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How to Choose The Right Wedding Cake In 5 Easy Steps

Choosing a wedding cake can be a little tricky, simply because of the plethora of options available to you. Here is how you can make it easy as pie with this list of five steps. Start taking notes, people.

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Let's celebrate, let's cut a cake! That's how basic we can get about the importance of having a just dessert to mark your wedding ceremony. Be it a humble wedding cake to a three-tier, floral extravaganza with His and Her toppers, the cake is now a part of everyone's special day - be it at the engagement, the reception or just after your Hindu marriage vows.

Getting the right wedding cake is essential, lest you be remembered or even judged for your taste travesty. Save yourself from this fate, with this easy-peasy guide to getting your cake right!

1. Envision your cake

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Your wedding cake is not a simple, piece-meal, cut for its symbolic case. It should be chosen according to your guest size and venue. If you’re hosting a huge wedding with lots of guests, a small wedding cake just won’t do. On an average, you need to begin with at least a 2kg cake and then think on a larger scale - at least one slice per person.

Discuss your guest size and flavours with your baker and make sure you have all the technicalities in place.

2. Set the budget for it

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A cake is no easy dessert and a wedding cake comes as a pricey luxury addition to your wedding day.

So, before you commit to a baker and a cake, make sure you do your market research well. Ask around, look prices up online. You’ll want to try and not splurge unnecessarily so it’s important to make sure you’re getting a fair bargain in the process. Also, remember that more customisation you desire, the heftier the price tag would be.

You may also choose to go a smaller cake with individual add-ons like cupcakes to feed your guests and make cuts in your wedding cake budget.

3. Keep the backdrop in mind

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A wedding cake has a massive backdrop, which does not limit itself to just the cake table or even the wedding decoration.

The style of the cake, the way it is presented – everything should add to the rest of your setting. It should go with your outfit, your décor, and the mood and theme of the party. You want your cake to not stand out awkwardly but fit in effortlessly.

Case in point, the purple, floral additions to the cake matched the purple highlights of the wedding theme, including the outfits of the bridesmaids.

4. The visual appeal - making the selection

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Don’t forget that you want the cake to be the cynosure of all eyes for a brief period before it is consumed!

Here are the decisions you need to make -

A. The cake base

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Begin with your core idea - do you want a round two-tier cake or a tall one? Are you okay with conventional shapes or do you want something as unique as your union?

B. The cake decor

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Floral or a flavour of your story. Everything about your wedding cake decor merits attention. The points include the colour, cake toppers, the kinds of flowers, rings, bridal or wedding attributes you would like to depict on it, et al.

C. The flavour

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It's your wedding, so it goes beyond saying that the flavour you choose would be tuned towards your likes. However, do balance eclectic tastes with crowd-pleasing flavours, so that there's something that everyone can enjoy. Going the cupcake way makes sense if you have a truly unique choice of taste which may not work with all of your guests.

D. Table settings

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You must think about where you want to keep it – the cake stand, the location in the room, the table, decorations on the table and more. Remember that paying attention to the tiny details will go a long way!

5. Arrange a tasting session

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Make sure you try different samples at each bakery you put on your list. This will help you determine not only the flavours you and your future spouse like but also assist in gauging the baker’s style and whether it suits your personal needs.

Further, ensure that you have a taste of the flavour and texture you choose for your wedding cake. This will prepare you for the kind of cake you can expect from them.

From lush cascading flowers to minimalist chic designs, there are lots of ways to decorate your wedding day. No matter what your choice, make sure you look up several pictures of beautiful wedding cakes with your future spouse in order to help you decide. You can also ask your baker for recommendations and discuss several ideas before settling on the best one.

And once you're done, make sure to book a wedding cake baker.