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6 Wedding Reception Mistakes That Can Rain on Your Parade

You may have a glitzy venue, the perfect setup, great food but no plan will lead to confusion, boredom and a dampener of a wedding reception. These are some of the major mistakes you should watch out for.

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Was your wedding all that you had hoped for? Are your guests still talking about your choices for your bridal outfit, the wedding menu, decor and more? Then you know that your wedding reception ought to be the icing on the cake for this experience. And that's where things can go wrong if you don't give the ceremony the kind of attention it needs.

No matter how much you plan and prepare for your wedding, last minute hiccups always show up. And the only way you can deal with them is when you are prepared for everything else. Proper planning and thinking ahead can save you a lot of embarrassment and unease so you better pay attention.

Here are the more common errors that could cause your last wedding event to stand out like a sore thumb. Follow these wedding reception tips and follow them to the 'T' to avoid any mishap and seal the deal to ensure that your wedding reception is nothing short of a blockbuster party. 

A. Common Planning Mistakes For Your Wedding Reception

These are some of the most common mistakes that couples tend to make when organising and planning their wedding reception. Some of them might come as a surprise for you whereas the others you might already be expecting. No matter what, these are things that can't be overlooked. So, to ensure that you don't become one of those couples, it is essential you bookmark this list and be mindful of these small glitches! 

1. Lack of a schedule

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You want to work with a basic outline for the event which will especially help your vendors to start things at the right time such as certain food stalls, a playlist, and more. Do talk to your wedding planner and fix up something that works for you.

Engage your guests, involve them in games, even if all you end up doing is calling your uncles to the dance floor. Be with them and acknowledge the fact they're important to you.

2. Too many food options

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It’s great to provide variety to your guests and includes many cuisines, of course. If your wedding reception is happening right after your wedding day, then give thought to a different palette than what you had served on your wedding food menu. Instead of a gastronomical journey (which could considerably increase your costs), try for a structured set with crowd pleasers, a basic dinner and desserts.

Organise the dining area to a section of the reception venue, instead of spreading it all over as you don't want a hungry crowd ambling all over the place to fill up their dinner plates.

3. Not sharing your plans on time

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While it makes sense to include your wedding reception plans onto your wedding invitation, there are times when we become fuzzy on the details. This happens, especially when you have opted for a digital invitation or are planning a reception ceremony for a select set of friends or family.

Think about whether you wish to go with a reception theme, whether you want your guests to wear a certain kind of attire or participate in some activities for the day. Then, put that information on the reception invite.

B. Common Execution Mistakes For Your Wedding Reception

These are some of the most common mistakes that couples tend to make when executing their plans and putting to action their wedding reception plan. The sheer amount of planning and preparation it takes to pull off a big fat Indian wedding is enough to give even the most seasoned professionals a cold sweat. So, to ensure that you don't become one of those couples, it is essential you bookmark this list and be mindful of these small glitches! 

4. Keeping things too formal

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A reception can become an extremely boring affair if you’re not careful. Try to do something different to make your wedding reception remarkable. For example, include activities for your guests, come up with a really good music playlist or make the food counters extremely creative, allowing your guests to personalise their picks and enjoy themselves. Don’t make it a predictable or forgettable affair and try to be a part of the event by going around the venue and talking to your guests.

Even something simple like a great speech from the couple with funny anecdotes can work wonders for the party and make things a lot more memorable. You may also think of including some wedding games for the day.

5. Creating a favourites-only music playlist

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It’s understandable that you will have preferences and will want to include certain songs on your list. Do that but don’t forget to take your guests into consideration. Popular tracks, trending songs, crowd favourites will go a long way in making your guests feel comfortable, let their hair down and just have a good time.

Do take care of your guests and make them feel welcome. If you’re not sure, look at trending charts and turn to Bollywood for some wedding music inspiration. You can also let your DJ share options with you and work together to come up with something fun.

6. Being absorbed in your reception photoshoot

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There's no bigger turn-off for your reception guests than feeling ignored and sidelined. This can happen if you seem to be absorbed in your spotlight. 

Remember, your guests are here to take part in your special day and need a perfect host to let them know that you appreciate their presence. If you intend to pose for your wedding reception photos, either do so before the event or after it. You may also get your siblings or bridesmaids to engage everyone in a set of ice-breaking games, while you create memories for your wedding album.

We hope that this list of common mistakes around the wedding reception ceremony help you steer away from these common errors. We request you to do your bit and add any others that you may have witnessed in the comments section below.

Ready for it? Then go ahead and begin planning for your wedding reception ceremony.