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Let These 8 Indian Bride Games Stir Up a Spin in Your D-day With the Perfect Touch of Ancient Balanced by Millennial

Indian bride games are always an eagerly awaited feature of Indian weddings. Here we present to you, eight games for everyone to enjoy and celebrate!

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Nobody is ever too old for games, not even newly married brides. Games bring out the child in you, put you at ease and allow you to let go of your inhibitions. What better way to make the new bride comfortable in her new home than to welcome her with a simple post-wedding game? Thankfully, we have a rich tradition of Indian bride games that go long back. If these are too Desi for your taste, then there are other contemporary Indian bride games for millennial's that do the trick. Games have always been a part of the traditions and also of all the rituals in every cultural wedding that has ever happened, the games are the part where not only the newlyweds have fun, but the guests have fun too. Among all the hooting and cheering can the cameras spot the blushing bride and groom stealing competitive glances yet?

All you need is a warm welcoming environment, a dash of naughtiness and truckload of laughter. Remember, the objective is to make the bride feel at home, so go easy on the competitiveness. Listed here a couple of Indian bride wedding games that will appeal to those young at heart.

1. Antakshari

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Antakshari is the pyjama of Indian bride game; it is simple, familiar and comfortable. Mostly it is convenient. Popular across the country and a staple of Bollywood family sagas, Antakshari does not require any external paraphernalia. A player sings a few lines of a song and the next player must choose the song beginning from the last letter that the previous player last sang. You might not find the next Indian Idol in your midst but the bride will be left in splits from the bad singing of her new family. The bonding that happens over the out-of-tune singing with wrong lyrics that end in a fit of laughter is the best way to begin warming up to the family.

2. Do you know me?

The Lightsmiths

This game involves quizzing the couple about each other. Pose a question and ask them to scribble the answer on a notepad or placard. Things may get a little too dreamy and lovey-dovey as the game proceeds so make sure to add a comic interlude. This Indian bride game will make the couple fall deeper in love and also remind the bride that she has a supportive and loving partner in her new abode.

3. Bridal Treasure Hunt

Through the Barrel

When it comes to Indian bride games, treasure hunts are doubly fun because they promise a reward to add the end. Whether the treasure is the hubby or the bridal chambers, a treasure hunt can be moulded into an entertaining Indian bride game easily. Clues about the couple’s quirks and dating history can be used to spice things up and work as an excellent icebreaker for the bride. This game is fun for the friends and bridesmaids and groom's squad who can map out the treasures with your secrets and tell-tales and you have to participate in the game because of the treasure at the end of the hunt is more than exciting!

4. Balloon/Coconut Dance

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This Indian bride game will surely set the temperature to soar. Inspired by the coconut tie-breaker from the rom-com Just Go With it, the objective is to make the couple dance with a balloon balanced between them. The balloon is first wedged near their stomach initially and must make its way to the very top without bursting. The couple cannot use their hands to move the balloon. As you can imagine this requires impressive chemistry and physical manoeuvring from the couple and will leave everyone giggling.

5. Wedding Ring Search

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A traditional Indian bride game, this one is a staple of wedding scenes on television and movies. You will need a huge container filled with milk, rose petals and haldi. The wedding rings are placed inside the container and the couple must search for them using their hands. You can make it more interesting by adding other metallic objects to confuse the couple. The crowd cheering gets louder when the bride and groom blush if their hands touch each other's and this is everything that the Indian bride games are all about - fun, love and laughter.

6. Raise a Shoe

Through the Barrel

This Indian bride game does not require any props. The couple sits with their backs to each other and is asked a number of questions to which they must answer the “bride” or “groom.” The twist is that the bride raises her shoe if the answer is the groom, and the groom raises his shoe when the answer is the bride. This Indian bride game will certainly lead to hilarity as the quirky secrets of the couples are displayed in front of everyone. Raise your glasses as the couple gets down to raising their shoes and answer the funniest questions that can be permitted in the presence of the family and friends all going bonkers!

7. Taboo

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Another Indian bride game that tests the chemistry of the lovebirds, this game can be played using an app or customized placards. The groom or the bride holds a placard with a word that they must guess using the clues given by the other partner. The twist is that there is a list of words that the prompter cannot use while helping the guesswork funnily tricky.

8. Thengai Uruturathu

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A popular Indian bride game played in South India, this game requires coconuts. The bride and groom sit at a considerable distance and roll a coconut in each other’s direction. The objective of the game is to make the coconuts crash into each other.

These Indian bride games will most certainly start a playful banter and create a warm and friendly environment for the newlyweds, especially the bride. Use these games as an icebreaker and give the bride a memorable fun-filled session after the wedding. You can also check out some Haldi/Mehndi ceremony games for your guests or perhaps for your bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Make sure to add Indian bride games that you know of in the comments below. Don't forget to share the list with your friends and family.