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Make Your Wedding Reception Menu Delectable as Well as Unbeatable in 6 Easy Steps

Let’s be honest; weddings are incomplete without good food in them. Especially in Indian weddings, it’s all about the variety of dishes you have to offer to your wedding guests. Read on to find out how you can build your own reception menu with ease.

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Your wedding ceremony can be an absolute delight for everyone’s eyes; the attire, the wedding décor, the arrangements, everything can be impeccable. But all of that becomes worthless the moment someone says, "Khana badhiya nahi tha." If the food isn’t up to the mark, it ruins the mood of the event. That's why you should plan your reception menu with the utmost care. Have a balance between popular tried and tested dishes and your want to experiment with cuisine items. In order to make things easier for you, here are some steps you need to religiously follow while planning an ideal reception menu:

1. Budget

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The first thing to do here is to know your budget so that you don’t go off-limits and compromise or adjust in other aspects of your big day. We recommend you to divide your budget into two parts: on one side, you’ll deal with three-quarters of your real budget as the limit and on the other side you’ll keep the left quarter for emergencies or improvements. In this way, if more guests decide to come or you want to add an extra dish or service, it won’t be a problem! Build your reception menu from the scratch like a pro. Take the help of your caterer to find out some real money saving hacks like replacement dishes for the off-season crowd favourite dishes. 

2. Are you coming?

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After having your budget set, it’s time to confirm the number of guests attending your reception. This is no joke! Because there’s always someone who’ll bring along their aunt, niece or grandpa without prior notification. In order to avoid the last minute stress, contact your guests and make sure whether they’re coming or not and how many +1s will they need. You can avoid such scenarios by requesting to RSVP on your wedding website. This way, you will have a better approximation of how many people are going to be attending your wedding.

3. Taste it before you book it!

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"Maasi said that they did a fab job at her friend’s sister in-law’s daughter’s wedding, so I’ll go for them." This is a very common mistake every bride makes. Not because your Maasi liked the food, you and your guests will enjoy it too. Before deciding the menu, it’s important to keep in mind your guests’ preferences. We don’t mean for you to ask each one of them about their taste but on a general level, have an idea about what would work and what might not! You can always experiment with the drinks offered and even get one named after your wedding hashtag.  

4. Aloo Da Paratha or pesto pasta or both?

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It depends on the type, background, culture, and the age of the guests you’ve invited. Your grandma most probably will prefer a regional dish whilst your NRI aunt or the kids would rather go for a plate of pasta. It obviously doesn’t have to be like that but these things should always be kept in mind in order to avoid the ‘Oh the food was horrible, they had nothing I liked’ trash talk. Also, don’t forget to keep both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes unless it's offensive to your culture. Add some tasty appetisers in your reception menu too! Kids love hovering around the waiters serving them.

5. Outdoor setting or indoor?

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This is a really important aspect to consider as not all caterers offer outdoor services. Besides, it also depends on the season, the weather and the venue you’re getting married in. Your guests will really appreciate if the hot food is served in an AC banquet hall on a hot summer day. If possible, you can have separate sections for dinner and stage. That way the crowd will be easier to manage, regardless of the size of the venue. If the weather is pleasant, by all means, go ahead and book yourselves an outdoor venue. This will also help you save the cost of electricity spent during your event. 

6. Indian sweets or international desserts?

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Appetizers? Check. Main course? Check. drinks and beverages? Check and check. Desserts? Why? I have a wedding cake. Well, it’s not always enough. You need to have a dessert counter or table with a range of desserts for your guests to choose from. Hot Gulab Jamuns and cold Rasmalais or chocolate ice-creams and lemon tarts, guests always have some extra space for sugar! Don’t forget, desserts don’t go to the stomach but to the heart! Think wisely! If you don't add some lip-smacking desserts, then your reception menu will lack a little something. 

Include all your favourite delicacies and present to your guests an array of options to choose from. The more the merrier! Give your wedding guests a food spread they will remember for a few wedding seasons to come. You can also spend some time coming up with unique food presentation ideas and give your presentation skills some extra touch of perfection. Keep with the trending food menus and food tips in the weddings department. For the health-conscious ones and people with food allergies, try mentioning the ingredients on the tags. 

Would you rather have Indian desserts or some Gelato ice-cream? Tell us through comments.