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Reception Entrance Ideas: Create Unforgettable D-day Moments

The reception function gives you an opportunity to celebrate to the fullest. The following is a list of some interesting reception entrance ideas you should see.

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The wedding reception is your first official function as husband and wife and marks the beginning of a beautiful journey. You are finally free from all the formalities and all the jitters of the wedding day and can celebrate without thinking about anything else now. You get to party hard and show your gratitude to your guests for their blessings.

Mostly, the theme of the wedding reception party is more quirky and fun when compared with the wedding, which is more on the traditional side. The entrance into the venue for the reception party creates the first impression about the party itself and set the right tone for the party.

The following is a list of reception entrance ideas that you can take inspiration from to create an interesting entrance for your party venue.

1.  Under the flowers

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When you think of reception entrance ideas, flowers are probably the first things that come to mind. Floral decoration is very popular when it comes to wedding decor. Here, we have an entry passage with a roof of garlands made of white and pink flowers that make the entrance look so beautiful and colourful. The colours create a sense of happiness and celebration in the minds of the guests as soon as they enter the venue.

2.  A classic motorcycle

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Another interesting route to go when you’re looking for reception entrance ideas is using quirky and funny props on the entrance that bring a smile to the faces of the guests when they enter the reception venue. Like in the above photograph, we see a classic motorcycle decorated with a bunch of flowers to create a wedding-y vibe. You and your guests can get their Jay-Veeru style pictures clicked on this bike and create a memory that they can cherish for a long time ahead.

3.  A Bright Pink Floral Passage

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If you want the entrance for the reception to be bright and imposing, you can go for such reception entrance ideas. The entrance feels like a mysterious passage with walls made entirely of these bright pink flowers. The design looks bold, beautiful and extravagant, perfect for a wedding reception function.

4. A tunnel of lights

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Nothing beats the beauty of warm lights on a dark night. In this photograph, we see a long passage studded with multiple bright LED lights that seem to go on and on creating an aesthetically beautiful entrance. You can also take inspiration from such reception entrance ideas and create your own tunnel of light.

5. Warm yellow Lamps

Picture Perfect India

Next on this list of reception entrance ideas, we have this entrance wall with warm yellow lamps all over. The lamps make for a very soothing form of lighting that can also act as a stunning backdrop for your photographs. This design idea is easy to execute and adds so much beauty to the reception decor.

6. Bright fireworks

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Fireworks are synonymous with celebrations. Be it the festival of Diwali, New Year’s eve or even the Indian team winning the cricket world cup, fireworks are an important part of celebrations in our country. They add an element of visual drama and magnificent beauty. You can also use fireworks, as shown in this picture as supplements your other reception entrance ideas, especially the entry of the bride and groom.

7. Deep purple entrance with floral chandeliers

Picture Perfect India

This combination of pink and blue looks so regal and extravagant and sets a similar theme to the wedding reception party. The dark colours and the use of the floral chandeliers make this entrance feel like the passage for a royal medieval wedding fit for a king and queen. You can also go for such reception entrance ideas for the most regal wedding reception.

8. Hanging Lights Reception entrance

Gautam Khullar Photography

For the last photograph on this list of reception entrance ideas, we have this entrance passage with a trail of lights hanging from the roof that makes for a grand and well-lit entrance, which will set the tone for a regal wedding reception party.

Your wedding reception is the last event during the wedding festivities and marks the beginning of your marriage. The decor for the entrance of the wedding events is one of the most important things to consider as it creates the first impression in the minds of the guests. For your wedding reception, we suggest you go for a quirky entrance design from this list of reception entrance ideas and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

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