding coverage and to listen to what the experts have to say.

Hiring a skilled wedding photographer or a wedding videographer is one of the most important and essential things a couple needs to take care of prior to their wedding date. Make sure before you invest into one, you visit a handful of vendors and look at their work. If their aesthetics match with yours, then you can go ahead and hire them. 

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